August Mist

Today, Tuesday August 10th, is one year since David had his stroke. He has almost completely recovered – so much so that you may not notice the difference from before and after. There are little things he is still working on. But aren’t we all? I give thanks for the continued gift of his company, his love and his full engagement in life.

Sunday. I walk alone.

Through the mist flies a great blue heron over the quiet sea. Time reaches into infinity and wraps us in the moment…


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A driftwood stump waits for the next tide to continue its journey. Fog and misty rain keeps us both company.


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 Meditative careful steps along the shore as hushed resilience springs forth.


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It is morning, in the misty rain on the west coast of Canada.

Low tide.




Sprout Question: What are you noticing today?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

10 thoughts on “August Mist

  1. Terrill – This is a rich-with-quiet post that speaks to my soul. I’m grateful for David’s recovery.

    Sprout Question: What are you noticing today?

    This morning at 6am was my first time back in a swimming pool for a long time–two years. After several laps, I turned onto my back to catch my breath and closed my eyes. Because my ears were submersed, I noticed the sound of my heartbeat reverberating in my head. I’m grateful for a healthy, vital, and strong body.

    • Laurie some days are like that “rich-with-quiet.” Lovely sprout… I can almost hear your heart beat.

      As I type David is preparing our breakfast of fresh fruit and yogurt. Then we will do our strength train which will be the first time in a year. We are ready. The weight machine may need some oiling but it shall be ready too. We will start slow and work our way you up. The long walks we do will carry us at the beginning.

  2. Terrill, I am so happy for you and David that this anniversary has come around with such happy results. Maybe you could share some of the secrets of a successful recovery?
    Sometime in September we could celebrate with tea and cookies at our house, OK? It is a worthy milestone to celebrate.
    What am I noticing today? Well, besides all the other blessings of living where we do I have to say that I got a major high this morning when I gathered in a couple bouquets of roses, again. The rose likes this climate/location.

    • Shirley what a delightful invitations. I spoke to David and we would be thrilled to come by sometime when it works for you. And roses… I would love to see your roses… maybe they will be finished by September but then again maybe I will be lucky. Thanks for your inspiring sprout.

      I am on the search for a good blackberry patch at the moment. Love blackberry jelly and I even like picking the critters while getting all scratched up in the process.

  3. It was so nice to sit with you today Terrill. : )
    Yesterday I felt that we were falling into the sleepy autumn. Nothing wrong with that but I wanted more summer. Today I’ve noticed that the blue skies, the sunshine haven’t left us — Mother Gaia warmth still surrounds me.

    • Yes Leanne it is always a pleasure. Autumn is my favourite season but like you I am happy to have more summer. I went for a walk on Edith Point with another friend this morning and it was stunning! Now I am looking for blackberries… did I say that already? Love those guys. Thanks as always Leanne for coming by and leaving sprouts here on Creative Potager.

    • Thank you Nancy, I slipped by your blog “Life do Intrude” It reminds me of a book I just finished reading hand wash cold: care instructions for an ordinary life by Karen Maezen Miller. I believe that the greatest learning and pleasure comes from our daily ordinary living. Your post is about that and I thank you.

  4. Like everyone else states here this is an especially beautiful post, as it reaches down deep to embrace what really matters the most in this world, and are most grateful for. I was unaware of David’s stroke a year ago, but am very happy to hear the recovery is complete. There’s quite a bit of love on Mayne Island, Terrill, and your expression of it in your work, and the candid open book of your personal life is deeply-felt.

    Autumn, by the way, is my favorite season of the year as well, and as it’s approaching again, I’ll have more to say in future posts.

    I am noticing the calandar. On Tuesday, my family will be traveling down to the seaside resort town of Wildwood Crest in Cape May County, New Jersey, a longtime summer refuge. It’s a short 4 day respite, but it will allow us to appreciate some of the things that Mayne Island offers in spades all year round. It’s a brief move from the urban to the rural, and it’s gleefully anticipated.

    • Have the most wonderful time Sam… there are many who come to Mayne Island for weekends and summers while still living and working in the city. Even a little rural time can help to keep us grounded with this earth we live on. Enjoy!

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