Black Friday with a Red Bubble

It is time for the Christmas mice. You thought I was going to say elves didn’t you? The biggest shopping day  in the United States is upon us. Black Friday. One of the largest day for online buyers follows on its heels. Cyber Monday. My Redbubble storefront Christmas mouse has been quick to step up with an announcement of 15% off canvas and framed prints for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the days in between. It is a case of don’t shoot the messenger and give thanks if you were waiting to buy your “perfect image” until just such an opportunity.

Browsing the most popular images from Creative Potager has never been easier. Enjoy.

However, if you are relaxing with family and friends this weekend… and plan to shop for that special gift with-a-whole-lot-less pressure next weekend, I have an exceptional offer on three of my original oil paintings. Here is the scoop.

Next Friday on December 3, 2010 I am going to place three of my larger 18 by 24 inch original oil paintings on sale for $950 Canadian over three days. The regular price is $1,200. I am going to introduce the first painting on Friday, the second on Saturday and the third on Sunday. All three will be shown together on Monday December 6, 2010. The sale will end at midnight PST on Monday.  Here is where you come in dear readers. You may want to buy a painting. Or you can tell others about the paintings. If a buyer identifies you as the source of the referral you will receive a $45.00 value gift in cards or a calendar of your choice. (Psst! The referral can even be to your spouse.) The referral gift is for the first referral identified by the buyer and there is only one referral gift per painting sale. The specific three paintings that will go on sale will remain a mystery until the day it is released. However, you are welcome to try to guess by browse some of this year’s paintings HERE. Look carefully though because some paintings are sold and/or are a different size or medium. Terrill-size cyber hugs will be given out for any right guesses.

I know that some of you have already shared my unique original painting offer and it is awesome to have so much support. Mmmaaawwww!!!!!

Sprout question: What is your favourite story about how others support your creativity?

I hope you enjoyed all the recent snow shots. It is now melting fast. Have a most wonderful weekend.

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24 thoughts on “Black Friday with a Red Bubble

  1. Hey Terrill, you jumped right on to that didn’t ya? Don’t blame you, getting the word out about our products, our art is an art in itself, because it is not something everyday people buy for others, art is usually something we buy for ourselves!

    I am not sure I have a favorite story of how others support my creativity? I am grateful for each and everyone who does, and thrilled when people find my work/creativity without my taking their hand to it!

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Yes I did Jeff and you raise such a good point about how promoting and marketing our art is an art in itself. Though it is wonderful when someone finds and purchases my work who have stumbled upon it by accident, somehow a few crumbs or even a neon red sign seems to improve their chances and delight.

      Jeff’s comment does bring up an interesting point dear readers. After a year of creating paintings and taking photographs, October and November are the months that I settle in and promote my work in earnest. The new 2011 calendars are available, people need cards for Christmas and their is 30% if you buy 16 so you might as well get a few for those birthdays as well. It is lovely to host my original oil paintings on the walls of la casa de inspiracion for a few months but they need to find new homes so I have room for some more…

      I do hope you are thrilled with the opportunities to purchase work that you have loved and admired over the year. Even if it is not in for cards now… at least you know you can.

  2. Terrill – Now there’s a mouse I wouldn’t mind finding in my house. One with a little red bonnet and white apron!

    What is your favorite story about how others support your creativity?

    It would have to be the first time that Sam Juliano pointed to Speaking from the Heart on his blog — Wonders in the Dark — and said, “Laurie Buchanan at Speaking from the Heart continues to pose the most meaningful questions in our lives as a source of self-reflection and enhancement, always stressing the positive at a blogsite that unfailingly enriches all who read it.”

    I nearly fell out of my chair with giddiness!

    • Laurie that mouse has been in my house for years now. She is a cutie and a gift from a special colleague I used to work with who loved Christmas so she gave everyone Christmas decorations at Christmas time.

      Your story Laurie makes me giddy and thrilled for you all over again. I hope Sam drops in today and sees your comment. He is one special guy and it a pleasure to shine a light back to him.

  3. I am here Terrill (and Laurie!) And talk about giddiness, I am blushing here from that lovely reference! Needless to say it has really made my day, and it’s deeply appreciated! I trust the Thanksgiving spirit has reached the Chicago suburbs and Mayne Island with a special intensity, even while in the latter locale the remnants of the area’s first seasonal snowfall are still visible.

    Your art is finally receiving the exposure and promotion it has long deserved, and I’ll certainly be here with my eyes open. I have been urging others by e mail to avail themselves of these treasures and will continue to do so.

    And Laurie Buchanan’s concern and deep generosity in sending on encouragement and ways to maintain optimum health in my life has moved me deeply in the past weeks. She is truly a saint, as Lucille just opined a few days ago.

    • Oh good! Sam now that you are here I want to say that I was truly overwhelmed with humble delight when you did a special feature about me in August that now has a special spot with the other art features in the Wonders in the Dark sidebar under “Sam’s Blogger Tributes.” Your post and the comments that followed are one of the highlights of my creative year.

      And Sam I am so glad that you have availed yourself of Laurie’s expertise. May your health continue to reach its optimum potential. Laurie is a true and shining rare gem.

  4. My favourite story of creative support–I have many.
    Here’s one…
    A few years after my grandfather died, I wrote a short story honouring his memory. I read the piece to my grandma, and my dear, sweet, stoic Icelandic-Canadian grandma cried.
    Well, I was so upset–until Mom explained, “Oh, honey, they’re tears of joy and pride.”

  5. Here’s another…
    I sent an email to internationally known knitwear designer/author Donna Druchunas requesting an interview. Ms. Druchunas has published five books and she’s taught knitting classes all over the United States and Europe. She’s an important person–who am I? Why should she want to be interviewed by me? Did she answer my email? Please visit for the happy conclusion to this story.

    • What a great story Leanne. I shall be over later today to read how it all turns out.

      So much fun hearing about these stories. Nice way to be reminded that we are not alone even if our particular creativity is done alone.

  6. I am a HUGE fan of your writing and your art and love to link, recommend and help find ways to promote to different publics globally. I have been to a lot of little stores on piers up and down the coast of Calif. and can imagine all of your Red Bubble prints for sale in all of them. I wish all of the Costco Stores would have your work. I dream. There is a company where I buy jewelry that sells there called Jewelry at your Doorstep. They have a web that gives the schedules and I see this for your art as well.

    What is your favourite story about how others support your creativity?

    • Kathy I am so grateful for the many people like yourself who share my work with others. I so appreciate your confidence in and pleasure with the pieces. I like how you dream… I am going tuck your ideas into my visioning for the upcoming year. I had never really thought about this level of distribution before. Hum…. fascinating!

  7. oops.. I forgot to post a favourite…

    When I started filmmaking, that first person that believed in my creativity, recommended me to one of her clients she did accounting for. I went to visit him… didn’t have a computer, camera or resume or any film reel to show him my style and expertise. Another person I know also put in the bid that I just felt would get the gig because of her film reel. I did a great interview and let it go. Next day, I got the contract which included a computer and camera as well as pay to be able to survive the shoot. It was a prideful day when I could give that accountant a copy of the finished product.

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