Introducing Art Reviews, Comments, Engagement and Interaction with Art of Terrill Welch

On Monday’s Creative Potager blog post I promise you more later about a new adventure that is happening on my recently created Facebook Page Art of Terrill Welch. Whether we title them Art Reviews, Comments, Engagement or Interaction, these writings are a fresh look at specific paintings and photographs. Now that the first Wednesday writing by Kathy Smith about SLICED WITH A TEAR

Sliced with a Tear 36 x 60 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2013_04_16 052

is posted and you have an example to reference, I am ready to share a little more about this project.

You may or may not realize from your frequent visits to my blog, that there are better than a handful of writers who regularly comment and share my work. When I decided to take the leap and develop a Facebook Art Page, I also took an even bigger leap and invite a few of these writers to review specific piece of my work for this new Page.  Each Wednesday a writer will comment on a specific Terrill Welch painting or photograph. These writers review a specific work from the perspective of engagement and interaction with the art piece. You are most welcome to join into the discussion by leaving a few words of your own.

Now allow me to briefly introduce you to the team of writers who are joining me in November for the start of this new project (drum roll please!)

Kathy Smith is director of Kathy Smith Productions and studied at Art Center of College Design in Pasadena California. She can be reached through Facebook and her Facebook Page Lღνєs::gσσd::things  With her first review comments posted today, look forward to more engagement with specific work in the future.

Charles van Heck is the former editor of the Woodhull Arts Journal. His poetry has appeared in various journals. He currently resides in Michigan where he is working on a novel. He can be reached through Facebook. Charles is writing about the  SPEAK TO ME esquisse west coast Canadian landscape next Wednesday November 13, 2013.

Sandi White  is an artist, writer and a University of Georgia-Athens Certified Master Gardener. Seldom when I think of Sandi do I not also think about her “Chicken Ladies.” She can be reached through Facebook. Sandi is writing about the painting Early November Sea for Wednesday November 20, 2013.

Laurie Buchanan almost needs no introduction here, nor does her tagline “Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.” Laurie is an anchor writer for Sibyl Magazine and she’s also a contributing writer for Evolving Your Spirit magazine and a contributing writer for Power of Positivity. She can be reached through Facebook and also her blog Speaking from the HeartLaurie is writing about plein air painting From Felix Jack Road Mayne Island for Wednesday November 27, 2013.

In December, I will introduce the writers whose first Art Review comments will be posted in December 2013 and January 2014. I know, it is hard to wait but sometimes we must. No hints this time – we are just going to need to practice patience 🙂

What are you waiting for?

SLICED WITH A TEAR is one of the paintings featured at my November 9th & 10th Open Studio event.

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Creative Potager – Visit with painter and photographer Terrill Welch

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Deep in the Meditative Woods

The winds have quieted down some and the rains have become patchy showers. With this relative retreat in the stormy weather, we head out for a long walk “to stretch the kinks out” as my mother would say. These walks do more than stretch out our physical bodies. They also refresh our emotional, mental and spiritual being. Most often the walking is done without talking and at a good pace but not power walking with arms swinging. That kind of walking would be exercise not meditative. We can do that kind of walking at another time — such as when we are going to get the mail and climbing back up the hills home.

So because the weather was only in “relative retreat” we decided to take a middle trail out to the point and walk deep in the meditative woods. We can hear the surf and wind in the distance but the big cedar trees in this part of the forest cushion all that they hold. Sensual whiffs of trees, shrubs and the rain-soaked earth permeate the cool air as it drifts past my cheeks. We keep walking.

(image is available for purchase HERE)

Did you think I was going to leave my camera behind? Taking photographs is very much like part of my meditative breath and personal practice of being present.

Today’s post and sprout question are part of a call-and-answer with Laurie Buchanan over at Speaking from the Heart and her post today “Rain Retreat Meditation.” I am going to borrow her question and sprout it here while encouraging you to answer it there – and here too if you like 🙂

Laurie’s SPROUT: Where do you go to retreat?

It may have been divine intervention that had me read Laurie’s new post just before setting this one for publishing here. Whatever the reason dear readers, you get two unplanned, uncoordinated, just-happened-that-way meditative posts in one today.

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Life and the Bounty Hunter

What I was intending to do this morning, more than an hour and half ago, was to let you know who won yesterday’s draw for sixteen 4 X 6 greeting cards from the second Salish Sea Sunday event. Instead, I have been captured by life’s bounty hunter. I am being held hostage and know I will only be released upon death. The thing is the walls of this prison are non-existent and there are no fences and there is always something to do, to smell, to hear, to feel and to discover. I stay willingly with gratitude and remain forever in the clutches of life’s bounty hunter – curiosity.

If you are still roaming free of curiosity, children are often our best example of how to get caught…

My curious mission this morning came about because Patricia is looking for an oven and Jannie had a roaster in her coffee, only to find Melody was farting with her nephews and Laurie is listening while Leanne is covering her head but Sam is still looking – only to return to Creative Potager to find that Jeff is accepting demands from anger.

