Beginnings of a Whisper

October 8, 2010

This week I managed a good solid day of painting and have two smaller pieces on gessobord with two-inch deep birch wood frames in progress. This material and thick box-framing are a joy to paint on. Here are two images of “Whisper.” It is twelve inches square.

In the beginning I just want to get some paint on the board.

Now the painting is resting before I go back in and tidy. I need to muse on it for awhile and add my signature. But not too much musing… otherwise the magic will disappear as if at the end of a whisper.

Remember all those photographs you loved from my solo exhibition? Twelve of them have been chosen for  SEA, LAND AND TIME MAYNE ISLAND calendars . For a week at redbubble, until 11:00 pm Thursday, October 14th London time, there is a promotional sale. Get three calendars for 15% off or six for 25% off. Discounts will show up in your shopping cart. These calendars are big, beautiful and solid making them great for keeping track of appointments and family whereabouts. Go ahead. Have a wee bit of Creative Potager and Mayne Island with you everyday of the year – with three or six calendars you can share the peacefulness. Note: retailers can contact me directly to order at wholesale price for more than six calendars.

Sprout question: What creative whispers are you hearing?

Note: Monday is Canada Thanksgiving. I will back with a new submission for your reading pleasure on Tuesday. Also, Thursday’s post broke all records as the most read post and the most views here on Creative Potager ever. Please drop in to “Where Line and Paint meet with Jerry Shawback” and bring your hot cuppa of your favourite beverage as it is a longer read.

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