Red Bowl

Before I share with you my experience with the red bowl, let’s be clear about this week’s intention. This week, I shall finish up the three paintings I have underway.

The first of these is breaking through or “the big one” posted in A Week Painting.

The second is the forest and the third is orange sea both of which were posted this past Friday in Hot Coals.

I have one more canvas I can begin if the spirit moves me. Then it will require a shopping trip to continue.

Now about the red bowl

Last week I started a six week photography e-course with Kat Sloma from The Kat Eye View.  I first met Kat through her comments on Creative Potager. When I read her e-course description I knew this e-course was for me. Here is the first paragraph…

Photography is art, and like any other art, is an expression of the heart and soul of the artist.  In digital photography, the camera and computer become tools for creative expression the same way paints and brushes are tools for painters. But learning the tools alone does not help you find your eye and express your heart and soul; it can only be the starting point.  You have to learn to dive deeper into experiencing the environment around you and understand what calls to you in order to develop a unique photographic style of your own.

(by Kat Sloma. More about the e-course here.)

Her first exercise has to do with understanding how light can affect your subject. For this exercise I chose a bowl where the inside is red. Flickr is the format I am using for the Finding Your Eye e-course photojournal. You are welcome to check out my before and after images of the red bowl in different lighting at Bowls – finding my eye entry 1. All ten images are of the same red bowl.

I know I said I am going to focus more on painting than photography this year. However, I am taking the liberty of adjusting as the creative spirit moves me. I have decided it likely going to be a both/and year – Both painting and photography.

On that note, here is my favourite photograph from the past few days.

Alder in the Sun

(image may be purchased here.)


The Fallen

(image may be purchased here.)


Sprout question: In what direction is your creative spirit moving you this week?


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34 thoughts on “Red Bowl

  1. Your photography class sounds very interesting… and I enjoyed the ten bowls on Flickr where I left a comment and picked a fave. Thanks for sharing that. It is very inspiring.

    One of our most enjoyable educational experience has been the IMAX movie in Victoria… “Van Gogh, Brush with Genius.” Since we got seasons tickets this year for IMAX, we have seen it twice and will try to see it once more this week before its last showing on January 20. If I ever taught a class in painting I would use incorporate this movie into the program. Not only is the subject relevant, but the creativity in the production and the photography are outstanding. Both Shirley and I have been blogging about it.

    My creative spirit is moving me this week to build a model of our house and garage, with the proposed addition we plan to build this year. We will connect our house to the garage with a carport that will have a studio and loft above. The model will help us to visualize just how it will all come together… how the roof lines will tie together or not, depending on what looks best.

    • Good morning Sherwin 🙂 I have thought about seeing the “Van Gogh, Brush with Genius” but it is not going to happen. I will be slipping over to Shirley and your blogs to see what you have to say. It sounds incredible and I have heard so many good things about the film.

      Your creative spirit has me busy imagining just how you are going to get all this to work. I think it is going to be amazing! I am guessing that the way it will all be situated you will be less distracted by that incredible view you have from the house. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

  2. great photographs as always Terrill ,
    In what direction is your creative spirit moving you this week?
    i have been going around in circles a bit.
    Now that I am back from my holiday I have been trying to settle back into a productive schedule. I am not one who is moved by creative inspiration to work. So keeping a regular schedule is important for me as an artist.

    • Ah yes Jerry, a creative schedule is one of the most sure ways to extend our creativity into a fruitful practice. Your abilities are an excellent example of what can result. Good luck with again establishing a schedule that works for you. Good to see you here too 🙂

  3. I love that you are “adjusting as the creative spirit moves you.” We have to follow our creative spirit, or it will just up and leave us. 🙂 Thanks so much for the nice words about my class.

    My creative spirit is letting me rest right now. I don’t have a clear direction, it is a time for sitting back and seeing what emerges. Creating space for something new.

    Lovely trees! It makes me miss the Pacific NW, but I will be back soon enough. 🙂

    • You are most welcome Kat. My creative spirit is such a constant friend and great company that I am always inclined to let her lead the way. All the best with creating space for something new.

      I always find it intriguing how we can miss someplace else when we are on in one place but if we go to that place we miss the one we have just left. I wonder if human beings are genetically designed to yearn for what is not in front of them?

