Orange day

The garden is watered. David is making breakfast consisting of plain organic yogurt, local strawberries, blue berries and some lovely grapes and banana. I will add 3 tsp. of hemp seeds to mine. He will add a bit of organic blue agave to his. I expect that my writing will be interrupted to partake in his efforts. But until then, let me tell you about today and how it has become an orange day. You see on Tuesday our friend Laurie received some bad news. She didn’t tell us what it was but she reassured us that no one was hurt. Today she has written a blog post “Ice Water in my Veins” about her situation. After sending along sending calming and resilient energy, I went about my day. What showed up was orange. Not just any orange but a particular orange.

Oh! My breakfast is ready. I shall be back. There! I had a few delicious bites and now I will continue and finish the rest once I get this post up.

First, there were the two underpaintings I did in the afternoon. Here is an example of one.

There is a shadow on this 18X24 inch canvas but I chose to keep and use the photo anyway and I think you will see why shortly.

Then there was a particular calendula in the garden that seemed to be begging and pleading with me to take its photo. We were coming back from a walk at the beach where I found nothing that was particularly inspiring. As we closed the gate, there was the calendula… saying “I’m here! Take a photo of me!” So I did.

By the time I was done processing and editing the images into what was most pleasing to me, I realize it had been an orange day… a particular colour of orange kind of day.

As you can see, the shadows on the underpainting are creating the same gradient in colour as the shadows in the flower. I can tell you that thought of Laurie and “her news” off and on all day. Each time I would focus calming resilient energy her way. We did not speak to each other or exchange emails. There didn’t seem to be a need. She slipped back in yesterday to the “Sitting” post and said she was feeling much better and would post more on her blog today. So whether the orange is related to my focused intention or not I really have no idea… but I am suspicious that it might.

Laurie knows about the properties or meanings associated with colours so she may drop by and tell us what might be associated with this particular orange. We shall just need to wait and see.

Sprout Question: What colour or texture is pulling on your creative strings today?

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29 thoughts on “Orange day

  1. What a beautiful photo. I love the orange. I too have had orange days. I had an orange day not too long ago. I felt vibrant, alive. Today, I have settled into relazing tones — copper, bronze, smokey grey. I’m not sure where these colours will lead but I am looking forward to the journey.

  2. Oh my gosh Terrill – you have blown my socks off! This SPECIFIC color, is indeed, related to your focused intention as you sent me calming, resilient energy throughout the day.

    The energetic frequency of THIS color is precisely what helped me to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again. Let me explain:

    I can tell you without a doubt that my balloon had been popped—burst! I was feeling defeated. I had three articles on that dead hard drive that were due—on deadline—to three different editors at three different magazines. I’ve never—ever—blown an article deadline. The thought of recreating them (1,200 words, 700 words, and 350 words) was overwhelming.

    Throughout the day and evening I kept entering the photo in your loft, and it kept filling my well with creative energy. I tackled the shortest article first. Done—sent. I tackled the mid-size article next. Done—sent. I tackled the largest article next. Done—sent. I was being bathed in the energy of this SPECIFIC color; it’s precisely what did it.

    This shade of orange-yellow is associated with pleasure, personal power, and self-definition. It’s also about occupational wellness—not necessarily what we do for a paycheck (although it can be), but one of the skills we bring to the table to share with humanity. In this case creative, nonfiction writing.

    This shade of orange-yellow enhances joy and confidence. It sparks enthusiasm, spontaneity, optimism, and good humor. It addresses negative states of mind, helping us to assimilate new things, and to unclog emotional energy that can get trapped in the lower abdomen—which is precisely where I was feeling dread.

    Throughout the day I felt waves of energy that were restful, earthy, natural, and soothing. THANK YOU Terrill, for this post, and for the energy that you bathed me in. I sincerely appreciate your distance energy work on my behalf.

    • Thank you Laurie for leaving a direct link to Ted’s blog and I was pleased to see the detail he is providing to your for “our work.” I what he says about being open to “anything that might help and won’t hurt.” Sometimes we humans can get caught up in dualities and either/or thinking. Ted is open to possibilities… and like he says… sending kind, energy filled thoughts won’t hurt and might help. I’m in! I have been painting big fir trees on the side deck today. This is the side where last summer we slept outside. These trees just shimmer with healing energy and possibility. I am imagining Ted being held in their strength.

  3. Laurie, congratulations in climbing those writing mountains. Positive enegry is amazing.
    I found your comments regarding yellow-orange fascinating to read. I have a few pieces of clothing that are this colour. I often wondered why I was drawn to it. Thank you.
    I visited Ted’s web site. I admire his attitude and am officially adding my enegry to yours and Terrill’s on his behalf.

    • And Leanne, if you think back you were wearing that beautiful orange outfit on Tuesday in the afternoon when I saw you. It was the same day:) Now I am laughing… with glee.

