August Mist

Today, Tuesday August 10th, is one year since David had his stroke. He has almost completely recovered – so much so that you may not notice the difference from before and after. There are little things he is still working on. But aren’t we all? I give thanks for the continued gift of his company, his love and his full engagement in life.

Sunday. I walk alone.

Through the mist flies a great blue heron over the quiet sea. Time reaches into infinity and wraps us in the moment…


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A driftwood stump waits for the next tide to continue its journey. Fog and misty rain keeps us both company.


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 Meditative careful steps along the shore as hushed resilience springs forth.


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It is morning, in the misty rain on the west coast of Canada.

Low tide.




Sprout Question: What are you noticing today?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada