Soft light

Today heavy clouds filter the sun into a perpetual dawn. With rain tapping the roof now and again, I sleep late. No harm done – at least none that I have noticed. I remember our walk yesterday afternoon with its scattered clouds and soft light.

Walking a coastal trail…

Often looking towards the view but not going out to admire. We are smoked in. It seems as if someone is burning brush.

It is so pleasant under the trees. The air is heavy and still as we walk quietly through the soft light.

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Sprout question: How are you embracing what the day has to offer?


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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada


8 thoughts on “Soft light

  1. Terrill – Your photographs prove that you live smack-dab in the middle of some of the most gorgeous eye candy on this planet. Even a cloud laden day can’t take away from it.

    Sprout question: How are you embracing what the day has to offer?

    I started the day at the fitness center and spent my first 15-minutes on a piece of equipment that simulated sheer-faced mountain climbing (then I moved along to more civilized pieces of equipment for the remaining 45 minutes). But it was a great heart-pumping way to launch and embrace the day.

    • How invigorating Laurie. Sounds like a powerful way to seize the day!

      Yesterday’s walk was extra special in its stillness and unusually warm soft light. It is the kind of moment where I feel that my breath and the breath of the earth are one and the same. There is no artificial sensory separation. It lasted for the whole hour and a half we were walking. Just beautiful!

  2. Yes Terrill, it’s the kind of rapturous environment that you want to slowly enter, one that you want to dwell on and savor over. Looks like the temperature then, is moderate.

    As we prepare for yet another late night-to early morning snow in the NYC area (the fifth one in fact, since winter officially began just a few weeks ago) we are bracing for another dire prospect of a delayed opening, or even a shotdown for tomorrow. Ironically enough, with this talk of seasonal beauty (and color just recently) I developed a writing assignment based on one of the most beautiful of all picture books, “Red Sings in Treetops: A Year in Colors” by poet Joyce Sidman; illustrations by Pamela Zagarenski.

    The cover is beautiful, with the emphasis of red, and eye-pleasings pastels, rendered in rich tones.

    • Sam, the temperatures were very mild and smelled of spring. We were only wearing sweaters and mitts. The book you have listed for us is amazing. I went to the link and peeked inside. Wonderful way to explore colour. Good luck with navigating your snowstorm. I am thinking we may not get much more here this year but you never know. The snowdrops are up and I saw a robin the other day. There are buds on some of the trees too. All sure signs that we are close to breaking the back of winter here on the southwest coast of Canada.

  3. So enjoyed your walking pictures here and hope that I can get some good country walks in soon, especially with puppy. I am walking in an old neighborhood right now and about the time carpools are headed off to schools and then home again. It is also my think time where I piece together those rambling ideas in my head – sometimes manifesting into posts on my blog. This morning we caught the edge of the rain, with big slow blobby droplets tapping our heads and coats. Wasn’t quite enough to put the hood up – just enjoy.

    Thank you for sharing your path

    • Thank you for sharing your word-picture Patricia. I feel like I was on that walk with you.

      Right now it is so dark out that I have the studio like on at 3:15 pm. I think a daylight lamp is in order. But I do so like painting by natural like. We shall see.

  4. I agree with Laurie Terrill, you do live in heaven – and wearing only sweaters and mits. . .in January – in a latitude farther north (much farther north) them me, now that’s just not fair. Each picture you send calls to me more deeply than the last. Someday, soon I hope, I will visit.

    As for how I am embracing what the day has to offer, well, let me say this about that. We were embracing the opposite ends of the spectrum during this full moon, you and I. I was up and rarin to go at 3 AM, YES,that’s correct threeeeeeeeeeeeeee O’Clock in the morning. I did not sleep in, as did you. And like you I agree, no harm done, rather a great gift of focus bestowed upon me for my new blog series on mindfulness, which starts on Monday.

    However after 4 hours of good work at the computer, I cut a deal with the angles of sleep. Me and the cat hit the rack for a little more shut eye and didn’t rise till nearly 10. A good start to the day had by all!!

    • Alison your last night was my night a few days ago. That moon, I tell ya! Good to see you just went for it and got right into the productive swing of things. I am looking forward to reading your new blog series Alison and will try to drop by on Monday.

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