Mayne Island in November Snow

Here I am with a Creative Potager bonus post today. I am blaming it on the snow. Big flakes started rolling past our large picture window looking out over the valley at dusk. We don’t get much snow on Mayne Island and seldom in November. I was up before blue dawn like a kid on Christmas morning.

The far side of the valley was a bit warmer and did not get the same three inches of wonder as we did half way up the cliff.

David’s gate that he built a year and a half ago looks extra special in the snow.

And the prayer flags.

Then there are these red begonias.

And this is all I can see of the yellow calendulas shown in Thurday’s post.

But this is my favourite image of the morning. It is a photo I took as I was sitting down to upload and edit this morning’s photo shoot.

La casa de inspiracion has never felt better.



Sprout question: What are your favourite moments of winter?


Special Notice: I have made a decision. Two Fridays from now on December 3, 2010 I am going to place three of my larger 18 by 24 inch original oil paintings on sale for $950 Canadian over three days. The regular price is $1,200. I am going to introduce the first painting on Friday, the second on Saturday and the third on Sunday. All three will be shown together on Monday December 6, 2010. The sale will end at midnight PST on Monday.  Here is where you come in dear readers. You may want to buy a painting. Or you can tell others about the paintings. If a buyer identifies you as the source of the referral you will receive a $45.00 value gift in cards or a calendar of your choice. (Psst! The referral can even be to your spouse.) The referral gift is for the first referral identified by the buyer and there is only one referral gift per painting sale. The specific three paintings that will go on sale will remain a mystery until the day it is released. However, you are welcome to try to guess by browse some of this year’s paintings HERE. Look carefully though because some paintings are sold and/or are a different size or medium. Terrill-size cyber hugs will be given out for any right guesses.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada



17 thoughts on “Mayne Island in November Snow

  1. Terrill – Imagine my surprise and delight to see that you had a new post on a Saturday! OHhhhhhhhhh it’s gorgeous – simply gorgeous. Please tell David I think his gate his extraordinary.

    Sprout question: What are your favourite moments of winter?

    Sitting in front of a crackling fire!

  2. Yet a further frosty perspective on the beauty that informs Mayne Island. Yes, I would well imagine it’s rare to have this kind of moderate dusting (or even a more concentrated fall) in your parts, and I know what snow can bring. Here is the NYC area we have been walloped with multi-foot blizzards in the past few years, and it’s taken weeks to recover from the pulverizing effects. Yet there is a serenity and an incomparable pictorial magnificence with snow falling that virtually stops everything in it tracks, and allows you to meditate. It’s a time to inspire inspiration and re-awakening. I always think of Robert Frost’s STOPPING BY WOODS ON A SNOWY EVENING and the last scene in James Joyce’s THE DEAD from his DUBLINERS.

    • Sam I hadn’t thought of this Robert Frost poem for a long time. It is absolutely perfect for today here on Mayne Island. I do not know the James Joyce piece but will look it out. I can’t count the times Sam you have sent me off on a discovery that has been a rich and rewarding experience. Your gems of references are certainly treasured.

  3. Winter tiptoes in…but soon it shall settle at our hearth. Snow shall build its forest dens, deeper and deeper, until we fashion snowshoes to walk within the magic pristine world which Old Man Winter rules with his Christmas bride.

    I loved Kathy’s words thi smorning…..They brought me to my favorite parts of winter…..Dealving inside….by a crackling fire…..

  4. Oooooo! Beautiful snow! You had a REAL snow, not just a quarter of an inch of dusting. I hesitate to voice this in words, but now I am–almost–wanting to see a snowfall just like yours. So many exquisite images! The contrast of the calendula is amazing. I like the fence and the gate and the prayer flags, too.

    This morning I was inspired by a story about folks living on an island. If I write a blog about this sometime this week–not sure yet–you will laugh.

    Enjoy your snow!

  5. Oh we had our first snow today, my partner put up the Christmas lights so that he could turn them on when our prodigal daughter arrives home on Wed. pm near midnight…I have never been first on the block with the lights – feels nice in the snow! Not very much accumulation here.

    The lovely calendar arrived in the Deep Dark Interior (Missouri) on Friday and it was “love” at first sight….Thank you – it was a perfect match up.

    Happy snow…and exciting news about the paintings. May it go well.

    • Oh I am so glad Patricia that the calendar arrived and was a hit. Always good to hear about a satisfied receiver of a gift. Thank you again for your purchase.

      I have a few more snow photographs to share tomorrow… it won’t be until later in the day though because I took today completely off and will need a bit of time to pull the post together in the morning.

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