Be Still

Chunks of forests uninterrupted by human travel are not always easy to come by. Most often even the woods in national parks look something like this…

However, every once in a long while I am sitting quietly off a beaten path and image – what if I was deer or a bear? Or maybe I am moose or a lynx? Maybe I am a wolverine, mink, marten or mouse? Of these animals only the deer, mink and mouse call Mayne Island home. But I once lived where I walked with the bear, moose, wolverine, marten and lynx. Sometimes I would be lucky enough to see these animals too. But a certain practice was required. I had to move through the brush quietly and at times BE STILL – wait without expectation.


Often the forest history is evident.

The eyes unexpectedly see through a sliver of clarity.

Burrowed holes from ants or other bugs are noticed in the big cedar.

While musing on a crumbling log a person might even look up and see ferns waving out of reach of the deer. Their long leaves still beautifully uneaten and curling towards the sky.


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Sprout Question: How do you incorporate a creative enhancing  practice to BE STILL?

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10 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. Terrill,

    Interesting meditation on being present in the presence of nature and wild life… If we are still and quiet we may get to hear, or even see these wild creatures… yet as you say their signs are around… some very interesting photos…

  2. My miracle ball exercises are about breathing and being still while in balance – I have to work at it but It is coming easier.
    I just read a beautiful Buddhist writer about the difference between being alone and solitude…the pictures bring to me feelings of solitude.

    I always thought I need to push and push myself to be in the world and with people – right now I am enjoying being alone and celebrating a new kind of solitude. I am enjoying my own company and in the quiet (no radio/tv or computer for most of the day) I am listening to myself as never before – it is good.

    Thank you for this lovely inspiring post today – a moment in the woods and thinking about who goes there

  3. Terrill – the fourth and fifth photographs are definitely like seeing through the eyes of wildlife — what a great perspective this it!

    Sprout Question: How do you incorporate a creative enhancing practice to BE STILL?

    Being Still goes hand-in-hand with my creative muse — empty space. They’re an unbeatable combination!

  4. Being still is a discipline and must surely be negotiated with intense concentration, again following up on previous experiences.

    There is truly a oneness in these pictures that defies description!

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