Beauty in Death

“Spirit always stands still long enough for the photographer It has chosen.” Minor White

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The arbutus leaves have died from drought not because it is fall. Arbutus leaves stay green all year except for those that are lost from the heat of summer. These leaves remind me of words from those left behind: “She looks so beautiful now that death has released the pain of disease from her face.”

Sprout Question: Where have you witnessed beauty in death?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

13 thoughts on “Beauty in Death

  1. Terrill – What a lovely photograph!

    Sprout Question: Where have you witnessed beauty in death?

    I had to think about that one for a bit. Len and I used to do a lot of camping in Cuyamaca National Park. There was a tree that had been struck by lightening some time back and was hollowed out. It still stood tall, proud, and unwavering — beautiful — with its deathly silhouette against the sky.

  2. I guess I would have to say, it was when my father-in-law died…Roberta (Mike’s mother) was so calm,serene,loving, and thankful for sharing her life with him…he passed away in a hospice bed in his own living room with us all around…am in the morning….We all watched the sunrise that next morning…Beautiful and breathtaking…

  3. The beauty I feel and sense every time is when autumn comes: it seems like the end of all what has been, but beneath the ground, new life has sprouted.. we don’t see it yet.. it will have to overcome the test of the wintersleep, and become the new youth in the next cycle.
    We all are also in such a cycle 🙂

  4. There is always beauty in death, I think, although sometimes it’s not visible immediately because our heart feels stricken with such grief and pain at times. There is a beauty in birthing and a beauty in dissolving. I’ve witnessed beauty in death as the leaves turn every shade of red and orange and yellow, and then drop effortlessly off the oaks, the poplars, the maples.

  5. Beauty in death is an overwhelming concept, as it brings to mind the passing of those closest to us. But the beauty is inherent in the priceless memories in our hearts, There may be a serenity and a closure, but one is reminded that death may end a life, but it does not end a relationship, which lives on in the minds of the survivors unresolved, without real closure.

    The picture is lovely and deeply poignant.

    • Sam such thoughtful and wise words. I have read them twice. Once to myself and once out loud as the rain drips of the eaves in darking day. Night is upon us. Yet there is such light in your words.

      Dear readers, I am moved by your responses that bring words to the image I posted. You have somehow understood the layers of meaning I saw when I looked at those arbutus leaves and framed this shot.

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