Open Studio event and other Monday morning blessings

Have I told you about the Open Studio event this coming November 9th and 10th from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm? Yes?

Terrill Welch working in her studio by Allison Mullally _MG_5726

(photograph by photographer Allison Mullally )

Well, I shall stop working for a moment and please allow me tell you one more time – it will be both and online (right here on Creative Potager) and physical event with a fancy title – ANYTHING BUT NEUTRAL.  More information is available on my website HERE.

Open Studio Event Update – I encourage your online participation rather than trying to make this a day trip from either Vancouver or Victoria. As of November 4, 2013 B.C. Ferries advises that The Queen of Nanaimo ferry from Vancouver to the Southern Gulf Islands is not running due to damage in high winds. There is no other vessel at this time to take its place while it is being repaired. Passengers are being rerouted through to Victoria.

I was out for a walk yesterday afternoon and a nice couple said they loved the ad in the local paper and hoped that I had lots of parking available because I was going to need it! Sounds good doesn’t it?

Let’s us see if I can perform a little magic and get you a map for the Mayne Island artisan studio tour.

2013 Mayne Island Artisan Christmas Studio Tour Map

You see there on the top left – I am number ONE as in “1 ” or first on the tour which must be good luck wouldn’t you say? Oh, you noticed that the brochure says the Open Studio goes until 4:00 pm – well what is an hour or two when a person is on island time? As long as you don’t expect to stay for supper it is all good.

How does this come into my Monday morning blessing? Well, it started with a conversation with a friend on facebook when we were talking about the success of my art work over the past couple of years that got started because of finding money in my email for a painting that had sold. My part of the conversation went something like this –  there is a much deeper exchange than that of purchasing goods when one of my paintings finds a new home. It is hard to explain but, as you likely know, my work is expensive. A decision to purchase, I am sure, is never made lightly. Yet, once that decision is made there is a kind of graciousness that happens as money and painting or photograph or even a calendar or card changes hands. Hum… how to say it – like a deep mutual bow of appreciation, punctuated by these sometimes surprise email payments. I feel so fortunate as an artist to have been given the opportunity to not only create and do what I love but also to be appreciated for my hard work. It is far-to-rare of a blessing in life I think.

I take a bow and thank all you readers for your ongoing support in so many ways. Thank you!

Now for the “other” part of my Monday morning blessings. How about this?

mustache time sepia  by Terrill Welch 2013_11_01 014

I was away most of last week helping out with the two “O” boys. This is the eldest being very still so he can get mom to put his mustache on for Halloween. When his dad asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween this young fellow said “a cookie.” Dad said okay then – one chocolate chip cookie costume coming right up.

one chocolate chip cookie ready for Halloween sepia by Terrill Welch 2013_11_01 024

It is a funny thing sometimes about working and being online. There is this together and separate thing that happens in a different way than going to the office. Well, maybe not so much different but it shows up differently. Anyway, I decided that it is finally time to set up a facebook Art Page. You will see its badge to the left in the sidebar. Please go and have a look and even give it a “like” if you want. I still haven’t figured out how to easily get to my “liked” pages so if you have a trick I would love to hear about it. Mostly I search them by name when i want to go visit. There is something real special going to happen on Art of Terrill Welch – art reviews of both my paintings and photographs by a team of reviewers. That is all I am going to say right now other than to let you know that the first review will be posted this Wednesday. See, here we go – another blessing. Several writers and fans of my work have come forward to start this new adventure with me. Now isn’t that just amazing!? Pssst! Some of them you will know, I am almost sure of it. More later 😉

What is in YOUR mix for Monday morning blessings?

P.S. Two new paintings have been released on the website at Terrill Welch Artist.  I would tell you about them but that would spoil the surprise. Okay, Hint – there are two quick links in related articles below.

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Witch Black and Pumpkin Orange

For the last day of October and Halloween it seems appropriate to feature black and orange.

Witch Black with a split-rail fence.

Pumpkin Orange with maple trees glowing in the morning dew beside a farmer’s field.

At the bottom of a rock bluff at the intersection.

Or looking across to Curlew Island.

Sprout Question: What do you associate with witch black and pumpkin orange?

Happy Halloween!


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Mortally Wounded

Two days after Halloween, reporting from an unnamed city, I bring you a story about a mortally wounded SWAT Team member.

Looking very dead, this SWAT Team member is down.

The night started when the police officer turn ghostly white.

Fake skin was then attached and makeup applied to create and color the wound.

Lastly the blood is applied while the officer lies on the floor.

From there, things went from bad to worse when part way through the evening he ran into his comrades – not even bullet holes and the steady rain stopped them performing their duties.

However, no one saw the robber. She got away due to her uncanny ability for camouflage.

The names of all police officers and the robber will remain anonymous to protect their identity. Yes at Halloween, even robbers are given special treatment.

Halloween is a creative feast. People who may not do any other painting, drawing, sculpturing or designing are willing to tap into their creative well and come up with a costume.


Sprout question: What is your favourite costume ever?


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