High Tide

Saturday was a bright day with patches of blue providing the perfect background for puffy snow clouds. We decided to go for a walk but the water was too high to get onto the beaches.

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It was beautiful just the same with a fresh new view of a familiar scene.


Sprout question: What recent change has given you a new view?


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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada


12 thoughts on “High Tide

  1. Terrill – The combination of blues in the photograph is breathtaking!

    Sprout question: What recent change has given you a new view?

    Quite literally…with all of the leaves off our front tree I can sit at my desk and see the sky.

    • I can appreciate how much you enjoy the sky from your desk Laurie. These changes can be quite dramatic. You may remember Laurie a few years ago when I lived in the Pedder Bay community. In the winter I had an ocean view once the leaves were off the trees.

  2. Very beautiful blues, indeed! What recent change has given a new view? I feel something relaxing in me…I feel space building around activity. There seems to be a rhythmic balance which is coming forth now. It feels good.

    • Kathy sometimes after snow or rain our skies are so incredibly clear. The haze of pollution or smoke from forest fires that keep the sky from its brilliance is gone. Good to hear you have that feeling of relaxing and space building. Have you resolved your computer issue or are solutions presenting themselves yet?

  3. Great photo!

    Sprout question: What recent change has given you a new view?

    My 18 year old son contemplating moving 6 hours away has definitely made me look at our relationship differently. It’s given me more patience and an intense desire to be near him more often. We laugh more. Cherish the time you have.


  4. Now we are having colder wearther and the branchs of the trees are common place this gives a new view of familier sights we see everyday.
    The Patterns the branches the trees do make now the leaves have gone,
    Snow would be a complete change and some parts of UK are experiencing heavy falls earlier this year, though if you paint a wintery tree then what does it look like in the Hot air of summer,I think most people want a summery scene!

    • I suppose Chris there is a desire for more summer than winter paintings. Maybe it depends how much of the year you have snow or the tones of the painting. When I was in North Central British Columbia I painted a lot of winter scenes. We often had snow from the first week of November through the end of April. Snow paintings depicted our reality. Here not so much so. More of a novelty. By the way, I have been noticing an increasing number of sea and tree paintings showing up on your blog. Are you getting ready for another show or just in the flow?

  5. Standing by the edge of the water and looking toward the horizon–I’m there.

    What recent changes have given me a new view?

    So many things…

    1) The snow came and I thought, it’s that beautiful. The world was a winter wonderland. Then it started melting and it was like a large weight was lifted from my shoulders.
    2)The pulblishing delay of my book has allowed me to become creatively engaged in my blog–I’m having tons of fun.
    I could continue, but I think that’s enough for now.

    Fun visiting you, as always.

    • I can see you there too Leanne… any closer and you will get your toes wet 🙂 This sounds like a great time of transition for you with the polishing and shining happening on The Sweater Curse, your sweater contest and the new books actual release. The blog looks sensational and I see you have your latest interview with Rosemary Hill posted today. Congratulations Leanne.

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