Do you have any ideas what is the appeal of these Terrill Welch original landscape paintings that has them so quickly finding new homes? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Canadian Contemporary Terrill Welch Gallery

The global economy is as dreary as a rainy day in a Gulf Island west coast winter. Disposable income for luxuries like original art is supposedly shrinking. Why then are these original Terrill Welch contemporary Canadian landscape oil paintings selling like ice-cream on sunny July afternoon? The oil paintings are possibly pricey by emerging artist standards. So it is not because they are cheap. The oil paintings are not realism, highly polished or framed. Nor are the paintings painted in the repetitive series that is sometimes common with contemporary art. So it is not because they will appeal to a conservative art buyer who is buying something similar to what other buyers have purchased. In fact, “contemporary” may even be a questionable designation, other than it relates to the present, as the paintings likely have more in common with late 1800 impressionism than most studio landscape and en plein…

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  1. It’s hard to judge these paintings on a blog. The comparison to the Impressionists, I think, is apt although these have a wilder aspect to them than the traditions of Monet or Van Gogh. But, like the Impressionists, I suspect that these are better seen from a bit of a distance so the lines and colours blend to create the impression of light on the seascape. I think this is particularly true of Orcas in Evening. Why are these selling so well? I can’t answer that one as I don’t follow the trends of what is selling and what is not. The suggestion that they appeal to collectors of Carr, Harris and Jackson rings true. Certainly, there is a market for BC west coast paintings. Beyond the above artists, E.J. Hughes comes to mind. Personally, I love his work. But I would say, be grateful for the sales and keep doing what you are doing if this is what feeds your soul. Ultimately, that is what true success is, IMO. BTW, are there any galleries on the Island showing your work? I’d love to see it in person!

    • Thank you Diane for your thorough and thought-provoking reply! Wow! I totally agree with the advice to keep doing what I do because it feeds my soul and yes, the ultimate measure of true success 🙂 As for appealing to historic Canadian art collectors, it is more than a suggestion for one couple. Here is the link to the post about my experience with that particular purchase Now to answer you question about Galleries on the Island showing my work – there is not one YET! However, if you would like to see my work in person, I have two suggestion that I can respond to immediately.

      One, come to my home studio gallery on Mayne Island for a day trip. I would love to show you my current body of work and will happily offer you a cup of tea and buy you lunch at the Green House Restaurant which also shows my smaller paintings and photography prints.

      Two, I come to Victoria regularly and could easily arrange to bring you a sampling of my work right to your door, no commitment to purchase required or expected.

      If either of these options appeal to you, just send me an email and I am happy to work with you to set something up at your earliest convenience.

      I must note though that only one of these four paintings that sold was physically seen by the buyer before it was purchased. This is not uncommon anymore with my work as much of it sells due to online exposure. I also offer an Artist’s Satisfaction Guarantee – Unharmed and safe return of the purchased painting to the Artist, at the cost of the buyer, within 30 days of receiving the purchase will result in a full refund of the purchase price. But you are so right about seeing them in person. They look way better than online and it is very useful to be able to get a bit of distance from the work to really be able to see what is happening.

      A pleasure chatting with you Diane and thank you again for taking the time to post such a thoughtful reply.

  2. Terrill, I am not at all surprised that these paintings continue to find homes in time of limited disposable income. Of course I never did really see the acquisition of beautiful art as any kind of guilty pleasure, but rather a soulful addition to anyone’s perception of what wonderments life has to offer. For some, these acquisitions are simply life affirming, and even life-changing. I know well what collecting can do to float one’s boat, and your work has definitely reached a universal audience. A great big congrats my friend!

  3. Thank you Sam! 🙂 It does float my boat or fill my bucket as it would be said in one of the new children’s stories. This week is spring break in our neighbourhood so I am off playing with three of the grandsons – one will be 11 next month, one is just 2 and the baby is 4 months. It is a lot of fun! Wishing you a good week as well!

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