Moon path and other wonders

I am awake early for no other reason than the moon has finally gone to bed. She shines in the big windows keeping me company on her passage across the sky. For some reason when she is near full, glowing brightly for hours and then slips over the hill leaving the room in pre-dawn darkness, I wake.

It is Friday, September 9th and my interview with Fiona Robyn of “Writing Our Way Home” in Malvern Worcestershire is up. You may want to stay awhile and browse through other posts as well. Take your time and enjoy. A special thank you to our very own Daisy A. Hickman from Sunny Room Studio for referring Fiona to me.

Now, getting back to wonders and mysteries the of nature, what about this moment I captured earlier in the week?

Can you guess the mystery?

Maybe this photograph taken the night before will help…

Yes, the first image is a reflection that I have turned right-side up.

The Pacific Ocean in a small bay on the Strait of Georgia was unusually calm.

It is not something we get to see very often.

Sprout question: What natural wonders are you noticing?

Oh! I promised to tell you about my fall Creative Potager intentions. Posts shall be Monday and Friday except on holidays. Plus, for the first three weeks of October I will be hosting Salish Sea Sunday Studio Savings. This will be a special Sunday post at 3:00 pm PST which will include redbubble photographic print specials on featured images, and an original painting either reduced or by auction (I still have to see what it takes to set up an account on eBay so this may or may not work). The event with savings will only last for one hour. Yes, one hour only for three Sundays in a row. What do you think? Does it sound like fun?

Best of the weekend everyone!

New: coffee table book PRECIOUS SECONDS – Mayne Island in paintings and photographs.

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14 thoughts on “Moon path and other wonders

  1. Terrill – I love how your shifted our perspective with the upside-down/right-side up photographs. A great tangible way to SHOW the concept of reframing. You go, girl!

    Your autumn schedule and special studio savings will be a great hit — guaranteed!

    And I can hardly wait for my copy of PRECIOUS SECONDS — your new coffee table book to arrive. Whoohoo!

    I see a window of opportunity in my schedule this afternoon to visit your interview – thank you for the link. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

    Sprout question: What natural wonders are you noticing?

    The ever-so-slight early morning change in whether, a prelude to autumn.

    • Thanks Laurie and I am too noticing that coming of fall even though we have had unusually warm nights with gloriously sunny days. Making up for cold weather June and July I’m thinking. I wish I could see your face when you open PRECIOUS SECONDS and start browsing through the images of paintings and photographs. No one I have ever seen paging through the book has ever read the words the first time through. But I am thinking you might, turning each page slowly as you go. Savouring, like those special licorices I sent you, one at a time.

  2. I can sense this air or mysterious quality you suggest in this photos, especially the stillness of the water. I am reminded of how recently a storm blew in. It huffed and puffed some branches from the trees in the yard. There was a sprinkle or two and then it all stopped. Everything was completely still. Very eerie.. Thanks for sharing this. Do you seek to capture this in your painting?

  3. Wow, the first image…that’s amazing.
    What am I noticing? The sun is setting earlier and earlier. There is a thrill in the air–all is preparing for the changing season, and my knitting needles are singing to me. : )
    Your event sounds like tons of fun.

    • Totally agree Leanne here is a bit of fall peeking through our warm weather. I am hopeful that the event will work out. It is a bit risky and I have no other to model it on so wing it we shall! And I am looking forward to working on your request next week. Another surprise coming up but this time it will be over on Leanne’s Sweater Curse blog.

  4. Serendipity is all I can say! Discovering that you were on Fiona’s blog this morning was one of those “wow” moments, you might say. The Universe works in mysterious ways! Enjoyed the post and am so glad to be shining a light on your efforts and Fiona’s interview with you in SunnyRoomStudio. A lovely confluence of positive energy! Have a great weekend. –Daisy

    • Daisy you could have knocked me over with a feather this morning when I discovered that you had singled me out as part of your shining light post. Wow! Were we on the same page this morning or what?!!! Thank you kindly and I am going to be smiling all weekend.

      Dear readers, I encourage you to for sure slip over to SunnyRoomStudio and see what we are talking about. It is a great chance to leave a comment and shine a light on another.

  5. Lovely Terrill! The image was perplexing me, I could see the reflection bit in the bottom right and had to look at it for a while before moving on. Fun! Looks like it was a beautiful day for photography that day!

    What natural wonders am I noticing? Hmmm… lately I’m noticing mostly man-made wonders that are going extinct. Like parking meters, newspaper boxes and mailboxes. Perhaps I should pay closer attention to nature… 🙂

    • Kat I do find it odd to see the parking meters disappear in Victoria though I find it much easier to park on the street without thinking about having a handful of change. The other thing we have lost is a specific price on our stamps to mail a letter. The price just goes up and if the stamp has a “p” on it then it is enough…. until you have to buy more. Sixty-six cents including tax now to mail a letter a local letter. Ouch! Good luck noticing those natural wonders.

  6. You have brought some new perspectives here, with the same results: scenic wonderments. My favorite of them is the “right side up.”

    Your proposed schedule is perfect Terrill. Good luck with it and with the sales of the new book. I’ll be ordering mine very soon.

  7. OHHHHHHHHHH my goodness. . . I’m just running out of supulatives for your work. . . . it’s. . . FANTASTIC, every time.

    Thank you so much for being such a beacon of light in the dawning of the new way of being. What you are doing Terrill is so important in the scheme of things. You likely don’t even realize the degree to which you are contributing – but we do. .. thank you!

    • Glad you enjoyed all those reflections Alison 🙂 You are probably right Alison, I don’t really have any idea how this work will make a difference – I just know it must be done and I must trust that it will be put to good use and make a difference.

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