More than Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I have for you some chocolate covered strawberries.

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While you are making a choice on which one you will munch, before passing the plate along, let me show you the tulip I found in my garden yesterday.

View and purchase full resolution image here.

Between showers I grabbed my garden gloves.

Put on my hiking boots and began turning the sod.

While I was working the soil I thought about spring. I thought about summer and I thought about the business of creativity. You see, I have accepted a first right of refusal for the oil painting “East Point Cliffs.” My first participation in the BC Ferries showcase has netted a sale for a canvas print of “witness.” I have 100 beautiful cards ready in little envelopes for the farmers market this summer and more canvas photo prints arriving any day. Then there is the deciding of how many books to bring for the book reading of Leading Raspberry Jam Visions and Mona’s Work with Mayne Island writers at the Overleaf in Victoria Saturday April 24th. Plus, my solo art show “Sea, Land and Time” with the local Arts Council is confirmed for “September 2nd to 22nd. Is it any wonder I am turning over the business of creativity as methodically as each shovel of sod?

I am sure glad you enjoyed those strawberries.

Sprout Question: What does the business of your creativity taste like?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

29 thoughts on “More than Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    • Ah Jens… that photograph is sooooo very cool and it is serious enough for me!!!!! I however, would not have wanted to do the clean up after your photo shoot. What an amazing photo. Thank you so much for providing the link.

  1. Terrill – I love this post that includes all of the senses — you clever, clever blogger you! My favorite photo is the glorious tulip.

    Sprout Question: What does the business of your creativity taste like?

    The business of my creativity tastes like crème brulee with a touch of raspberry drizzle …

    [You actually think I’m going to pass this plate of chocolate covered strawberries along?!]

    • Okay Laurie… pass the plate. You should see – there is even chocolate on the end of your nose! Good thing I didn’t go for coffee before checking in to see who had dropped by.

      Seriously, thank you for your sprout response and mouth watering business of creativity.

      That tulip photo is more art than photo at this point… however it was a lot of fun drawing out its essence.

    • Oh, oh! I forgot to mention when you were talking about “all the senses” Laurie, I am included as one of the feature artist on the Creative Everyday blog post today. The theme this month is “the five senses” and the creation of “rocks and mussels” is getting a special mention. Leah’s work is so incredibly supportive of our creative process and I am every so grateful for your supportive themes and blog.

  2. Congrats on all the good things happening for your business and your creativity Terrill! You certainly deserve this and I admit the little green monster is rearing her ugly head. How can I make this happen for me too?! I will ponder. You’re inspiring.

    • Thank you DiamondLil and hats off to “the little green monster … rearing her ugly head.” Envy in its very first blush can be a motivator I think. If we can use it as a stepping stone to our own growth and action it can enhance our work and success. However, if we stand on its soft green head too long we will sink into the mire of our own self rejection. I like how you quickly moved to asking and pondering. No mire for you!

      And we need safe places to celebrate our success both in creation and in the business of creation. I want Creative Potager to be one of those place. I want you to be able to say… “hey look what I have done!” or “Guess what, I just sold…” or “I was just asked to do…” because when we celebrate what others are doing, we leave a window of possibility for our own success. We can then ask them things like “what do you think contributed to your pricing list, your acceptances at the conference book store or at that particular Gallery?” and so on….

  3. The taste of my creativity is like muffins baking in the oven. Not quite ready to eat yet. Too hot — I must wait. I wait in anticipation. I wait with expectation. I wait.
    Yet I also remember that I was the one who added the ingredients. I was the one who blended the ingredients together. I was the one who greased the muffin tin. I was the one who popped the full tin in the oven.
    Step by careful step, it was me who did the work. As it is for all of us.
    Remember yesterday, look forward to the future, but live in the now.

  4. I like the tulip shot as well and nice work with all the business opportunities.

    Creativity for me is like eating salt and vinegar chips–excellent taste, but will leave you in need of refreshments when the experience is done.

    • Oh yes Slamdunk… the need for refreshment and the filling of our creative well.

      Marketing and promoting our creativity requires us to be “out there” and that means a lot of energy is being given and shared and stretched and on occasion stomped on and shut down… or our energy is being held back because we fear it will be stomped on and shut down. Yet it is necessary to market and promote if our work is to be given to the world as it was designed to be when we were gifted our gift through our creative muse. Manuals in desk drawers, art in the attic, photos in shoe boxes, songs still on napkins are awaiting our courage to shine a wee light on them so others can experience their deliciousness. I see it as our part in the bargain because we have been inspired to create.

