Early September Walk

How about a long walk? We haven’t been on one together for awhile. It is a warm afternoon and getting close to dinner time so it should be peaceful out on the point. Doesn’t that sound like a great idea?

I knew you would be game. Shall we?

(This image is available for purchase here.)

The arbutus trees are particularly intriguing this time of year….

as their bark splits and peels back to another layer of beauty underneath.

Then there are David’s trees.

“Oh look at this. Have you taken a photo of these yet?”

I hadn’t. So I did.

A quiet ledge. Now this seems to be perfectly designed for a Creative Potager moment. Ahhhhh.

(This image is available for purchase here.)

Then there is this particular arbutus tree! I don’t know how many times I have tried to get it just right in a photograph. Maybe this time. What do you think?

(This image is available for purchase here.)

Well that is it for the sunny west side of our late afternoon September walk. Time to cross over to the dark side. Can you hear the surf through the trees? It won’t take long.

  (This image is available for purchase here.)

The air is still humid and warm with hardly a whisper of relief off the water. The sky is clear. Yet the sea is dark and hugs the shadows along the shore.

(This image is available for purchase here.)

A bit of a puzzle isn’t it?

Time to head for home. We have been over an hour and a half. It is a good thing we brought our water bottles.


As long fingers of fog are blown into our open windows this morning, I shiver and begin closing out the cool dampness. Then I remembered the sea from our walk on the weekend.

(This image is available for purchase here.)

Remember that the late afternoon was warm and humid with hardly a wisp of breeze off the water? Yet, the sea frothed and boiled as it slammed up against the sandstone shore? Now we know why. Fall is here.

Sprout question: What signs of fall are blowing in your direction?

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12 thoughts on “Early September Walk

  1. Such beautiful photos Terrill.
    What signs of fall have I encountered?
    Last week, I received an email from ArtCraft (a seasonal gallery on Salt Spring Island) stating that it will soon be time to collect invetory–as the season will soon be over. (Last day is this Friday. So, if you haven’t been catch that ferry.)
    Transition has always been difficult for me. This year I’m trying to find beauty in all seasons, weather conditions, etc. Thank you, Terrill, for helping with this goal. ‘Autumn’ –even the word holds charm. : )

    • You are welcome Leanne. I often do transition with ease welcoming the change but not always. After Christmas, I often dread the approach of January and long for te end of February. This time of year is my favourite though… even more so than summer. Particularly on Mayne Island as we let our shoulders down from sharing with the many visitors who come to join us.

    • You are most welcome Jeff and thank you for commenting on some of these photographs at redbubble Our fall transition is not a colourful or dramatic as other parts of North America. Autumn lingers for a long time as leaves turn golden then become mulched in the rains. I look forward to the colour others like yourself capture elsewhere during this season.

  2. Terrill – I just love it when you take us for a ramble with you!

    “A quiet ledge” was a nice place to sit and let the grandeur sink in (and catch my breath).

    DEFINITELY this time! The light, the color, the angle, and the background. You captured that particular arbutus tree just EXACTLY PERFECT!

    [Wiping beach sand from between my toes] The surf is mesmerizing. Color, black/white, regardless of season — it doesn’t matter. It has an engaging — magnetic — pull.

    Sprout question: What signs of fall are blowing in your direction?

    Acorns are falling — thump, thump, thump — and the chipmunks are packing their cheeks as fast as they can and “squirreling” them away. Their faces are so fat it looks like we’ve got a mumps epidemic on our hands!

  3. Another walk that has unveiled some priceless visuals.When you chose to take up residence here you seemed to know or expect that the bounty would be staggering and sustained. Fall is creeping in with subtlety here, as nightime temperatures are cool and that trademark autumn air is very much in evidence.

    • Sam, I went out to water the garden this morning and decided to harvest what was left instead. It was probably the influence of writing this morning’s post that had me move from pondering the idea and then zipping directly into action. I enjoy fall a lot.

  4. Enjoyed your nature walk, Terrill. Everything is still pretty lush and green around here and I’m eagerly looking forward to autumn and its splendid colors and cool crisp air. The only thing that seems to be blowing my way for now is ragweed pollen – could be my imagination but it seems worse than usual this year! Tim’s out getting more Benadryl as I write this… First frost should put an end to this nuisance for another year… Achoo!

    • Bless you! I don’t think I have ever experienced ragweed pollen Barbara and from the sounds of things that is just fine. We have broom here in the early summer that is difficult for people with allergies but no ragweed that I am aware of. Frost soon!

  5. Hi terrill, such a beautiful photograph.. everything is perfect photos object, yet, not everyone can produce beautiful photo, just like you.
    by the way, do you edit every photos you take? i mean the colour effect. do you edit the contras and brighteness etc. just wondering.


    • So good to have you drop by Wulan! And no I don’t edit every photo I take… just the ones I want to keep. I usually take 150 or 300 images in an afternoon and I may keep or edit 5-10 of those. I don’t usually delete the rest because it is part of my reference material but I don’t bother to edit them.

      For the ones I choose to finish, I correct for contrast, brightness, saturation, straighten them if they are crooked and clean up odd bits here and there if needed. But mostly, as you can see my photographs are pretty much what is there – at least that is how they look to me. I want you to feel that if you came to visit, it would be the same as what you experience in one of my photographs – but better. I don’t want you wondering if what you are seeing is real or not. So, I edit with a very light hand… only what is necessary to bring you with me. This is part of my signature presence in a shot. It is right for me. But may not be for another photographer.

      Hope this helps Wulan… and good luck shooting 🙂

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