Have a Seat

The sun slips low against the horizon as I stroll to the ferry docks on our neighbouring island – Galiano. Ambling into the Sturdies Bay waiting area in the softening light, with it windows squared to meet the sea, I sigh.  It is a most lovely evening.

(image may be purchased here.) p.s. I particularly like this as a card. 

Have the most wonderfully delightful weekend!

Sprout question: What might you be squaring up to meet?

STUDY OF BLUE  solo exhibition opens Thursday June 30, 2011.

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia,Canada

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16 thoughts on “Have a Seat

    • Kim if you travel – what did you figure it was – 2,300 miles? to pick up your painting you can take it home on any day after the opening night of the exhibition. You do not need to wait until the end of the show which is generally what I ask. It is lovely here this time of year and the ferry ride is very much part of the experience.

      For those thinking of making the trip, a while back I posted about how to get here from Vancouver or Victoria, if you are coming this may be a good place to start https://creativepotager.wordpress.com/2011/06/03/port-of-call-%E2%80%93-mayne-island . It is best to book your accommodation in advance especially if it is a long weekend. At those times we can end up with every renting bed on the island filled with a happy island guest.

  1. “Windows squared to meet the sea.” I love it!

    Sprout question: What might you be squaring up to meet?

    I’m squaring up to leave in a few minutes for my annual checkup.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Laurie I am giggling because I was feeling kinda pleased with myself for that phrase as well and I anticipated your response as I put it in the post. Sometimes the simplest arrangements of words make the best word pictures. All the best on that check up but I am guessing you are as “healthy as a horse” – something my grandmother used to say. Must have had something to do with reliable transportation. I wonder, does anyone know the history of this saying… Daisy might.

  2. I don’t know if I am squaring up for anything…I am too busy vacuuming into the corners, dusting and making menu plans for the arrival of the Danish family….I am taking them on a sail boat ride, picnic lunch on Monday the 20th, my daughter’s birthday, so they can see Puget Sound – I do have my fingers crossed for some sunshine

    I love to ride our island ferries.

    Thank you for sharing

    • Patricia by now the corners will be dust free and the menu planned and you shall be looking at your sparkling shiny home with the discerning eye of someone expecting special company. I can see you smiling knowing your warmth is far more important than your physical space yet pleased that it is looking its best. I too will put in a wish for sunshine when you guests are here.

  3. Love the Stylish Blogger Award here — what a great fit! And so well deserved. Re the squared windows, very poetic. Hmmm. Not sure how that plays into what’s going on here, except to say I’m planting mums this afternoon and will be checking on my mother over on the Missouri River. Luckily, she doesn’t live in the area that is flooding, but many of her friends do … we moved one of her 82 year old friends last week in 2 days. So hard on the elderly. My high school friend was SD’s governor for the past 8 years … and after leaving office, he built a new house on the river. Had only lived there 5 months and now house is taking on water. Some beautiful homes completely lost … well, here’s to the ups and downs of life, may we take it all in stride … remembering good days are ahead. And, June 30th, is drawing near — will be such a big day for you, Terrill. Congrats again on your solo exhibit forthcoming. –Daisy

    • Thank you Daisy and may that darn river start to behave itself. The Stuart river at my parent’s place is coming over the banks as well. There house has never flooded but the water has come within 3 feet before. There is a draw behind the house that fills with water and a point of land that often gets covered. One of the benefits is the river silt keeps building up and is very fertile. Which is fine as long as the homes and outbuildings stay dry… and you are not counting on that land for pasture.

  4. Looks aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesomely relaxing. I love the way you captured the light hitting the chairs.

    Me, I’m off on a road trip to Pittsburg for 4 days to Gaze with Braco and then on to Indianapolis to do the same. It’s a quick trip but I’m most looking forward to it:)

  5. Hi Terrill,
    I’m squaring up t o do more gardening tomorrow. Today’s outing to Piggott Bay at low tide, our buckets in hand, was longer and more meandering than usual. We found some curiously shaped and coloured rocks among the Mayne Island sandstone. We brought them home to accentuate the plants in our garden.
    Later, we moved some tiny poppy plants from some of the beds to a better home in hanging flower boxes in our bell garden.
    Did you know we have three fence-in gardens? We love the deer population but there are some plants we prefer to keep for ourselves. Our three gardens are the bell garden, where we grow tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, lettuce, radishes and carrots, as well as many lovely flowers. Our Fairy Garden is an enchanting place filled with ferns, cedar trees, daisies, and threaded through with a stone path. The grandchildren have their little table and chairs there, and love to sweep the pathways and make things with flowers and shells. Our third garden, the newest, is the Froggy Garden, where we’re growing strawberries, raspberries, peas, squash, sunflowers, and again, many, many flowers.
    I plan to transplant more poppies, sweet peas and nasturtiums tomorrow.

    • Amber so wonderful to see your comment here on Creative Potager. By the way, congratulations on your new book Mayne Island Skeletons! I can just imagine how much fun you had gathering stones and then deciding which garden to put them in. Your grandchildren must just love the fairy garden. My own garden has been terribly neglected this spring as I finish up the last of the preparations for my show but I am looking forward to planting the winter garden and more bulbs for next spring. We do have salad greens, radishes, peas, carrots, 3 beets, and 6 tomato plants growing so it is not a complete bust… but close 🙂

  6. Galiano, eh. That’s an interesting name for your neighboring island Terrill. I imagine it’s named after somebody of course, perhaps an original inhabitant. What a breathtaking view from the ferry! Yes it would make a beautiful card.

    I’m preparing to meet the students who have signed for the summer program I teach from June 27th until August 6th tomorrow. The good thing is that the program is geared toward the “gifted and talented.”

    Enjoy what’s left of the weekend my friend!

    • You are right Sam, Galiano Island is named after the Spanish explorer Dionisio Alcalá Galiano, who explored the area in 1792. Here is a link to a short history http://www.gulfislandsguide.com/history/galiano-island-history As see, Mayne Island and Galiano Island are like close siblings in the group of southern gulf islands. We gaze at each other frequently as we go about our daily island living.

      I see you are keeping the teaching balls in the air for an extended period this summer. You are an inspiration Sam for doing what you love to do. All the best with it.

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