Coastal Winter Storm original oil painting by Terrill Welch

This morning as I stepped out in the dark on our side deck to hand grind my morning coffee beans, fine snow brushed my cheeks. It smelt of winter and reminded me of damp wool and hot chocolate.

COASTAL WINTER STORM  (12 X 12 inch oil on canvas) is like this.


It is like today on the southern Gulf Islands.

Yesterday’s post “Begin a painting with no punctuation” is the only process image I captured.  But here is a detail of the final image so you can better see the loose layering of paint.

The painting still must have its edges painted so is not quite ready for the online gallery ArtsyHome where I am the feature artist this week. (feature has the capacity to leave a comment too – which would be nice if you feel so inclined) But soon. However, you can lay claim to it now if you want. Just send me a direct message and we can work out the details. The price is $550.00 U.S. including shipping.

When I become a really famous artist I will have an assistant who will paint the edges of my paintings, add the picture wire, put them in the inventory program and then package them up to send to buyers. I shall paint and only take a break to make soup and go for long walks with my camera.

I am also a featured member in the Beautiful BC Art redbubble group this week.  You may want to drop in and see all the stunning work that is on display by other photographers, including an image by a fellow Mayne Island photographer Toby Snelgrove.

A happy customer posted the arrival of my painting STORM COMING and talks about the dilemma of where to hang the painting so everyone in the family can enjoy it.

So it seems it is a good week to be an artist and I am ever-so-grateful for you company, support and encouragement. Thank you!

SPROUT: What will you hire an assistant to help you with when you become famous? 

© 2012 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

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18 thoughts on “Coastal Winter Storm original oil painting by Terrill Welch

  1. I too am enjoying the sensation of being snowed under–a few doors down from you, Terrill.
    What an excellent question. When I am rich and famous, I’ll hire someone to cook, clean, do the laundry and keep me organized. Doesn’t that sound like a fun job?

  2. I love the feeling of this piece! You continue to get better and better every day! Seeing what you do makes me want get back to painting… but I am in the middle of a huge home renovation that I work on ever spare minute. So while you are painting the Coastal Winter Storm I am sweeping the snow off my table saw in the carport to cut some wood to make drawers for the new pantry.

    • Thank you Sherwin and at some point your incredible renovation will be complete and you will be able to get back to painting. I like the idea of getting “better and better every day.” Might be easier to notice from a distance 😉 All the best with those new pantry drawers!

  3. Ha-ha. When I’m rich and famous I think I’ll hire someone to clean up after me because I’m usually too “off in the clouds” to notice all the cups I’ve left sitting around, the books I’ve dropped beside my bed, the papers I’ve let pile up and the towels I’ve left beside the sink. I wish I could do this myself, and I sometimes do, but when I’m writing a novel I live somewhere else. Right now I’m living in Montreal in the 1960’s. My place is a mess!

    • Oh Amber you should watch the latest Woody Allen movie MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. It is available at the gas station. It is delightful and you can enjoy slipping into the 1920’s in Paris too. One thing about a mess – it usually waits for me to come around to noticing and then doing something about it.

  4. The Coastal Storm is an absolutely gorgeous work. I love the sharp lines that make some of the paint stand out from the surface. Not sure what the name for that is.

    I don’t think an ‘assistant’ is really in the cards for me! Ha!

    • Those sharp lines and texture are accomplished with a palette knife Sam and I heavily used this tool in this particular painting. It is not strictly “a knife painting” as artists call them but it is close. And I don’t think an ‘assistant’ is in the cards for me either but one can always dream. Take good care Sam and I am so glad you had a few minutes to pop over and visit the various posts of late.

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