Mayne Island Japanese Garden Dressed in Winter

This morning is -4 Celsius or 24.8 degrees Fahrenheit here on Mayne Island. On the west coast this is chilly. We have a damp cold that seeps right into your bones without stopping to slow down much even for your woolies. There are still a couple of inches of snow left in the yard and the winter birds are thankful for the full bird feeder. Our hot water in-floor heating has a hard time keeping up when it gets below freezing outside. The Floors are beautifully warm but not much heat is rising to the loft. I have turned on the oven with the door open for a bit to circulate some heat up to the studio. A few more flakes of white stuff are expected over the next couple of days.

Now that we have dispensed with the weather report let’s have a look at some of the photographs of the Japanese Garden dressed in winter.

You may remember this image from “A Search for Colour…

Winter has its grace with this beauty caught still dressed in her fall finery.

View and purchase full resolution image here.

The garden pond is partly frozen obscuring some to the reflections.

There is a peace which settles deeply when we drink in this snow-covered garden’s quiet.

The bridge seems to beautiful to disturb by walking across its whiteness.

Now stepping back and having a gaze at the whole picture… I hope you are smiling.

View and purchase full resolution image here.

May you be warm.

Sprout question: What makes you feel warmest when you get really cold?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

12 thoughts on “Mayne Island Japanese Garden Dressed in Winter

  1. The last two pictures are absolutely stunning! Did you ever consider using these for Christmas cards? Could anything possibly be more beautiful? It’s an unusual development here with the elements, but pictorial beauty is the overriding upside!

    The answer to the sprout gets right back to familial comeraderie. It always brings the smiles, the optimism, and the old adage “It’s great to be alive!”

    • Thank you Sam. It is like fall got a surprise hug from winter. I am warmed by your family love Sam. I always smile when I see your gang in photos from one event or another you have gone on. It is so great that your kids allow these photo opts. Mine would have made faces and refused at that age. And it is “great to be alive!”

      Two of the images are available for purchase as cards. They are “Winter Grace” and “Mayne Island Japanese Garden in Snow” Just remember that outside of the US, it may be hard to get them in time to mail out again unless it is inside your country.

    • Sam you have me laughing with pure delight. It is so much fun to share these images and then have you enjoy them as much as I did taking the photos. I have one more snow shot for you tomorrow. And no peaking on redbubble unless you are really busy and won’t make it back by tomorrow. Best of the week to you.

  2. Let’s see, warmest … when really cold? Hot tea, perhaps. Flannel. Fireplace, of course. Your pictures are incredible … with such beauty, how can we ever doubt life or its lovely mysteries? Have a lovely week and, most of all, stay warm! –Daisy

    • Thanks Daisy… drinking hot yogi chia as I write. Our home is toasty even on cool days because our feet are always warm.

      The cool weather has encouraged some card writing parcel wrapping for David’s Eastern family. Has been fun.

  3. Ah, Mayne Island beauty–fall, spring, summer and winter. Yes, we have it and your camera catches it.
    I stay warm by cuddling with my husband or my cat…whomever is nearest.
    An old trick from the prairies: bed socks. Here’s another: tossing mitts and toques in the dryer to achieve toasty warmth.

  4. Terrill – How absolutely lovely! My favorite photograph is of the bridge. I feel like it’s saying: “Please, let me escort you on a short walk from here to there.”

    Sprout question: What makes you feel warmest when you get really cold?

    When I get cold down into my bones I like to soak in a hot bath.

    • Laurie, hot baths are so good.! We don’t have a tub in la casa de inspiracion. We have thought about putting in an outside tub but it hasn’t happened yet. However, we have treated ourselves to an electric mattress warmer that we put on before going to bed – once in we turn it off as I’m not sure sleeping on an electric grid is good for our systems but it is sure nice to hop into a warm bed. I can see why you like the bridge pictures. I have taken family photos there when I was learning how to use my digital camera.

    • Patricia I have never been fond of ice storms because of the damage to the trees – never mind the icy roads. Hope it isn’t too, too bad.

      Sun is shining this morning but it isn’t suppose to warm up until Thursday – and rain of course. I have found my wool mitts (in my underwear drawer all places) and have pulled out my down jacket. Looks like a long walk is in order today.

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