Grandness when faced with our need for resilience

 The year has been filled with moments of extreme and unusual weather in North America and around the world. There has been lots of rain, cooler than usual temperatures and high winds. Privately, we have been tentatively blaming it on the tipping of the earth from major earthquakes. But I have done no research to see if weather scientists feel the same. Maybe it is global warming and maybe it is just part of a normal cycle of change. But whatever it is, the results have been unpredictable and destructive.

Yesterday my friend Laurie Buchanan’s community of Crystal Lake, Illinois was hit by 75 mile an hour winds which snapped and up root full grown oak, hickory, and maple trees. At the same time, Alison Elliot in North Carolina reported that the torrential rains had caused a slide filling her house with mud and water.  Then there is Daisy Hickman in South Dakota who has been keeping us current on the Missouri river flooding. Another friend reported that my former home community of Prince George, British Columbia was also on flood warnings due to heavy rains and late snow cap melting because of cooler temperatures this summer.

With this kind of a situation, I find it important to focus on renewal and the resilience of ourselves and nature. Therefore, I am posting this grand maple tree as a focal point for our intentions, as trees are cleared and mud is cleared out and we go about creating a new normal during trying times. If you look near the bottom right you will notice another young maple coming up beside it – a grand tree in waiting.


Sprout Question: Do you have a special symbol or item that you use to set an intention for resilience?


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14 thoughts on “Grandness when faced with our need for resilience

  1. Terrill,

    Storms and flooding seems to be happening everywhere! We had a big storm here last week as well… yet we still need more rain!
    Nature is trying to tell us something? Are we listening?
    I think it is a great Idea to focus on renewal and resilience ! Do I have any symbols or objects?
    I was just thinking about symbols and how they can convey a state of being or purpose, whether I have any is another questions!

    • Jeff I somehow missed you in my responses. I thought I did as I remember thinking that one of your symbols might be the woods. I agree that nature is telling us something and I am making every effort to listen.

  2. So true, so true Terrill, TREES are such a symbol of stamina while at the same time I’ve always thought of them as the graceful ‘lace’ of nature. Your Maples here are such an affirmation of beauty and strength thriving – thank you so much for this, it’s a great visual to focus on, especially right now.

  3. “…I find it important to focus on renewal and the resilience of ourselves and nature.”

    Terrill – this is such a beautiful tribute to nature and her trees. Thank you so much for sharing this Grand Maple with us!

    Sprout Question: Do you have a special symbol or item that you use to set an intention for resilience?

    Yes, the Earth’s lungs — trees, Trees, TREES!

  4. I suppose in my way its painting nature and as trees seem to be my main painting theme att he m moment it has to be trees.
    Weather condtion have been all over the place April and early part of May seemed especially dry and Clear blue skies so perhaps that was our summer.Of late we have had rain and wind, I think we have more windy days than most ears even for us living by the sea.
    At one point the predictions were for a frying summer but that seems a bit out!
    Scientist would say there has been no more earthquakes than usal.the weather is just being the weathers I am begining to wonder if all these things are linked and Nature is warning us us to be carefull otherwise things will get nasty.
    I rather like the idea of the earth has a entitenty that when the system gets overloaded it has to do something to rectify and perhaps we have reached thatt pivotale point

    • It all seems a bit odd at times Chris and you bring a valuable point to the forefront – overloaded and it must make things balance. Whatever it is I like to think that trees might be part of the cure.

  5. So true, so true. We need to remember that life is landscape of many situations and realities. The environment–indeed, nature–reflects that back to us each day. Thanks for sharing this grand maple … trees speak of time, perspective, courage without a single word. Their roots hidden, their magnificence visible to all. In terms of special symbols, candles (for me) can evoke the inspiration of the light within even when difficulties capture our imaginations. The persistent flame, the steady glow. But many things in life appeal to my inner sense of peace. Artwork, nature, sunsets, sunrises, vast open landscapes. Good reminder for all of us, Terrill. A spiritual practice requires our daily attention. And this is a most beautiful reminder!

    • Your comments Daisy about how “a spiritual practice requires our daily attention” rings deeply right now as I play catch up from a week away. My day starts grounded and settled but by noon, I have this sense of overwhelm for what is next. Then it is lunch and I lose direction and putter through this and that until the next morning. Not sure what I shall shift but it seems something must change ever so slightly to keep my rhythm in alignment from dawn to dusk.

  6. Lovely writing and words of hope here and I passed it on to my International healing prayer group…It is pouring rain here today – at least while our company was here we had cool and pleasant days. I am wondering if a “usual” summer will return? but it definitely feels like there has been a shift and a change…

    I don’t know what to pick for my symbol….I just know that after 15 years away seeing Mt. Rainier, the Salish Sea waters, and the green of the NW brought me home inside…

    ( I hate to admit it but my children adore windstorms, power outages and the clean up) I lived thru a tsunami as a child which destroyed so much and the rows of maple trees on Capital Blvd….we have several times gone over 2 weeks without power in my lifetime, Scary and renewing change

    • I find it is the refrigeration Patricia and running water that are the most difficult to live without – and an alternative source of heat if it is winter. I like storms too but only until wind picks up to about 50 km an hour… then I start to get nervous. Rain can be soothing in this part of the world… like a blanket of melancholy giving way to creative focus.

  7. I almost posted comments to each and every one of those who posted before me…….. I will try to be brief and concise.

    Trees are nature’s air conditioning, be it one tree or many trees. Many trees equal a forest and forests are the REAL air conditioning system of the Earth. They provide sound buffers in urban areas, windbreaks that lower our energy demands, reduce flooding by intercepting rainfall, provide a sense of rootedness and community, help cool cities by reducing heat sinks, clean the air by reducing ozone, dust, particulates, absorb ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and other pollutants. Trees soften harsh contours of buildings, increase commercial and residential property values. Homes on lots with many trees have 6% – 12% higher appraised values. Trees can help increase the value of your property, sometimes by 10% – 20%. They reduce urban blight by adding beauty, they act as a carbon-sink by removing the carbon from CO2 and storing it as a cellulose in the trunk while releasing oxygen back into the air. Trees can absorb carbon dioxide at the rate of 26 pounds per year – especially young trees that are still growing. (Global Releaf-Georgia). One tree that shades your home will also save fossil fuel, cutting CO2 buildup as much as 15 forest trees. (The National Arbor Day Foundation pamphlet # 90980005. Trees prevent soil erosion, freshen the atmosphere with their pleasant fragrances; (1 cherry tree can perfume the air with 200,000 flowers.)
    Trees provide wildlife habitats for birds, squirrels, etc., and provide privacy.

    I TRIED to be brief, though I could go on and on….. My symbol (and Totem) is a tree, as if you couldn’t tell! Without them we would cease to exist.

    Thanks Terrill, for championing trees!

    • Maxine I was giddy with joy by the time I got to the bottom of your “TRIED to be brief” comment. I am so very glad you included every word! Yes, yes, YES! It is such a pleasure to be connected to so many tree people 😀

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