An invitation to buy a painting

I am as giddy as a bee nose-first in a newly opened rose. Only 18 more sleeps.

Yes, I am inviting you to my art opening on June 30th at 7:00 pm. Yes, I would love to see you. Yes, I will give you a glass of wine, slivers of local cheeses along with dozen other tasty nibbles and a personal tour of my work. Yes, I have made it possible for you to buy these paintings online without coming to my solo exhibition STUDY of BLUE. It is a big world. Not all of you can travel the distance to arrive here on Mayne Island. I do this because I am selling my paintings. This is my personal invitation to you. I am inviting you to buy one of my original oil paintings. There you have it – right smack dab between the eyes 🙂

No matter how carefully a gallery or artist dresses up an invitation to an art exhibition, the price tag always seems to be visible. Yet, we both know the paintings must be sold, if not today, then someday. This is the practical side of Art.

To be practical something must be straight forward and if possibly – easy. Therefore, I am going to make it as easy as possible for you to research and decide on a painting to buy. I have prepared a special post on my gallery site which includes an essential link to all of the painting images with a “buy button,” a link to the price list, a link to tips for buying original paintings and a link to directions. If you need anything else, let me know and I will be glad to assist.

Ah! There! It wasn’t so bad was it? At least I hope it wasn’t. It had better not have been. Maybe it was? Oh heck Terrill! Just click post.

Please feel free to share with others who love and collect art, in particular original oil paintings.

Sprout question: What creative reality is hitting you smack dab between the eyes?

STUDY OF BLUE solo exhibition opens Thursday June 30, 2011.

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14 thoughts on “An invitation to buy a painting

  1. Terrill,

    Well that is putting right out there for everyone to get a clear idea of what you are up too! Good for you. You have made it as easy as possible!
    I am sure your exhibit will be a success! Being surrounded by your energy to create and the energy of blue to keep people calm and receptive!

    • Jeff it is. Oh I hesitated, stalled, worried and then finally said “self – you can do this.” And then I did. Seeing your comment first up this morning has me smiling knowing that it is a post that will settle in its right place. Thank you for your support Jeff and for being part of the good energy behind this exhibition.

    • Thank you Maureen. I hope to take some photographs of the show once it is up. The Oceanwood is a gorgeous setting. It is always wonderful to sell my paintings and this show is already a success with three paintings selling as part of the pre-sales for the show. All other paintings that find new homes are in the bonus category of show success. One thing I keep in mind is that Van Gogh, our most world-wide loved painter, only sold one painting in his lifetime. One. Monet and the impressionist painters where greatly ridiculed when their works were first shown. So with these great artists peering over my shoulder, I am reminded to paint what must be painted and then show with detached clarity.

  2. Way to go Terrill, I love people who shoot straight from the hip!

    Sprout question: What creative reality is hitting you smack dab between the eyes?

    It just so happens that yesterday I taught crystal therapy 101 (specific to the sacral chakra) and had to keep an audience fully engaged during the process. It’s my job to make the learning process as painless as possible. That means transferring knowledge in creative ways — outside the box.

    • Oh Laurie from what I have seen on you blog posts, I am not sure you have a box to get inside of when it comes to the creative brilliance of presenting and teaching. I am sure your audience left with just what they needed and little more than they expected. Thank you for being here for my straight-shooting post. I feel very brave knowing you are smiling and shouting your support 🙂

  3. What a lovely invitation — enticing, eventful, excellent! Will browse around. I appreciate how you help those of us who don’t know “art, per se” to find our way in this wilderness of beauty. Now get some rest before the big day … I am confident everything is ready for your shining moment in the sun. With gratitude, Daisy

    • Wise words Daisy – “now get some rest before the big day…” Today is my last round of invites and promotion. I like to have a breather from promotional activities before a show so that the opening event is all visiting and enjoying of those who are able to come. An opening is a celebration after all. I still have a couple of small tasks but like you say Daisy everything is ready. By the way, I super enjoyed your most recent post “Across a blank page” with guest Bill Kenower at . A wonderful addition to your Sunny Room Studio.

  4. Oh what a lovely invitation – would that I could…I am enjoying

    smack between the eyes Getting Wise Ears up and running so I have something to sell 🙂

    • Patricia it is going to happen. I can feel it in my bones. One day you will be posting a comment here inviting us all over to have a look at your “Getting Wise Ears.” I look forward to being one of the first to jog over and congratulate you.

  5. Well written Terrill.
    My creative reality: Turning–my work in progress–is getting ready to walk out the door. I loved writing this book. It was truly a labour of love.
    Today, I finally wrote the blurb (You can read it by visiting my blog: It’s on the side bar.) After writing it I thought–with some suprise, a little delight, and a smidgen of disappointment–I’ve almost reached the final scene.
    I know there will be other books, but…
    Ah, life.

    • Leanne let me remind readers to look in the “sidebar” on your blog. I had to come back and read your directions twice because the first time I went sipping off thinking it was a new post. Congratulations on almost being to the end of writing Turning. I have some idea how you feel as I finish painting the edges of my paintings and prepare to send them on their way. A letting go is necessary and I believe you do it well.

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