A Friday on Mayne Island in January

There is still some soggy snow left but the warm dripping of rain is overpowering its January grip on the Mayne Island landscape. High tides meet the surviving remnants on shore.

Even the seagull seems to be hunch over in gloomy resistance.

We leave the bleak sourness of it all and head for home. My old ford pick up, Miss Prissy, rounds the corner on her last climb up Wood Dale drive before ducking down into nowhere. I looked up at the uncompromising cliffs.

(image may be purchased HERE)

I guess it is not all that bad after all. I smile and click my heels before sliding back into the truck.

SPROUT: How long will you hold out to find a bright spot in your day?

Happy Friday and the best of the weekend everyone!

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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10 thoughts on “A Friday on Mayne Island in January

  1. Winter IS it’s own reward!!

    Hard, difficult, trying, lack-luster, depressing sometimes – non-the-less a REWARD. . .of the “inner” kind.

    Your photos show the underbelly of winter Terrill, the season set to the frequency of RENEWAL, that which needs to be embraced, the finding of which IS the bright spot in my day.

  2. Well, first off it is already Saturday and we are having our first snow/sleet storm today! Yeah!
    The bright spot in my day even though it is still rather early is always sitting on the floor first thing in the morning with muffin and riley, the golden retrievers!!
    The second Bright spot is watching them play in the snow, and then there are this amazing B&W photos of yours!
    What could be better!


  3. I guess it is always a challenge to find a bright spot on a day when the weather intrudes drearily, much as has been the case over the last few days. But yesterday Terrill, the weather took a back seat to the win by our football Giants in the NFC title game that has sent them to the Super Bowl in a year when such a possibility was even less than remote. The mood was spirited and downright ecstatic!

    Love the black and white photoes here. At least this winter isn’t anywhere near what we experienced in 2010.

    • I heard about the Giants big win Sam and though I am not a football fan I appreciate how this must have been an ecstatic uplifting event. David and I watched MONEYBALL last night which we both enjoyed. David is a longtime baseball fan and loved the story and new all about the statistical analysis history of the game. I on the other hand couldn’t figure out why they won the 20th game when the player hit the home run and required and was totally confused and trying to get David to explain as everyone was in the movie was jumping up and down. It is a good way to take away the winter blues and you are right, winter is still milder than particularly your 2010 experience.

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