Moon path and other wonders

I am awake early for no other reason than the moon has finally gone to bed. She shines in the big windows keeping me company on her passage across the sky. For some reason when she is near full, glowing brightly for hours and then slips over the hill leaving the room in pre-dawn darkness, I wake.

It is Friday, September 9th and my interview with Fiona Robyn of “Writing Our Way Home” in Malvern Worcestershire is up. You may want to stay awhile and browse through other posts as well. Take your time and enjoy. A special thank you to our very own Daisy A. Hickman from Sunny Room Studio for referring Fiona to me.

Now, getting back to wonders and mysteries the of nature, what about this moment I captured earlier in the week?

Can you guess the mystery?

Maybe this photograph taken the night before will help…

Yes, the first image is a reflection that I have turned right-side up.

The Pacific Ocean in a small bay on the Strait of Georgia was unusually calm.

It is not something we get to see very often.

Sprout question: What natural wonders are you noticing?

Oh! I promised to tell you about my fall Creative Potager intentions. Posts shall be Monday and Friday except on holidays. Plus, for the first three weeks of October I will be hosting Salish Sea Sunday Studio Savings. This will be a special Sunday post at 3:00 pm PST which will include redbubble photographic print specials on featured images, and an original painting either reduced or by auction (I still have to see what it takes to set up an account on eBay so this may or may not work). The event with savings will only last for one hour. Yes, one hour only for three Sundays in a row. What do you think? Does it sound like fun?

Best of the weekend everyone!

New: coffee table book PRECIOUS SECONDS – Mayne Island in paintings and photographs.

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Grandness when faced with our need for resilience

 The year has been filled with moments of extreme and unusual weather in North America and around the world. There has been lots of rain, cooler than usual temperatures and high winds. Privately, we have been tentatively blaming it on the tipping of the earth from major earthquakes. But I have done no research to see if weather scientists feel the same. Maybe it is global warming and maybe it is just part of a normal cycle of change. But whatever it is, the results have been unpredictable and destructive.

Yesterday my friend Laurie Buchanan’s community of Crystal Lake, Illinois was hit by 75 mile an hour winds which snapped and up root full grown oak, hickory, and maple trees. At the same time, Alison Elliot in North Carolina reported that the torrential rains had caused a slide filling her house with mud and water.  Then there is Daisy Hickman in South Dakota who has been keeping us current on the Missouri river flooding. Another friend reported that my former home community of Prince George, British Columbia was also on flood warnings due to heavy rains and late snow cap melting because of cooler temperatures this summer.

With this kind of a situation, I find it important to focus on renewal and the resilience of ourselves and nature. Therefore, I am posting this grand maple tree as a focal point for our intentions, as trees are cleared and mud is cleared out and we go about creating a new normal during trying times. If you look near the bottom right you will notice another young maple coming up beside it – a grand tree in waiting.


Sprout Question: Do you have a special symbol or item that you use to set an intention for resilience?


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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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Munch List

Today at Creative Potager we have the good fortune to view a photograph of my grandson’s munching creative project that he and his mother did this weekend.

Don’t they look delicious? Thank you Arrow and Tina for letting me share your photograph of these most tasty looking gingerbread cookies. Dear readers, I have been told they are gone – every head, belly and limb of them – devoured!

This week is going to be a bit like this as well. I have so many things to share you will find yourself munching your way through these links as if they were those gingerbread cookies.

First, there is a blog party over on Leanne Dyck’s  The Sweater Curse at Leanne is throwing a virtual bash to celebrate the e-book publication of her thriller The Sweater Curse. We are all invited. So drop on in.

Second, I am a guest blogger at Daisy Hickman’s SunnyRoomStudio. Please come by “First Light” and you shall find, among other things, a sprout question there too.

Third, I am greatly honoured to share with you a moving post by Annie Q Syed. A few months ago Annie bought my original oil painting  “Only the Sea” and it now hangs in a sun-filled apartment in New York City. To learn more go to Annie’s post The Soul of the Sea.

Fourth, Sam Juliano over at Wonders in the Dark has his list of The Ten Best Films of 2010 posted.


My intentions this week are to start work on two new oil paintings. They are a 14 X 18 inch canvas and a 12 X 12  inch gessobord with a two inch birch cradle. The look minute beside the large canvas I worked on last week.

My brushes await me.

I have moved “the big one” into the other part of the loft area where it can be seen during the day while I wait to see what next to do with it. Have a wonderful week.

Sprout question: What can you add to our creative munch list?

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