Hidden Things

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Have you ever been editing your photographs and found “hidden things” that you didn’t know where there when you took the photo?

In the photo West Coast Winter above, I discovered that I had unknowingly captured two bald eagles on the crest of one of the fir trees. I had heard the eagles calling when I was shooting but I hadn’t seen them. To see them you will need to go to full resolution image and click large view – and even then they are small and blurry. But they are there. Also on the left of the image about ¼ of the way down there is an eagle nest.

Because these hidden things are not the focal point of the image, I don’t usually tell people about them. I leave them to discover (or not) on their own.

Sometimes hidden things are in my writing, painting as well. These are often patterns, colour or word usage, and perspectives that others have observed. I might not even be aware of these elements. I find it useful to ask what others have noticed in my work to discover aspects of my creative process that I might be hidden things to me.

Sprout Question: When was the last time you asked someone whose opinion you value and trust what they notice in your work?

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4 thoughts on “Hidden Things

  1. I’m having a difficult time spotting the bald eagles here, but at 55 years old, I am figuring my eyesight is on the downswing! Ha! Anyway, I asked my wife to check my last film review out and give me her honest opinion. It’s always best to share with the one who is closest to you, but that is a given.

    Beautiful shot here, especially in high resolution.

    • Sam, You are not alone. These are “hidden things” remember:)

      The eagles are on top of the loneliest fir tree almost in the middle. It is hard to see them at first. Once you know they are there you can see them even in the lower resolution image in the blog.

      Thank you for coming by Sam and I am going to come over and have a look at your latest film review. I’m not sure you if you notice but I have a link to your blog on my blogroll. I know some of my readers love film as well.

      So if you are also a film enthusiast check out Sam’s blog a Wonders in the Dark

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