Happy New Year with the best 7 paintings of 2016

Canadian Contemporary Terrill Welch Gallery

In 2016, there are 24 oil paintings and 32 acrylic painting sketches for a total of 56 completed works by the Canadian artist Terrill Welch. Many of these oil paintings are larger canvases and cover specific geographical areas of both the west and east coast of Canada. Most of the painting sketches were completed during a spring seven-week art trip to Prince Edward Island and remain unavailable in the artist’s private studio collection. In total, 30 paintings or painting sketches were released in 2016 and overall 15 works from the available pieces left Terrill’s studio into private collection.

The selection for the best paintings of 2016 is limited to an arbitrary number of seven works because choosing 16 for 2016 out of a total of 56 works just didn’t seem to create enough of a meaningful selection process. So here it goes, in no particular, order, the artist’s choice of…

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