Can you guess?

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Can you tell me who this statue is of, where it is located and who created it?

No clues other than the photograph.

Sprout question: What recent creative mystery have you solved?

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20 thoughts on “Can you guess?

  1. I’ll really have to give this one some thinking today, Terrill. I’m drawing a blank at present. When I hear who it is I know I’ll be embarassed.

    I’ve come up with the remedy for creative malaise, and it’s intermingled with the general definition. When you begin to feel better, the ideas start anew.

    • I hope that means you are feeling better Sam and your ideas are starting anew. Always so refreshing to find out how wonderful everyday wellness really is – exhilarating!

      I will have more to share on tomorrows post about the statue on tomorrow’s post. All shall be revealed then.

  2. Terrill – Considering WHERE you live and WHO you highlighted in a recent post, I would have to guess Emily Carr. That’s got to be her famed dog Billie (did you know she had a monkey too?)…

    Sprout question: What recent creative mystery have you solved?

    I recently discovered a fairly reliable way (although not foolproof) way of finding out which literary agents have a successful track record with which publishing houses.

    • I did know that Emily Carr had a monkey… but I shall neither confirm or deny Laurie until tomorrow’s post.

      Laurie, your little mystery solving could be worth trading a few sticks of red licorice I think. Good work!

    • Well, Jose we shall find out tomorrow how well you do as a detective.

      Dear Watson, please insure that no clues are given to these seekers… make them work to discover the whole truth and nothing but the truth on their own.

      It was sooooo very much fun to go hiking with you yesterday. I am off for a nap shortly so I can keep my eyes open for drawing tonight.

  3. Okay, without reading anyone else’s post, and so at the risk of being embarrassed, I would say it’s Emily Carr. I have no idea where she sits, however. To guess, possibly in front of the art school that was named after her. Okay, now, I’ll peek and see if I’m all alone. Thank you, Terrill, that was fun.

    Answering the sprout question: I’m currently in the process of attempting to solve a mystery. Hopefully, I will able to solve it today or by the end of the week.

    • Leanne, I am going to hold off sharing the answer until tomorrow’s post. So glad you enjoyed the mystery – and you have one of your own. I am looking forward to hearing more about it, if that is possible.

  4. No idea…I do like it, though. What recent solved creative mystery? How to more deeply accept more of the creative selves that funnel through the writing and photography. How to allow it all a little more. (Don’t think it’s completely solved. But it feels better.)

    • I shall share tomorrow Kathy. It is a beautiful statue.

      Can you tell us more, or do you have a post about “accepting more of the creative selves that funnel through the writing and photography”? That allowing is so important and may be something others can benefit from as well.

      Now for a nap. I shall be back tomorrow with the follow up post… likely a little later than usual but before noon P.S.T.

  5. Writers always love a good mystery, so I put a link to this post on my facebook page! Will tune in again for the big reveal. (not sure I’ve solved any creative mysteries just lately … except to say that whenever I write poetry, I have no idea where it’s going … so I await the poem’s message eagerly!)

    Best, Daisy

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