Mayne Island Rain Wind and Snow

How quickly it all changes. Yesterday’s winds have given way to rain. How those branches did bend for fear of snapping as others had in the past.

We did not go out to the shore. I get too nervous in high winds to hardly leave the house. This photograph of the valley was taken while stood at the kitchen sink preparing lunch and being thankful that the electricity was still on.

The day before however we did venture out into the blustery weather. The sandstone shore of Georgeson Island was particularly lovely in the soft light of the winter afternoon.

(image available for purchase HERE)

But this morning it is raining. I sit quietly hunkered down under a down quilt on the old couch in the loft marveling at how different each day can be from another. It was only four days ago I overheard these daffodils muttering in the snow “I told you it was too early.”

The snow is now long gone for this  young deer that browsed under the trees by at the edge of the forest, hunched up in the damp cold. I wonder where it sought shelter yesterday as the winds howled like jet planes crossing over the top of the cliffs?

A flicker had called from the beam on the covered deck to ask if I might come out for awhile.

I did. But even the oregano was snow bound.

However, it was the day I captured winter by the pond

(image available for purchase HERE

and enjoyed the grass against the snow…

I noticed that which was undisturbed.

This is the noticing that comes with the sudden change of snow covering much of our dark greens, grays and browns during the overcast west coast winters.

Much is still dreary though.

I thought of lighting a fire in the outdoor fireplace but then went back inside to paint – as I did yesterday. I painted on the ample 30 X 40 canvas. I wonder how the weather will be evident in my brushstrokes? We shall see on Wednesday I think. Here is a snippet of a small detail I liked that no longer exists.

The painting is almost complete. A couple of wayward blustery brushstrokes to tame and it will be done.

SPROUT: How might the weather be impacting your creativity?


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12 thoughts on “Mayne Island Rain Wind and Snow

  1. I love the photograph of the “daffodils muttering in the snow!” And if I’m not mistaken, I believe I spotted some prayer flags.

    I think our weather must be twins separated at birth. You’ve got more green, but other than that, we look just as dreary. Which leads to your sprout question…

    SPROUT: How might the weather be impacting your creativity?

    Gloomy, dreary, and/or stormy weather is a wonderful catalyst, trigger, and/or jumping off point that ignites my creative spark!

    • Laurie it is a good thing then that this weather ignites rather than squelches your creative spark! Yes there was a prayer flag photograph in there. You saw correctly. We have a row hanging on the west side of the yard to distract both us and deer from the fence. Besides, I like having them blowing in the breeze. They help to keep me in the present.

      • Terrill – When Eoghan was a baby we used cloth diapers. During that time we had a pony and a calf (plus ducks and geese). We didn’t have a “proper” fence–just a wire that ran around our acreage at about belly button height. To keep the pony and calf in, I cut the cloth diapers into strips and tied them to the wire. The breeze made the diaper strips flap and kept the critters inside… and Eoghan got potty trained in a big hurry because we needed his diapers more than he did 🙂

  2. The daffodils give us hope, don’t they? We are having mild and sunny weather here in Colorado which seems to make me want to get outside and play. Maybe I can play creatively 🙂

  3. I still have no server but power back. We were the main center of this storm. I am finding my. Creative juices are on hold and writing is as hard as trying to go for a walk. Working from my cellphone. Takes up much. Energy. I think we are just in the eye of the wind and rain storm. Snow and ice storms are just in aftermath. 40,K. Still with out power.

    • Good to hear the power is back on and I figured someone must have got the brunt of this one. We actually managed reasonably well compared to predictions. Maybe it is a rest day for you Patricia after your walk or time to just put a few handwritten notes in your writer’s journal. Wishing you all services up and operational soon!

  4. Again you offer up pictures here of great lyrical beauty (love the bird on the window frame with the scenic lushness beyond the glass. We’ve been having similar weather in these parts actually, with some snow and some rain and some fluctuating temperatures. As to the first pictures of the bending branches you illustrate here to show the effect of the rain, I recall the havoc wrecked back in October when snow clung to branches, causing many to snap and create road hazards and power outages, when the falling branches took down wires. The impressionistic painting that is nearing it’s full creation is another eye-opener!

    The weather has impacted my creativity in rather a negative way the past few days with a sore throat and some migrane headaches. I only seem to get the latter when there is a drastic fluctuation of temperature.

    Have a great and creative week my friend!

    • Ah Sam geesh! Sore throat and migraine headache do not sound like a lot of fun. I wish you well soon and with a strengthened immune system to go with your healthy recovery. The latest painting will be posted tomorrow and only vaguely resembles its underpainting beginnings. So I hope you still like it now it has grown up 🙂

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