So who was the winner of yesterday’s draw? Envelope please….. Laurie Buchanan from Speaking from the Heart!!!!!

Those of us who know Laurie – which is most as she has not missed commenting on a Creative Potager post in almost two years – know that she never does anything in halves. Not only did she liberally share the second Thursday Teaser and get her name in the draw three times but yesterday, as the second Salish Sea Sunday Savings event went live, she gave it another generous sprinkle throughout cyberspace on twitter, facebook and G+ for no other reason than – she could.  I am sure that she was single-handedly responsible for half of the visitors who dropped in.

This kind of simple-abundance sharing and support is part of the life-sustaining income stream for a sole-entrepreneur photographer and artist such as me. It takes a wee bit of time of course and I am ever grateful to have been dialed into Laurie’s Sunday. Laurie’s support goes far beyond enjoying and recommending my free offerings through these blog posts. She has put her carefully managed dollars and non-consumer habit into investing in my Mayne Island Tree Spirit calendar and in this year’s new book Precious Seconds – Mayne Island in paintings and photographs. She is a serious fan and collector of my work and it gives me great pleasure to package up sixteen 4 x 6 greeting cards that I know will be put to good use by someone who appreciates them.

If you are not already subscribed to Laurie’s blog Speaking from the Heart, a friend on facebook, following her on twitter and have her circled on Google plus do it now! In the more than five years I have been visiting and keeping company with this delightful, talented and spirited writer and healer I now call Laurie my friend – though we have never met face-to-face or even talked on the phone. Laurie, you make life’s bounty hunter – curiosity – dance naked in the moonlight while you blow it kisses of possibility. Thank you for being you and for all that you do.

Thank you too to all of you who participated by sharing and purchasing goods from yesterday’s event. The next and final Salish Sea Sunday Savings event of the year will be three weeks from now on Sunday, November 6, 2011. Watch for the Thursday Teaser and hope to see you there!

Sprout Question: Be honest, when was the last time you were bound, gagged and carted off by curiosity? Or were you one of those jumping up and down waving in the crowd shouting “pick me! PICK ME!?”



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The Good, The Green and The Ugly

Have you every noticed that things are not usually as they seem but more like what we make them out to be? Such is the story of these three tomatoes shown with the last of our peas and carrots.

The orange tomato on the left fooled me. I was waiting for it to turn red. Finally, slightly puzzled that it was taking so long to ripen, I reached under the plant and found its tag – Hillbilly (heirloom) Plant produces good yields of large orange yellow beefsteak tomatoes with read and pink streaks. Very flavourful. Excellent for salads and sandwiches.

It was ripe after all – just not red. It was also absolutely delicious.

Now the green tomato really is green. It accidentally came off with the other Hillbilly. But look at that big Ugly tomato – what happened to it? I can only guess that it was double pollinated. Let’s have a read of its tag – Carbon (heirloom) Flavour is exceptionally rich yet sweet and the essence of delicious summer tomato flavour. Medium to large, tomatoes are flattened round and smooth, without the cracking or blemishing that seems to plague some black tomatoes. They are dark purplish-brown on the outside with deep brick red interior.

I can tell you it did lived up to its flavour description but was maybe a little off on expected appearance. We had to eat it in three sittings. That was one monster tomato.

Speaking of descriptions our dear Laurie Buchanan received her birthday present copy from Len of PRECIOUS SECONDS – Mayne Island in paintings and photographs. Here is the comment she left on the Blurb publishing site under her penname Paden Plume:

This evening I sat down with a glass of wine to enjoy Terrill Welch’s new book. The description on the wine label said:

“This wine shows a heady nose of chocolate, deep rich blackberries, red fruits, and a creamy mocha finish that is unmistakable in its intensity and length. It’s reminiscent of a blackberry chocolate cupcake with a mocha coulis.”

If that description sounds good to you, let me say that turning and savoring each page of PRECIOUS SECONDS was an even more delicious treat! One that I will indulge in over and over again.

Thank you Laurie and thank you to everyone who purchased a book this week. Some of you I know who you are and others are friends in the universe who I greatly appreciate supporting my work. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

PRECIOUS SECONDS –Mayne Island in paintings and photographs now has its own facebook page HERE. Please feel free to come “like” its page and share your own “precious seconds” adventures.

And speaking of Laurie, she has brought the bubbly out to celebrate a blogging milestone. Speaking from the Heart has received over 50,000 views since February 2010. There isn’t a blogging party over there yet but we could always start one! Congratulations Laurie! I wish you many more views to your rich and engaging blog over the months and years ahead.

The weather has cooled and I have harvested the garden and the rest of the tomatoes are ripening up for dinner over the weeks ahead.


Sprout question: What do you have ripening for your creative dinner?


New: Check out my coffee table book PRECIOUS SECONDS – Mayne Island in paintings and photographs

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Grandness when faced with our need for resilience

 The year has been filled with moments of extreme and unusual weather in North America and around the world. There has been lots of rain, cooler than usual temperatures and high winds. Privately, we have been tentatively blaming it on the tipping of the earth from major earthquakes. But I have done no research to see if weather scientists feel the same. Maybe it is global warming and maybe it is just part of a normal cycle of change. But whatever it is, the results have been unpredictable and destructive.

