Seasoned Drama Queen

Enjoying one of life’s great mysteries as no two days at the beach are ever  the same. 

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Seasoned Drama Queen

Old sandstones baked on the reef until lustfully sultry,

while awaiting the sea’s caress.

Together with the sky’s blue,

these three perform like a seasoned drama queen,

making so much out of so little.

Sprout question: What sensory experience has your creative juices flowing?

STUDY OF BLUE  solo exhibition opens Thursday June 30, 2011.

© 2011 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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FromMayne Island,British Columbia,Canada

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10 thoughts on “Seasoned Drama Queen

  1. Terrill – Oh, I love it! “…making so much out of so little.”

    Sprout question: What sensory experience has your creative juices flowing?

    SMELL — I was working with our climbing roses this morning. They haven’t actually bloomed yet (they’re getting ready to burst), but the smell definitely stirs the creative pot!

  2. A dear friend of mine’s daughter died suddenly this week, I do not have the story yet, and left 2 young children – and a great deal of sorrow and grief as she was a shining star kind of person.

    I sent words and prayers to my friend and then went out and about where this stunning columbine caught my eye – royal deep purple outer leaves, white cup and very yellow stamine – It’s name is Remembrance. I bought one for my friend’s garden and one for me.

    I tucked it in a columbine spot under the liberty apple tree….so I can see it from my office window – visual reminder

    This morning I got up and the deer had eaten away a huge piece of the apple tree and every tomato plant is gone and the columbine are flowerless….the visual has now made the pain so real.

    enjoyed your poetry this morning and stunning photograph Thank you for sharing/ thank you for asking

    • Patricia I am sorry to here about your loss – all of them. I remember when David had his stroke, I came home for the first time in two weeks to find two deer sleeping on the lawn and the garden devoured. I don’t think I have felt so terribly defeated sense. Made me hungry for deer steak. Fortunately for the deer I had no deer tag and hunting is not allowed except by special permit here on the island. May your tomorrow dawn a brighter day Patricia. In the mean time, know that nothing last forever, not even the bad times – it just sometimes feels like it.

  3. Ummm has a real Celtic feel to it this one.

    My creative juices are flowing in the kitchen right now. Creating wonderfully delicious food that nourishes body and soul seems to be my hearts desire as the season turns to supplying fresh garden goodies.

  4. the ma-ma-ma-mahvelous mauve double blooming lilac in the shady,lady dappled yard with the creek talking to me in time say ” breath deep and take the plunge!”

    • Welcome to Creative Potager Kat:) I can smell those lilacs from here. Glad you dropped in to leave a few words.

      Dear readers, Kat Wahamaa and I go back far more years than we need to mention. She is a singer, song writer, activist, program designer, leader and brilliant woman with a wild and warm sense of humour. “White Water Girl” on this CBC playlist is one of my personal favourites of her songs Enjoy!

  5. Lately it has been sound, sound, sound, sound, sound. I actually started spontaneously responding to a question with a song the other day, something I haven’t done in years. When the children and I were feeding ducks, I found my daughter and I imitating Canadian geese and revelled in their unique sound.

    Fascinating. Thank you for the question!

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