Evening And The Arbutus Tree – large Canadian landscape painting

As, mentioned I will write more about this painting and the creative process later. For now, we have the painting.


Canadian Contemporary Terrill Welch Gallery

The sun is going down fast in the late afternoon of November out on Georgina Point, Mayne Island . I marvel at the orange glow and the hues of the heavy mist in the distance of our west coast landscape. I knew then that this most-loved tree was once again going to grace one of my canvases – a large one this time. There is the coolness of a winter sea with soft waves barely evident on the shore. There is a quiet and a peace that often accompanies the end of a day. There is a sense of being alive without separation between land, sea and sky. It is often such with the Canadian landscape but so hard to portray in away that someone who has never been, never stood where I am standing will know what it is I speak about. Yet, this tree knows and seems to…

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6 thoughts on “Evening And The Arbutus Tree – large Canadian landscape painting

  1. Wow I enjoy this style and the colors – yes please do write more about this work and I have several favorite trees in my life – old and grounded crones

    I lead a workshop in my home last night for Epiphany with 6 people – 3 artists in the group – the apple blossom print was on the piano and every one in the room commented that they used it as a focus picture during the 5 minutes of meditation while we were listening to Samuel Barber’s Adagio…
    It got spectacular reviews…

    • It sounds like a wonderful time was had by all Patricia and I am glad that little apple blossom painting was put to such pleasurable and useful work. I am just about to post my writing on this painting though it will take me a while because there are several links to find and include.

  2. Congratulations Terrill. You have opened the page to a wonderful new style here, and a work that immediately becomes one of my favorites from you. The Arbutus Tree is really a keeper, and it reminds of the woodcut illustration style of children’s picture books like “Once A Mouse” by Marcia Brown and “Ashanti to Zulu” by the Dillons. Yes you had quite a majestic subject to start with, and you have enconsed it with rapturous permanence.

    • I like the idea Sam that this painting brings to mind children’s stories. There is some stunning art work in children’s books. So glad you had a chance to stop by and enjoy this large piece.

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