Yesterday my friend Laurie Buchanan’s community of Crystal Lake, Illinois was hit by 75 mile an hour winds which snapped and up root full grown oak, hickory, and maple trees. At the same time, Alison Elliot in North Carolina reported that the torrential rains had caused a slide filling her house with mud and water.  Then there is Daisy Hickman in South Dakota who has been keeping us current on the Missouri river flooding. Another friend reported that my former home community of Prince George, British Columbia was also on flood warnings due to heavy rains and late snow cap melting because of cooler temperatures this summer.

With this kind of a situation, I find it important to focus on renewal and the resilience of ourselves and nature. Therefore, I am posting this grand maple tree as a focal point for our intentions, as trees are cleared and mud is cleared out and we go about creating a new normal during trying times. If you look near the bottom right you will notice another young maple coming up beside it – a grand tree in waiting.


Sprout Question: Do you have a special symbol or item that you use to set an intention for resilience?


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Over eighteen thousand visitors

Yes, over eighteen thousand creativity seeking visitors have been to see Creative Potager since the beginning of the 2010. To be exact, there had been 18,086 when I checked and 8:00 am PST this morning. After 141 posts and 2, 262 comments it is time to pause, celebrate and offer thanks to these regular Creative Potager supporters…

Laurie Buchanan: I don’t think Laurie has missed even one sprout question. She has faithfully come by and offered her heartfelt answer no matter what the question. Laurie has cheered, encouraged, engaged and inspired me to reach and stretched. We have been connecting online even before Creative Potager existed – in fact for years now. I consider Laurie a colleague and a friend though we have never sat across a table from each other in the same time and space. Thank you Laurie for being Creative Potager’s most regular sprout responder. You can read Laurie’s even day posts at Speaking from the Heart where there is a Colour of Wellness class under way.

Jeff Stroud: Jeff is here leaving comments and sharing almost as often as Laurie. He is a soulful and thoughtful photographer that never takes the easy road just because it is there. Jeff introduced me to the redbubble storefront through his photography a couple of years ago. Jeff has his own growth question for contemplation on each of his post at The Reluctant Bloger that will add another boost to your creativity.  He is a passionate practitioner of Julian Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.

Kathy Drue: Kathy is a blogger extraordinaire with her Lake Superior Spirit blog receiving 64,311 visits since the beginning of the year. She often appears on the front page of WordPress and is interviewed from time-to-time about her blogging experience. Writing is Kathy’s passion and photography her supporting anchor. I am proud and thrilled that she finds the time and interest to drop in to Creative Potager.

Sam Juliano: Sam, like Kathy, is part of the blogosphere elite with his Monday Morning Diary posts at Wonders in the Dark sometimes receiving over 2,000 visitors in one day. Oh! Fair warning, horror films are the focus of current reviews. Remember it is make up. Each week, from almost the beginning, Sam has visited Creative Potager and reported back with a live link to his readership. Not only that, he did a full interview post Artist and Nature-Lover Terrill Welch: Mayne Island’s resident ‘Creativepotager” this past August. Sam will always be noted in Creative Potager’s hall of fame for his generosity, warmth, intellect, and inspiration for the arts and in particular film.

Jerry Shawback: A self-portrait artist, Jerry doesn’t always leave one of his reflective and thoughtful sprouts but I find him everyday in my tweet stream. He is passing along the latest post or just mentioning Creative Potager as he goes about retweeting from his outstanding list of artist and writers. Jerry is one of the reasons that about 40% of Creative Potager visitors come from Twitter. Some of these visitors leave comments but many more simply read, then tweet the link out to their tweet friends. Jerry is an important part of that exchange. Jerry is another artist and painter that I feel a deep resonance with and you can see some of his work at his profile on TheWhole9 website. His dedication is inspiring and his work shows this commitment to daily practice.

Leanne Dyck: Leanne is a fellow Mayne Islander who takes every possible opportunity to send a “shout out” on her website or on her blog Author Leanne Dyck about Creative Potager or my recent solo art exhibition. She leaves sprout comments as time permits as she is a full-time writer meeting deadlines for manuscripts and revisions with publishers. It is a joy and a pleasure to have someone who lives just down the street drop in online, connecting my virtual home with my physical home.

Kimberly Grady: Kim is a butterfly sprout responder that brings her transforming presence as she is inspired. It might be here or it might be a comment on Facebook but wherever she shows up, I am always glad to see her and enjoy her unguarded reflections. She may visit her blog Butterflies Are Blue if you leave a comment…but again, she just might drop by and comment on your blog instead. Whatever, happens I know Kim will be inspire you to be genuine, to be yourself and to be creative.

May I request dear readers is that you visit these generous and gracious  individuals and leave them a comment of thanks for helping make Creative Potager the inspiring garden of creativity that it is?

Thank you, dear friends, for hanging out with me in my creative kitchen garden.

Sprout Question: Who would be the top seven on your list of creativity supporters?

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