Once In a Blue Moon 2015

Though we are well into August, my heart often drifts back to the evening of July 31st and the rising of our second full moon or the blue moon. The sun is setting very close to the moon rising. I wasn’t the only one settling in for the wait. A small group has gathered at the Seaview Rd beach access on Mayne Island. We wait and we watch until the first sliver becomes visible and then a substantial slice of the moon can be seen on the horizon.

Tip of Blue Moon rising from Mayne island by Terrill Welch 2015_07_31 052

I sigh and click away. It has the promise of being a real beauty!

Seagulls on a log and Blue Moon rising by Terrill Welch 2015_07_31 065

Even the seagulls seemed to have stopped flapping about and sit still on a log for a few minutes as the not-so-blue-moon appears to slide up into the sky.

Mayne Island Blue Moon rise July 31 2015 by Terrill Welch 2015_07_31 170

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Eventually, the sky is dark enough and the moon is high enough to give us a one of those good old moon reflections.

Blue Moon Reflections Mayne Island July 2015 by Terrill Welch 2015_07_31 216

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Darkness settles as Blue Moon rises. I am glad I brought a jacket as I watch and savour the wonder.


Darkness settles as Blue Moon rises by Terrill Welch 2015_07_31 227

Prints and products available HERE.

Then it is time to pack up the camera and the moment but the memory is one that will be revisited many times – way more times than once in a blue moon!


What is going to be YOUR next once-in-a-blue-moon experience?


Note: all of these images are available in high-resolution. I have chosen three to release at this time. But if one of the others takes your fancy just let me know and I can make it available.


© 2015 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

Creative Potager – Visit with painter and photographer Terrill Welch

From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

For gallery and purchase information about Terrill’s photographs and paintings go to http://terrillwelchartist.com


8 thoughts on “Once In a Blue Moon 2015

  1. Terrill — Your photography is stunning. Simply stunning! Do you ever get aurora borealis sightings up in your neck of the woods? They say that Boise gets them about “once in a blue moon.” Seeing it in real life is on my bucket list!

    • May your bucket list come to fruition in Boise Laurie! It is very rare – less than once in a blue moon – to see the northern lights on the southwest coast of Canada but up at my parent’s place in north central British Columbia they can be gorgeous at times. At about 1:00 am this morning though I woke to witness several falling stars. That was almost as nice.

  2. These photos are utterly magnificent!! Electrifying! This past weekend we traveled “once in a blue moon” to a destination we had not to this point managed – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

    • Yippee! I love road trips Sam. I am assuming many if not all of your children were with you for the adventure. My daughter and her husband and two young boys are doing about three weeks this summer by car and tent. So far they have only broke down and got a hotel once abut halfway through their travel when there was risk of bad thunderstorms. I took the much easier route and stayed in hotels most nights when not at my mom and dads place. Except for one night when I slept like a pretzel in the backseat of the car. Next time I will remember to pack my foamy! Glad you enjoyed the photographs Sam and all the best of the week ahead.

  3. Beautiful capture of the evening. I was sitting on our deck for the moon rise and wishing my camera was in working order. Thank you for these lovely pictures. It was quite the rise. I am working on capturing all the beauty that surrounds this house as I know it will sell soon and I will be deep into a different neighborhood with no view to enjoy. (No stairs also) I continue to improve from my surgery and that is also a good thing, but I am not able to walk on the beach yet or go any where – I am thinking about what to do for my birthday coming up – as I know yours and Sam’s birthday celebrations are on the horizon too…May you have a happy day ahead and wishes come true…will be thinking about you and wishing you well

    • Yes Happy Birthday Patricia! May your wishes all come true as well. I am so glad you are making a good recovery even if it is slower than you like. I am a little sad to hear you are selling your beautiful home that has been enhanced with so much love, care and talent over the years. But I do understand about no stairs. Sometimes we just have to do what we must do and hang on until the gifts of what is new become more apparent. I know without a doubt that you can do this with grace as you have done so on many occasions in the past. And that is not to diminish that challenge of the transitions only to offer confidence in your ability to rebound with your own personal strength and persistence.

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