Large Painting of Blooming Point PEI a meditation on World Peace

Canadian Contemporary Terrill Welch Gallery

A painter can sometimes keep it simple and say that the painting painted itself. On occasion, this may even be the case. But not for this 40 x 60 inch canvas. It came with intentions that were sparked by a conversation with David Sandum, a Swedish painter and print maker living in Norway. He is also the author of the award-winning memoir I’ll Run Till the Sun Goes Down. We have been colleagues and friends for more than half a dozen years, or at least as much as one can be when living an ocean apart. The context for this painting was a dialogue following the latest in a series of terrorist attacks, this time it was Nice, France. The anger, bewilderment and confusion was felt bone deep. When one is a painter, there often seems to be only one thing that can be done in a situation like…

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