  4. The bowl photos are so intriguing. I was enchanted by how the colour (and the inner design of the bowl) are changed so drasticaly by light.
    I’ve been (internally) complaining that I’ve no time to work on my new manuscript. My weeks have been very full with activities around the promotion of my new book–The Sweater Curse. Today was to be non-stop, action packed then a surprise cancellation started a domino effect and I finally have time.
    What is my creative spirit shouting while she jumps up and down, waving her hands? You guessed it–WRITE.
    I also have knitting and an interview to work on. We’ll see were my energy goes.
    I also like your tree photos–especially alder in the sun. They look like ladies at a fancy dress ball swaying to the music.

  5. Love this Red Bowl. Looks like a new continent the way the light is striking it. . . . like a merger between North and South America, or maybe Africa.

    Thanks for the sprout Q too. I almost set sail on yet another week of “To Do List” navigation – before checking my creative pulse – glad I checked in here early. I’d “planned” to slog through the trenches of techie social media stuff today (or worse yet start organizing my taxes, ug). Reading your post brought me to my creative senses. Too often “intention” takes the back seat to self-imposed “obligation” for me – doing what I think I need to “DO” rather than what I have desire for being connected with.

    I appreciate so much the beacon of light from your creative intent and commitment to it. Your actions inspire me to take action from my own inner knowing!

    And so instead of doing anything I’d planned, I’ve spent the morning playing w/my creative muse over at the sandbox – something I have been promising my photos I would do.

    I am quite enjoying this liason with creative mind merge Terrill. Look forward to catching up w/you at the end of the week – have a good one.

    • Alison you are fast becoming a regular Creative Potager community member here and I always look forward to hearing from you. I write my post from the my own centre of learning and it is always a delightful bonus when others find them useful as well. Have fun over in your flick sandbox. If you like Alison, feel free to leave us a link so we can come and see why kinds of interesting things you are playing with.

  6. Love “Alder in the Sun” and the Red Bowl is wonderful creative fodder. Re photography v. painting, I liken this to my personal “divide” re poetry v. fiction v. nonfiction and relate to your feelings about the need to nurture various art forms.

    So per your sprout question, Terrill —

    My creative spirit, this week, is moving me in the direction of “inclusion” … as opposed to “exclusion” … and also in the direction of standing still for a while to truly absorb the beauty of the moment. With that in mind, First Light is enjoying an “extended run” in SunnyRoomStudio @ until Sat or Sunday! Thanks again for sharing your creative spark in my sunny space for kindred spirits.

    Wonder if a poem could be inspired by the Red Bowl … hmmm, sounds intriguing!

    Have a colorful week!

  7. Terrill – You’ve thrown down the gauntlet for a week of completion, with a bonus carrot dangled for fun (one more canvas I begin if the spirit moves me). You’ve sets your sights high. Whew!

    I went out and viewd “Bowls – finding my eye entry 1.” I can tell you right now that unless you’d said otherwise, I would have sworn the last three bowls were not the same bowl as the first seven. WOW, does lighting ever make a difference.

    I like that the guidelines you established for this year are fluid. I very much resonate with your words, “I am taking the liberty of adjusting as the creative spirit moves me.” Ah yes, that feels good to me (as Life Path 5’s, we do love our freedom).

    “Alder in the Sun” and “The Fallen” are both exquisite.

    Sprout question: In what direction is your creative spirit moving you this week?

    Up and at ’em!

    • I have no doubt that you are “Up and at em!” Laurie. Yes, almost any profile of my character will identify my strong need for freedom and flexibility. I actually start to squirm when someone tries to hold on to me even through conversation – doesn’t have to be physical though I do have these visceral memories from being a child and adults trying to pick me up and hold on to me. Mom said I would sit quiet happily on someone’s need if they just ignored me and let me come by the idea by myself. I know you too recognize the life of living as a free spirit – not always easy but one-hell-of-a-ride! AND it is never dull.

  8. Leanne – I bought it too. I bought it too. I bought the Kindle edition of The Sweater Curse. I’m going to plunge into it right after I finish reading my current Kindle book. And I’m very excited about it, too!

  9. Terrill – Alison hit the nail on the head when she wrote about you: “She has an uncanny way of totally side stepping the cyber barrier and creating tea-sipping intimacy with her posts.”

    That’s high praise, indeed!

