The Joy of the Ordinary

When a cold/flu virus sends a couple to bed for the better part of four days, with large glasses of water and several seasons Grey’s Anatomy, it is the perfect recipe for appreciating the ordinary. We are maybe not really completely recovered yet today but we made it out of our pajamas with no fevers for 24 hours and down to the Bakery for breakfast. We gave no hugs, asked that everything we touched be wiped off and tried not to breathe on anyone. We are pretty sure we are no longer contagious but just want to sure. This bug was nasty! All I have to say is we have done a darn good job of building up our immunity. In fact, we were feeling so good that we went for a wee stroll.

It is only 9:30 am but the winter light is already changing and becoming harsher on a sunny day. So not too much to show you really, just the joy of the ordinary.

The joy of an old arbutus snag catching the sun in Bennett Bay.

Bennett Bay Arbutus snag by Terrill Welch IMG_8386

The joy of walking up and down along trails on the soft natural earth.

February morning trail by Terrill Welch   IMG_8395

The joy of looking out across the Strait of Georgia and seeing blue sky reflected on the water.

Sun came out for BC Family Day IMG_8401

And then there is the simple joy of taking a moment to reflect.

David taking a break by Terrill Welch  IMG_8417

I have no idea how I will catch up and be ready for everything that is scheduled for the rest of February. But I trust I will be better able to manage these tasks after enjoying just a little bit of the ordinary.


What ordinary pleasure did you notice today?


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Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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7 thoughts on “The Joy of the Ordinary

  1. Four days? Oh dear, Terrill. I’m so glad that you and David are on the mend! I don’t know how you’ll make up for the time, either. But if I know you, like I think I do, it’ll happen! I don’t know how, but it most certainly will.

    Our most recent ordinary pleasure?

    Picking up Willa today from the groomer (after having asked for a “puppy cut”), and realizing that not only does “shorn” suit her well, but her coat feels like that of a baby bunny. Who knew?!

    • Oh bet Willa feels gorgeous Laurie! I am pretty sure I can gather enough momentum to get done what needs to be accomplished in the next few weeks. I have this strategy of simply making a list and then going at it in two directions. The first is doing what has the most urgent timeline. The second is doing the next easiest task. I start there and repeat until I have some breathing room. So we shall see. We will by know the first week of March if I was successful.

  2. feeling joyful that you and yours are feeling better – enough for a walk in the sunshine. I had to take a 4 hour nap today – after everyone was ill at book group on Tuesday night, when I felt odd today, I thought I would just go with the flow – and I gave myself permission to not finish one of my review books Wow is it just a tale of drugs and youthful pathetic lives…so I am feeling better myself right now even with rain today 🙂 Thank you for sharing this lovely post

    • Here it is a month later Patricia and still raining! Last spring was much dryer this time of year when we traveled down to see you. The bulbs and fruit trees don’t seem to mind though. All the best as always my friend!

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