      Can you hear the music? That is the music of self doubt that is saying “there are coming to take you away… ha, ha… take you away ha, ha!” Well, it is what is. Leanne had know idea about the orange I was noticing nor did either of us have a clear definition of its powers that has now been provided by Laurie.

      I strongly believe that creative work is intricately connected to our body, mind, spirit work. So dear readers, if you find this to be a bit of an odd Creative Potager post, know that this too shall pass and I will move back to more direct mind, body skills in time. However, the spiritual and intuitive aspect of creativity is always present for me… even if it goes unspoken.

      Your thoughts, ideas, observations?

  4. Leanne – Thank you for joining your energy with ours for Ted.

    Later this summer I plan to do a seven-post “class” on my blog called “The Color of Wellness.” I’ll detail the therapeutic and metaphysical properties of red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo, and purple.

  5. “These trees just shimmer with healing energy and possibility. I am imagining Ted being held in their strength.”

    I love the verbal picture that you painted, Terrill!

    • Thanks Laurie… I look at these particular trees a few times each day. We greet each other. I have tried to photograph them but I am always left just a little unsatisfied. So now we shall see what I can do with a brush and a bit of paint.

  6. Glad to see you enrolled in the Color of Wellness, Terrill. It will be an interesting classroom discussion to find out what color(s) draw us in like a magnet (we can’t resist them), and any color(s) that repel us — and to learn the reasons why.

    And how to implement the use of color in our daily lives for the specific purpose of healing.

  7. With — the only dumb question is the one not asked — ringing in my ears, I ask, “How do you sign up for the course? Is it virtual? What are the costs involved?” Enquiring minds want to know. : )

  8. Leanne – There’s no cost involved, whatsoever. Every now and then on my blog I do a “course” in the “University of Life.” Right now we’re in Energy Medicine 101 — it resumes the day after tomorrow (I blog on the even days of the month). There was a slight interruption of the “class” with my hard drive situation. But we’ll be back on course with Crystal Therapy (and a slight recap of what we’ve already covered). After that “course” there will be a small break with me just doing regular (non course-type) blogging. Then I will “announce” the start of next “class” — The Color of Wellness. All you have to do is show up. But you can’t chew gum in class 🙂

  9. Terrill,

    Beautiful underpainting and beautiful photograph to capture the color yellow orange. The color that I am focusing on right now within the Life Harmony program “Self-definition”.
    I don’t have a whole lot of yellow orange, I am a small piece of citron, which come to think of it is missing in one of my pockets! I have a yellow bandana that I have been using to remind me to use the color in my healing, or recovering my self-definition.

    I join you ladies all the the sending of healing to Ted, as he recovers from his dis-ease.

    I am Love, Jeff

  10. Interesting…as orange means a lot of things to me but in a very energetic way. The Syracuse University athletic teams use orange as their colors so I associate loud, fun, crazy times with orange. I wear it to the games or when they play on TV.

    Orange soda (or soda pop or just plain pop to some) energizes me in other ways.

    Then there is the calming orange of a sunset over Lake Ontario bathing the world in its glow as the Sun says goodbye for a time to reemerge the next day. The sunrise often heralded by an orange color fading to blue.

    Colors surround us and effect us. I hope your orange day brought effects beyond yourself.

    Now, pass me some blueberries. 🙂

    • I believe my orange day did bring effects beyond myself Scott … at least from Laurie’s response it seems to be so. Thank you for your musings on your experience with orange. Oh, and here are some blueberries… so good!

  11. God, is that beautiful or what? Your painting, and that glorious yellow-orange blend is most appropriate as the summer heat brings those colors deep into our conciousness, complete with corresponding temperatures. Ha!

    Today I am thinking brown, as I prepare to embark on a trip with my wife Lucille and one of my three boys to a trip to Manhattan’s Film Forum for the opening double-feature of the Anthony Mann Film Festival, which will feature two James Stewart classics, THE NAKED SPUR and WINCHESTER 73. Mann, of course is known for his ‘psychological westerns.’ I have a cowboy hat, (borrowed from a John Wayne loving friend) that I will use for a photo at the theatre! But yeah, deep brown! Ha!

    • Best of fun on your trip Sam and thanks for your sprout. Brown… hum that is what I ended up painting yesterday when a painting when way softer in tone than I intended… now must let it dry and try again… or not. Might just start on a new canvas. Wishing you and your family a wonderful time away.

  12. chartreuse, magenta, and a purple(much like that orange base you painted-a spectrum of sorts), and off and on some LUNESTA green!

    yes! i have been to the Tree Place AND the sugar that I ate from the buttermilk raspberry cake is wearing off, and so is the wonky feeling associated with it :D, one would think i would learn AND retain this lesson but but but….YUM cake! PS. I thought you painted in the shading on purpose!

    • I suppose Elisa sometimes I do paint in shades on purpose and other times I am simply deciding on what I want as my underpainting that will provide depth to the final painting. Chartreuse is such an inspiring word for a color halfway between yellow and green. Magenta Yum! And “LUNESTA green” I have no idea what colour that might be… is it a lime green Elisa?

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