  10. fascinating and sounds like a fun class
    my creative directions are finishing a book for review that is most interesting and cleverly written, and taking on the word diabetes, which has cost me my health insurance coverage…I need to be creative in explaining to my Dr. why that word is easy for her and the ins. company, but holds so many cliffs for me to cross which interferes with my healing. how to teach the difference and why it is important….easy for ins. companies becomes a living hell for others. I have been there and done that already, when I was put in “special ed” in grade school – that has followed me all the way to Grad. school and closed many doors….

    • Patricia I am sorry to about losing your health insurance coverage. As a Canadian, I am shocked that such a thing would even happen. Diabetes is common and so many things can be done with diet and such that it hardly raises an eyebrow unless it is diagnosed in young children. You may want to have a conversation with Laurie from Holessence who comments here regularly. Her healing and wellness talents are well known in the Creative Potager community. You will find her on her Speaking from the Heart blog or if you email me at I can connect you up directly. I have known Laurie online for many years now. She is a talented, genuine, passionate healer and wellness expert. Good luck with creating your healing space and your wellness plan. Names only have power over us if we give them such.

  11. “Alder in the Sun” is gorgeous, as are all the others. It’s amazing to see such prolific accomplishment from you, and how far you have come in just a matter of months.

    This week, I’ve been devoting my attention to the illustrations in children’s literature. I am thinking now in your terms my very good friend.

    • Thanks Sam!

      This week we slipped off to Victoria B.C. and attended the IMAX theatre for the most impressive Van Gogh brush with Genius I will say a bit more when I comment on your next Monday Dairy post over at Wonders in the Dark. While we were in town we went to a couple of art galleries. At the new Madrona Gallery we got to see a 3 X 4 foot acrylic painting by Karel Doruyler of the same subject matter except in a denser forest as the one I am working on. His skill with light is outstanding. The work I saw was Thoughts of Summer. Doruyler has developed a heavily textured approach so that the tree trunks are raised of the surface of the painting. He has been painting professionally for 40 years and is now 70 years old. His work leaves me such sense of possibility for my own continued development as an artist.

  12. Terrill – Thank you for that high praise.

    Patricia – I’m a Holistic Health Practitioner, Board Certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. My private practice is in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

    Please feel free to contact me directly via email at and I’ll gladly do my best to provide you with information and/or point you in a beneficial direction. You can additionally visit my website at

    • Thank you Terrill, I am glad that it took a few days to respond – I got a lovely letter off to my physician that truly says clearly what I want to say. and I see Laurie’s response and will click over to her site next.
      Thank you both.

      this has been a big part of my life journey, but I did not expect to be cut down so quickly – only took them a year. Then after the vote in congress yesterday I think I will be knocked out again for Medicare – what next ?
      What amazes me is that I am one of those middle class folks that are very intelligent and clever and the “system” is still bulldozing. I do have a great Naturopath/acupuncturist and a woman who does energy medicine in Dublin, Ireland has just opened up shop here in Olympia. I feel a bit broken today but not alone.

      I just have decided at 60 to just “put it out there” if that is being sincere well then I guess it is 🙂 but maybe it is just being loose?

  13. I know Terrill – and that was very considerate. I posted it because I’m very comfortable with everyone in the Creative Potager community. You’ve got a Blue Ribbon variety of visitors that frequent your garden.

    • I couldn’t agree more Laurie!!!! This is a spectacular creative-winning-potager community we have here… and you are one of the most consistent blooming and hardy contributors of all. Nothing seems to stop you from putting on a show of lushes colour and intrigue in reply to each post.

  14. Terrill,

    You would have thought I would have jumped right on this one! And here it is days and days past that I now take the opportunity to take a “real” look at this blog. I also visited your “flicker ” page as well.
    I am glad you have taken this photography e-course. I have done a lot of this work on my own, it is a way to experience and to understand how your camera works as well as the play of different reflections and light sources. Red is a difficult color to get correct, it is either over or under expose in my case. I wish you luck and have fun with this source of learning.

    • Jeff I am learning a lot. I am one of those people that dive right in and then go back to learn fundamentals as I find I have a need for them. So two years after having my digital camera I am now reading the “advanced options” and “customizing the camera” sections. I still don’t think I will be able to keep how to manually set aperture between my ears long enough to use it but I shall give it a shot!

      Thanks so much for coming by… you are never to late to a blog – that is the beauty of blogging.

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