As the Lights Flickered

It is an ordinary charcoal and conte quick sketch that I stretched from 10 minutes into 20 by ignoring the next pose. It wasn’t well placed as the head is at the edge of the paper with the whole figure clustered into the upper left of the page. But over the week I have thought about this sketch several times, remembering the beauty of our model’s pregnant body. The lights flickered as the winds battered the small church house and we drew. Alert to the storm, to life.

Sprout question: What moment this week keeps coming back to you?

Special Notice: I have made a decision. Two Fridays from now on December 3, 2010 I am going to place three of my larger 18 by 24 inch original oil paintings on sale for $950 Canadian over three days. The regular price is $1,200. I am going to introduce the first painting on Friday, the second on Saturday and the third on Sunday. All three will be shown together on Monday December 6, 2010. The sale will end at midnight PST on Monday.  Here is where you come in dear readers. You may want to buy a painting. Or you can tell others about the paintings. If a buyer identifies you as the source of the referral you will receive a $45.00 value gift in cards or a calendar of your choice. (Psst! The referral can even be to your spouse.) The referral gift is for the first referral identified by the buyer and there is only one referral gift per painting sale. The specific three paintings that will go on sale will remain a mystery until the day it is released. However, you are welcome to try to guess by browse some of this year’s paintings HERE. Look carefully though because some paintings are sold and/or are a different size or medium. Terrill-size cyber hugs will be given out for any right guesses.

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16 thoughts on “As the Lights Flickered

  1. Terrill – I don’t know the whys and wherefores behind it, but there’s a knowing of the young woman in your sketch. As in I KNOW her, but I of course don’t.

    Your SALE sounds wonderful!

    Sprout question: What moment this week keeps coming back to you?

    The moment I learned my Dad is in the hospital (he’s much better). That was the trigger for much pondering and many, many choices and decisions.

    • That is how I felt in the moment of sketching too Laurie – this deep knowing and joy.

      I am a little nervous about my SALE idea as I have never done anything quite like this before. But when a person is the artist, the marketer and the gallery owner at the same time, one has to be creative and adventuresome! What is the worse that can happen? A few more people view and ponder over my paintings and they stay in my personal inventory? I can live with that.

    • Oh goodie! Kimberly is guessing already… or maybe wishing:) ?

      Just so you know Only the Sea is already SOLD and in a new home in NYC. Winter Sun has possibilities. It is the right size and the right medium. But no clues. All will be revealed in due time.

      Thank you Kim for being the first to venture into the possibilities.

  2. As always, I am drawn to respond

    to your sketch: honesty,beauty, frankness, humility, humanity

    to your sprout question: My cat requests to go outside. I open the door and am greeted by the black velvet night. Beauty void of form.

  3. Well Terrill, I have every reason to expect a most successful initial venture into painting sale. I do remember that ONLY THE SEA sold and is nearby here in NYC. I will certainly be checking in to see how things proceed, and I have sent this link to some friends who love oil paintings. That’s quite a charcoal you launched this thread with! This week I am thinking of a successful health-related procedure and am moving forward with family and friends. And then with Christmas around the corner, it’s time to focus on some gift decisions and buying.

    Laurie I am very sorry to hear about that hispital stay of your father’s but am relieved to hear everything is better now. My best wishes for a long period of health and medical stability.

    • Sam thank you so much for sharing the link with people who you think may enjoy my work. I truly do appreciate the effort. Your support and admiration has made me blush more than once… with humility, pride and appreciation.

      Good luck with your health-related procedure. I am sending you a wish for full wellness and a speedy recovery.

      Such a great community we have here at Creative Potager. I know Laurie appreciates your thoughts and wishes for her father. Best of the weekend to you Sam.

  4. Terrill, I have been admiring your title about the Lights Flickering in my email. Wondering what you might have written. Imagining you drawing as the power flickers, as the source of light illuminates and brings shadows.

    what a wonderful image of the pregnant woman. Pregnancy fills many women with such an energy that must be challenging to portray. You captured it well. Brought back memories of my own pregnancies.

    • There is this remembering that seems to happen with this sketch. I remember my pregnancies as well. However, I am not sure it is just a woman thing. There was this same kind of reverence, warmth and awe with the male artists drawing this model. I could feel it on our breath in the room. Maybe they were remembering when their wifes were pregnant. It seems indelicate to ask.

    • Well, it would be nice Kathy to have these paintings sale and sail off to good homes. That is my wish. It is always nice to see it find its own place in the world. I believe that once the creating is done, a piece really doesn’t belong to me anymore unless I claim it back. That has happened on occasional and then I say “that piece isn’t for sale.” Mostly my work has sold though. I haven’t kept very good records until now where I have an inventory system and digital images. I am so thankful the advantages of modern technology.

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