A painting only the artist can love

Sometimes it happens. From vision, to brush, to canvas a painting develops in large free strokes, dancing across the canvas engaging me in the swirling energy transferred in a sequence of creative exchanges. I stop. I rest my eyes upon the painting. I put my brush down. This is what occurred with “Cabin on Shore” It is a large brushed impressionist-style painting that maybe only the artist can love.

View and purchase high resolution print of “Cabin on Shore” original here.

18” x 24” by two inch 100% natural cotton gallery quality canvas water miscible oil painting

Below are a series of slideshow images capturing the creative process and detail.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sprout Question: Has your heart ever stopped your head in a creative process?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

11 thoughts on “A painting only the artist can love

  1. This is so full of life and motion and color. I love this one!

    I think it’s our jobs as artists to get emotional about what we’re doing. It can be with paint, sculptural media, or the camera. The heart always speaks when listened to, and brings life to the work.

    • Martha thank you so much for your feedback. I have to admit that my heart usual has a commanding role and if there is a disagreement between heart and head… my heart usual gets its way:)

  2. Terrill – I love how the slideshow captures the birthing process. We can actually watch this beautiful piece come into being. Very cool — thank you for sharing it this way!

    Sprout Question: Has your heart ever stopped your head in a creative process?

    That’s an excellent question. In giving it serious thought I would have to say no. Once I actually start something, my head and heart are so connected that the thinking/feeling (logic and emotion) are one. They’re in complete sync.

    If, however, you were to ask me if my heart ever says, “Yes, write this, but my head steps in to squelch it before it ever begins” then the answer would be yes. Let me qualify that. My answer would be “Unfortunately yes.”

    • Shirley I think we are all hardwired a little differently. I have most often been on the other end of the heart/head response relationship…. and man, have I got into trouble at times!

      I have a little trick for you… when your heart is saying “go, go, go” and your head is saying “whoa!” pause and gently ask your head “what would it would take for you to say GO?” Your heart might be surprised and agreeable to the answer:)

  3. hmmm
    i cannot say that my head is ever truly creative
    it conjures up things to be creative with, and then it organizes them in lists or objects that ought to go just so, like a play.
    and i decide what I will do, without the energy of creation.

    Unless I am really not paying attention, my heart will at some point, probably while I am taking shots, SCREAM bloody murder and tell me that the shots will be garbage(and they are). I am glad though, that the heart then becomes alert for replacement subject matter. The creative part senses the energy and off I go! I suppose that once in a while the brain will over ride the heart if I must cease an activity in order to pick up the children on time or some other mundane activity that I cannot move out of the way. The heart then pouts and has temper tantrums and must be placated with tea.

    • lovely Elisa… great sprout response.

      Please dear readers, never ask my daughter how many times I have forgot to pick her up from the library or her friends. It wasn’t so much that I was in the middle of something. It was usually at the end of my work day and I was like a homing pigeon at the end of a journey. I rarely stopped for anything. As she got older, she would phone me just as I was leaving to remind me where she was and with luck I would remember from the office to the car and show up where I was suppose to pick her up. Most times:)

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  5. beauty is in the eye of the creator, and the beholder, too …. call me kooky, but I’m in LOVE with the first slide in the series (the whites and yellows and oranges and reds that were laid down as a base). I can’t quit staring at it. I can’t quit appreciating it. I can’t seem to take me eyes away from it. It is perfection.

    Of course, the whole process that you’ve shared fascinates me, and I love the final product, too … (especially the impressionistic story, and the extreme close-ups you provide), but that first slide … well, for me, that’s the whole enchilada. You had me at “yell-ow”


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