Chasing the October Sun and Monday morning blessings

Heavy rain soaked the island during the night but now shafts of sunlight push between the branches of the large fir trees outside my studio window. I continue my Monday morning blessings practices with a sense of awe and wonder.

There are the most essential and practical blessings of warm dry shelter with ample light, nutritious food, refrigeration, running potable cold and hot water, These are such luxuries of abundance we can take them for granted but I don’t. I notice. I notice almost everyday.

There are the blessings of a loving family and the company of friends. These too I notice. One of our young grandsons came to visit this weekend for the first time. He is already past his second birthday. We see him at his home several times a year but it was the first time he had been here to la casa de inspiracion. For this I am deeply thankful.

Then there are the blessings of creative abundance. Sunday was a grand and beautiful day on Mayne Island. Let us slip for a moment into yesterday and revisit one of these moments chasing the October sun by the sea.

The canvas with its red underpainting stood ready on the french box easel while I devoured and early lunch and tried to decide what to paint.

waiting for a decision to start plein air painting by Terrill Welch 2013_10_06 016

This preparation and decision-making time is crucial to my painting process. It is the time I consider my intention, my focus, composition and method. Once I have decided these things then I paint usually without thinking about them again because I am by then deeply immersed in the moment using all of my sensory presence to bring the work to life on the canvas. This is how I render a painting alive rather than worrying about it being perfect. In this case few images were captured of the painting process. The light was moving shadows on and off the canvas from the large trees on the bank behind me. I focus on the work at hand rather than documenting the process itself.

Eventually, I step back.

plein air Chasing October Sun by the Sea 12 x 16 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2013_10_06 051

Then just as quickly, I move forward and continue working until the brushes come to rest as the painting becomes too saturated with wet paint to continue.

Chasing October Sun by the Sea resting 12 x 16 oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2013_10_06 096

Today I shall engage my critical creative mind and see if there are areas I can strengthen to carry the painting any further to its place of completeness. I am not sure that there is but I shall leave it sitting where it can surprise me with a quick glance just to be sure.

There is also the blessing of my art work being appreciated by others enough that they want to give the work a good home.

THE MT. BAKER REACH 8 x 10 inch oil on canvas will be off to California this week.

The Mt. Baker Reach 8 x 10 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2013_07_02 015

Not all artists experience public appreciation for their work during their life time. I have been very fortunate in this aspect over the past few years with numerous art collectors in Canada, United States, Australia and several parts of Europe purchasing my paintings and photography. The power of this blessing cannot be underestimated. As paintings leave the studio it creates a driving need to continue to do my best work as often as I can manage. Thank you to so many who continue to support my work with hard-earned financial resources. I notice and I appreciate your patronage.

Now I must fess up. With the upcoming Open Studio event now scheduled for November 9th and 10th from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, I must delay the work on my new art book until early in the new year. Besides, the book has demanded a far larger scope than I had originally intended. The darn thing has taken on a life of its own! Image that!?


Who or what are you most thankful to have in your life on this fine Monday morning with its blessings?


© 2013 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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11 thoughts on “Chasing the October Sun and Monday morning blessings

  1. Terrill — I love this observation: “…deeply immersed in the moment using all of my sensory presence to bring the work to life on the canvas.” And it’s clear from the photographs that’s precisely what took place — you brought it to L-I-F-E!

    You asked, “Who or what are you most thankful to have in your life on this fine Monday morning with its blessings?”

    In-between two online client sessions I had a bevy of away-from-home tasks to complete. I’m extremely grateful that I have a trustworthy vehicle that carts me around without worry (doubly grateful because Len has a reliable vehicle as well).

  2. That red canvas is stunning in itself! I like how you described the artist’s process again. It is such an unknown world to me, the world of canvas and paint, of creation and destruction. (By destruction I mean the painting over, the choosing again.) Enjoyed reading your blessings and how you’re sharing them. I did a day-to-day blessing post, but don’t know if will continue like that or not. Am enjoying how others are choosing to share their gratitude.

    • I haven’t been around Kathy to do a read on other posts yet but will slip by. I am. It sure it matters how we structure our posts as it is that we take the time to notice that really matters. My way of painting may not be standard overall but it has the backbone of traditional steps with underpaintings or the use of a ground colour which is what I did with the red here in this painting. These under colours influence the depth of the finished work. Even if our consciousness will never think or see the red I started with the blues will be warmer than they would be without it.

  3. Another post of great emotional attachment that connects vocation with the sensory environment that Mayne Island offers in abundance. Love the easel at the seashore–it’s a captivating tapestry. Well Terrill, Monday mornings offer up a built in question: “What kind of a week will we have?” Familial affection and solidarity will always start it off on the right foot. Great to hear you were graced by the first island visit of your grandson!

  4. Lovely to see with your eyes and then outcomes…Yes a beautiful morning. Also visions of a fresh new visitor, exploring toddler? How wonderful

    I loved the video, a breath of fresh air in the morning light.

    I reviewed a book today written by a person who studied painting and now paints with words. He teaches us Chinese History about Seattle – Jamie Ford : Songs of Willow Frost (1934 & 1921) and Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet (WWII) – now also a play and being made into a movie. The artist’s eye captures the story with a fresh eye.
    Thank you

    • Oh this sounds like a good read indeed Patricia! I am currently reading THE RESTORATION ARTIST (2013) by Lewis Desoto that I think you might enjoy. A fast reader could likely whip through it in an afternoon… it will take me a week of short stints between other activities.

      • I understand short stints are actually better for strengthening brain synapses and restoration
        I have noted the book you suggest and will add it to the list – It will be after the 17 needed reads and reviews which I hope will catch the eye of the holiday shoppers and readers
        It is on the list 🙂

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