Beginnings of a Whisper

October 8, 2010

This week I managed a good solid day of painting and have two smaller pieces on gessobord with two-inch deep birch wood frames in progress. This material and thick box-framing are a joy to paint on. Here are two images of “Whisper.” It is twelve inches square.

In the beginning I just want to get some paint on the board.

Now the painting is resting before I go back in and tidy. I need to muse on it for awhile and add my signature. But not too much musing… otherwise the magic will disappear as if at the end of a whisper.

Remember all those photographs you loved from my solo exhibition? Twelve of them have been chosen for  SEA, LAND AND TIME MAYNE ISLAND calendars . For a week at redbubble, until 11:00 pm Thursday, October 14th London time, there is a promotional sale. Get three calendars for 15% off or six for 25% off. Discounts will show up in your shopping cart. These calendars are big, beautiful and solid making them great for keeping track of appointments and family whereabouts. Go ahead. Have a wee bit of Creative Potager and Mayne Island with you everyday of the year – with three or six calendars you can share the peacefulness. Note: retailers can contact me directly to order at wholesale price for more than six calendars.

Sprout question: What creative whispers are you hearing?

Note: Monday is Canada Thanksgiving. I will back with a new submission for your reading pleasure on Tuesday. Also, Thursday’s post broke all records as the most read post and the most views here on Creative Potager ever. Please drop in to “Where Line and Paint meet with Jerry Shawback” and bring your hot cuppa of your favourite beverage as it is a longer read.

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14 thoughts on “Beginnings of a Whisper

  1. Oh dear, Terrill, you gone and done it. You’ve managed magnifiscently to capture “Om.”

    Each breath has a beginning (birth), a middle (turning point), and an ending (death). “Om” resides in the turning point. It resonates with primordial vibration; the heartbeat of Gaia—Mother Earth. When spoken it invokes unleashed, unlimited potential and possibility.

    My hat is off to you (and you’ve knocked my socks off too!).

    Sprout question: What creative whispers are you hearing?

    I was up at 1am this morning listening to creative whispers being shouted at me. I captured them all in a Word document and I’m letting them simmer a bit. To have them out of my head and on paper is delight.

    • Laurie if your eyes are drooping in your soup at lunch we won’t have to ask why. Good on you for leaping out of bed and getting it out of the head and onto paper. I usually toss for an hour or two then grumble my way to the computer about 4:00 am.

      Thank you Laurie for your feedback on the new painting… most appreciated:)

  2. love the calendar! may be a future purchase! hehe perfect for next year.

    What creative whispers are you hearing? something about horses…. still…

    so i will read more about them and see what happens….


  3. I am glad you have listened to your muse, found time to paint… because these are just lovely!

    The whisper was to write my blog! I listened finally!!!

    I am Love, Jeff

    I read part of yesterdays blog but did not get finished! I will get back to it!

    • Thank you Jeff. Good to see you have a new post up. Yesterday’s post is a long and inspiring read that may take even more than two visits to finish. I think you will be pleased when you do though. Jerry seems to lengthen the already long hemline on the skirts of our creative muse.

  4. Yes, I do have my eye on that calandar, Terrill, and have plans to make a purchase. Your work again in this prep is remarkable, but there is no surprise here. Enjoy the Canadian Thanksgiving, and a hearty congrats on that hugely-successful post!

    I hear the creative whispers regularly; the difficulty as always is when and how to acknowledge them! Ha!

    • Good to hear Sam, if you were living right down the road I would personally deliver the calendar to your door so we could have a wee chat before going about our day. Ah, those creative whispers… what would we do without them:)

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