Last Rose

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I just have to share my news with you.

I’ve known for some weeks now that one of my paintings was going to be printed in a quarterly literary journal – because the editor asked for permission.

Well, at 3:29 pm PST Friday, January 8, 2010, I received the following email:

Dear Terrill,
Thank you again for the use of your watercolor.  It’s lovely and has already received compliments.  Below is a link to the journal.  Just click on the River Poets Quarterly Autumn 2009 pdf file.  The painting and poem is on Page 11.
Warm Regards, Judith Lawrence

The best part – this came right out of the blue. I had no previous connection to the River Poets Quarterly Journal, or to the editor, Judith Lawrence, nor did I make a submission. I had posted the image with my article Last Rose of Desire which is now posted on Creative Potager as “The Crone’s Passion”  (I must ask how she discovered the painting.)

So please, choose your beverage of choice and celebrate with me. Raising glasses high, smiling and giggling… “To creativity!”

Sprout Question: If you were to receive a surprise request for permission to publish your work, who do you want it to be from?

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14 thoughts on “Last Rose

  1. Terrill, I really am so pleased to share this beautiful piece and for so many others to have the opportunity to do so too! Those colours touch me in a great place. Thank you for your expression!

    With love, Sherrilene

    • Hi Kathy, I just made a pot of peppermint tea to join you.

      I did get an answer from Judith about how she found the image and it was through a google search… spurred on by her search to find new painters and photographers.

      So there we have it…. the rest of the story:)

  2. Congratulations to the well deserved success! The colors are so vivid and full of life. Well Done! It’s always nice to share other artists success story. Hope that I’ll have the same chance … 🙂

    • Me too Hybrid J.. Your blog is a great example of some awesome creative endeavors. Keep going. And please drop a line if you have success. I would love to celebrate with you. These successes small and large keep us all going when we become discouraged. When we share with each other, I believe we make that window-of-opportunity larger for all of us.

      Now I am off to prepare today’s post. Thank you for coming by. Back soon:)

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