Happy Frog in the Snow

It rained all night and our snow is mostly gone. Now our world is all heavy gray and deep water-soaked browns with a few leftover sad splashes of white. So instead of anything serious this morning I have decided to share this happy frog in the snow I captured on Thursday. I just feel like something light and cheerful to start my Saturday!

I hope it makes you smile and brightens up your day as well. Enjoy!


SPROUT: Where are you finding something to brighten up your day today? 


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18 thoughts on “Happy Frog in the Snow

  1. Thank you Terrill…….he’s such a smile-worthy little fellow!

    This morning, sitting with a warm soy latte, watching our little wind tumbled hummingbirds sheltering from the weather in the bougainvillea vine outside our window. They’re preening and stretching, as if they’re dancing with the wind. It’s a good day 🙂

  2. Love that frog, sprouting there in the snow! A great way to start a Saturday. I found something to brighten my day today at the Portland Art Museum… A couple of hours of looking at art, always a good thing.

  3. Oh, Terrill, thank you! You can not know how he brightened up my day today. I am traveling tomorrow and there’s all sorts of challenging possible weather situations, and I am nervous. Your frog has lightened my heart. I am smiling.

  4. Ah, Terrill, we’ve had the white stuff too in an overnight snowfall on Friday into Saturday. That cute photo of the frog is just what the doctor ordered! Ha! Today I have a sore throat, but am functional. As to today for that spark I am turning in a usual direction. We have the silent film festival tonight at the Film Forum where a charming 1928 comedy by King Vidor and starring Marion Davies is being screened. Lucille and two of the boys will be coming along too.

  5. We have a meditative Buddha frog just now emerging out of the snow and a very dignified cat who is coming out from beneath the cover all moldy green..
    Love your smiling fellow! Thank you for sharing

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