When the universe says YES

First, I say “good morning” to the painting I worked on yesterday.

11X14 inch water miscible oil painting in progress

Then taking my coffee, I slip on my garden clogs and meander towards the gate. Robins chatter and other morning birds sing in the new growth on the maple tree.

I closed my leadership coaching practice at the end of December in 2009. Or at least I thought I had. I made an announcement. I took the website down. It was after that I noticed something odd begin to happen.

Clients began calling and emailing asking “you will still see me, won’t you?” I said, “maybe in the future – can I give you a referral?” No they said. They will wait until I am available. I explained that I may not be available – at least not for a long time. But they were prepared to wait and see.

Then I was interviewed for a coaching article by Noomii.

People contacted me in a panic because my website was down and they were looking for my book, my by-donation approach to service design and so on. So I put Terrill Welch – A Woman behind Women back up.

Then there was the interview last week by Midwife for Your Life. Of course, there is also the book reading for Leading Raspberry Jam Visions: Women’s Way April 24th. What is a woman to do?

So feeling a little like a carpet salesman who is always going out of business… I turn the handle to the studio.

I switch on the lamps and smile.

The universe is saying “yes” even though I was saying “no.”  I hope we can agree on a both/and – doing both creative work and a little of my unique by-donation triple bottom-line coaching… say maybe just for a part of a day on Tuesdays. I do so much love the work – all of it.

Sprout Question: What do you do when the universe says yes?

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16 thoughts on “When the universe says YES

    • Laurie you are always so practical… of course that is what I should have said… instead of feeling a little stunned and mystified. By the way, I really enjoyed your Pins and Needles post yesterday. You new baby blog is becoming a strapping young lad in such a nurturing and compelling environment.

  1. Hi Terrill,
    Like you, from time to time I am mystified when the Universe says YES! OF course many times it all comes together at once kind of like your situation. The floodgates open and Woosh! 🙂

    I don’t think the Universe was necessarily saying NO before things start to come together. It’s more like the timing is finally right. At least that is how I see it. So when the timing is finally right what do I say? Most of the time I just go with it and enjoy sailing on the rivers of life with the divine flow. But then sometimes when things do come together…I’ve already moved on! LOL

    Wonderful question as usual! I’m so happy for you that so many opportunities are coming your way.

    Enjoy Dear Lady!

  2. LOL! So much for going quietly into the night! Nope, your too bright and shiny!!!

    You should see the Big Grin on my face from this one!

    • hi Jerry, good to hear… done that myself a time or two – muck things up… at least from mucked up from the way I imagined things would turn out. That is where a big part of the discovery and learning is though so wouldn’t trade it for nothing. Glad you dropped by and thanks as always. Terrill

  3. No rest for the righteous…

    I don’t take no for an answer.

    I’ve found the Universe to be unemotional – indifferent. I can throw all the self righteous tantrums I like, the Universe is not moved. In order to reap I have to sow.

    Having sown I cannot help but reap, but it is still a wonderful experience when the harvest presents itself ready to be sown.

    The Universe only knows how to say yes… yes, as you sow, so you will reap, yes what you sow is what you will reap, yes, sow nothing reap nothing… yes, sow generously, reap generously.

    Simple really.

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