  5. I beg to differ Terrill I don’t think of myself as the driving force or brains or anything. I prefer to think of we 3 as a team. We work, we inspire, we have fun together. It is a delight to be on this journey with you.

    • Leanne I do agree it is we 3 as a team now… but in the first instance, if I may push back just a little, it was you who made the contact with the owner of the Overleaf bookstore and cafe and you brought the idea to us – which of course we gladly endorsed. So please, take a bow and enjoy my cheering and clapping appreciation for the opportunity to call you my friend and colleague who inspires greatness in us all!

      Did I mention dear readers, that it was okay to disagree on Creative Potager while holding each other in high esteem?

  6. Ohhhhh what a great bunch of strawberries. My hubby is threatening that he si going to eat them all. I enjoyed your post so much today. I give thanks for your sharing of your craft. I would love to come to your show!! In Spetember…hhmmm.
    As for my tast of creativity. I would have to say that mine is Shortcake! Sometimes short on developing, however then I do complete it, it really takes the cake over and is published where it is digested well.

    Yumm you are making me hungry!


    • Kim what an absolutely accessible analogy – Shortcake. Your welcome for the post. Glad you enjoyed it.

      I am still thinking about how I might share the September show for those that are part of my Global community and far away. We shall see. Ideas welcome.

  7. Hi Terrill,

    My what lovely strawberries and you know I just love the tulip! Love the simplicity and elegance of your creativity. Wonderful!

    What does the business of my creativity taste like? My that is a very interesting question. The business side is bittersweet for me I think. Not sure what food to compare that to at the moment. 🙂 It is something that I both enjoy and dislike at the same time. LOL I’d much rather be creating than doing the business of my artwork and selling and such. But then there are times I really enjoy learning a new way of reaching out to others and connecting with them. So it is bittersweet I suppose.

    You are really coming into a wonderful phase of getting your artwork and creativity out there to the world! Very happy for you lady.

    Where did you order your cards from? Were they from different ones of your photos on Redbubble? I’d love to hear what you think of the quality of their cards or the quality of wherever you got them from. Are you going to sale your artwork at the Farmers Market as well? Wish I lived closer so I could come visit you when you do! 🙂

    • Great sprout in your “bittersweet” and thank you.

      Yes my cards are different photographs I have posted on redbubble. I am very happy with the quality and have now ordered more canvas prints of my work as well. I am considering doing a booth at the market where I will do on-site painting and have cards, books, and paintings for sale. I am still thinking about how it might all work… again ideas welcome.

      I wish you were closer too Itaya. In fact I wish many of you were closer:) There is this challenge when we connect globally – we are too far away for face-to-face meetings… but I can live with that in exchange for easy on-line conversations.

  8. Love the tulip; think I may have to plant some in my garden this fall!
    Business of my creativity tastes like the icing sugar carefully dusted onto a sponge cake. Very delicate, almost not there, but without it the cake just wouldn’t be the same.
    Congrats on all your business of creativity; it is inspiring to hear what you are doing.

    • Thanks Sue… now there is a business of creativity I can taste! (and I have tasted this cake dusted with icing sugar that my mother made us for many, many birthdays)

      I wonder if others sat and listed the little things like I have if they might be surprised at how inspiring their efforts feel and look on paper? Really! What I have provided today are not big events but a collection of small things that look shiny when placed beside each other.

  9. Hi Terrill
    Me again… Okay, I will agree to step on stage and take a bow — only if you 2 join me. For you see if it was only me I probably wouldn’t have taken the chance. However, knowing that I had Amber and your support I was fearless. : )
    Thank you for writing: for the opportunity to call you my friend and colleague who inspires greatness in us all.
    I will hold that for a while.

  10. What an assault on the senses here!

    I can simultaneously taste the that incomparable chocolate, laced with stawberry pulp, and smell the pleasing ‘floral perfume’ of a red tulip, which always signifies for me the approach of the spring season.

    The business of my creativity tastes like a mushroom or a naked eggplant. It’s really what you put on there that counts, so I’m rather in a holding pattern, waiting for that inspiration, which may or may not come. But like anything else, you kinda try and make it happen.

  11. I love each tastefully done image here. It is a good reminder that there are tools for every activity and once we have them, we can create, create, create.

    What does the business of your creativity taste like?

    I like to add a touch of class to my work in business.

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