Sunday Morning

 Inspired by Dashin’s post SUNDAY THOUGHT and last evening’s walk.

 Sunday Morning

A raven speaks of valley news while small birds warble their fragments of gossip.

Sweet, warm air rides the sun in through the studio window.

My coffee cools.

Best of Sunday too you!

Sprout question: What is your Sunday Thought?

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

  1. My Sunday thought ,hmmm well being a bit selfish I hope the week will not be as difficult as i fear it might, sometimes our worse fears get magnified and the worse things never happen, but this particular coming week may have personal consequences.
    But long as the creative spirit moves to inspire and there is paint and something to paint I shall paint on;-)
    Trying to end on a positive thought: From what is within goes out into the world.

    • Chris glad you could drop in. I challenge you to keep imagining a positive outcome to your week while being prepared for the worse. This stance has allowed me to step into my fears many times. Because when I really examine the worse, I often see how it could happen but also is not likely to happen. Then I bunker up my most positive outcome with practical steps and away I go. So I wish for you a positive outcome that is beyond your wildest dreams. Good Luck! Terrill

      p.s. and either way, let us know how it turns out.

  2. Sunday in these parts gives us some freedom to do things that we are hard-pressed to do during the week Terrill! Ha!

    And what about THIS Sunday? I cut the lawn, escorted the family to visit my 80 year-old father (as we do every Sunday) and then a trip to the cinema. What’s that? Ha! We saw BRIDESMAIDS, a film I must recommend for a number of reasons. It’s really a hoot!

    • I am on my way over this morning Sam. I missed last week and don’t want that to happen again! Your Sunday sounds amazing Sam. Sunday’s are one of my most favourite days of the week. After writing this poem David and I caught a ferry and spent the day in Sidney where he bought me a new summer dress and we had lunch by the water – most pleasant!

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  4. Terrill – What a delightful surprise to find a BONUS blog from you! I’m a day late because Len and I were on bicycles almost (not quite) all day yesterday. Subsequently, we had an almost (not quite) computer free day.

    I love what your poem and photograph [create together]. And it’s equally effective day — pulls my heart strings.

    Sprout question: What is your Sunday thought?


    • Hey Laurie I figure you might be out on your bikes yesterday. I have another poem for you today. Don’t know quiet what well they have been chilling in but fun to find in my creative bucket just the same. I there is a word or two missing in your fourth line and I can’t seem to guess what it is. If you tell me I shall add it in for you.

      I hope that “Wheeeeeeee” Laurie was you screaming down a long hill coasting effortlessly with the wind in your grinning face while catch bugs with your teeth 🙂

      • Terrill – My fingers were flying faster than my brain this morning. What I meant to say was,

        “I love what your poem and photograph create together. And it’s equally effective today (Monday) a day late — it pulls my heart strings.”

        Yes, the Wheeeeeeeee was me screaming down the hills lickity-split!

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