No Hard Edges

Some days have no edges as light filters through the morning mist. We may want sharpness, clarity and defined perceptions, but on a morning like this we must trust and wait. I find it is not a hardship really as I notice the coastal mountains in the morning light across the Strait of Georgia.

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Today is like this as I think about what I need to do before taking a few days off from much of my online community. I have tasks that need to be completed such as sharing my 15 versatile blogger awards following the recognition bestowed upon me by Laurie Buchanan at Speaking from the Heart and Leanne Dyck from The Sweater Curse. I sigh a little in the soft edges of time and when I might follow through. I want clarity but I must wait. It will happen but not for a while.   For now, please do drop in and visit both of these inspiring bloggers and enjoy.


SPROUT: What is filtering through the misty edges of you commitments? 


Best of the weekend everyone and I shall be in a few days  with a story about my mother’s lipstick. Until then!


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10 thoughts on “No Hard Edges

  1. Oh, Terrill, your photography make me fall in love with our island all over again. Thank you for capturing its beauty. As well as your kind words about my blog.
    After ten years of writing about knitting, I’m attempting to capture them and frame the pieces into a manuscript worthy to submit to a publishing house. Wish me luck as I ascend my mountain. : )

  2. Another stunning piece of work and capture Thank you for sharing…

    I am sifting through all the paper for income taxes and gearing up to learn how to get on Craig’s list and sell some extra’s like a kayak that has spent 15 years hanging from the garage ceiling and not in the water….and file cabinets that are becoming empty…gleaning out some things that just are ready to leave us … many things the children are not ready to enjoy or do not want.

    I took 4 huge boxes of books to the Books, Bagels and Beans sale at the Unitarian Church next weekend – the proceeds go to get homeless families off the street and help children stay in school
    Fun project

    Thank you for asking

  3. Terrill – When I opened this blog and first saw the photograph, it felt like I’d been wonderfully enveloped by a large piece of delicious cotton candy. That must have been a wonderful “trust and wait” time for you.

    Thank you for pointing to Speaking from the Heart.

    SPROUT: What is filtering through the misty edges of you commitments?

    My commitments are many–not uncontrollably so, but many nonetheless. What’s filtering through is a sense of NON urgency. Somewhat like the big bad wolf, I have deadlines barking at my door. But I’m learning (slowly, but surely) that when I relax into it — when I embrace a sense of ease — the big bad wolf ends up in the pot, not me.

    I’m looking forward to hearing the story about your mother’s lipstick next week. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Laurie you are the third person to mention this kind of sweetness about this image. It must be a strong sensation which didn’t reach me at all until mentioned. I guess I was too busy remembering the crisp salty sea air in the mist to think of sweet things 🙂 Your sprout response is one that we all need to live by and find that greater ease is actually within us not exterior to ourselves.

      You have a wonderful weekend as well!

  4. What’s filering through my commitments is the eternal question of priority. Lucille and I are off from school for winter break for the entire upcoming week. We know a major priority will be to get the house in order for the annual Oscar party we’ve hosted for decades. But it’s never easy when you also have five kids and 9 pets to attend to, and the carry over of a William Wellman Film Festival which will be running until March 1. Obviously the Wellman should be first to take a hit, but these things are never easy. Ha! Enjoy the break, you certainly have owned after your tireless run as of late.

    That’s quite an atmospheric picture there! The pink/orange blend is lovely.

    • Glad you liked the photograph Sam and enjoyed your break. Those kids of yours should be able to whip that house into shape in no time. I remember having the cleanest oven when my son was a teenager – cleaning the oven was worth $20.00 in his pocket because I hated doing it! That was enough cash to go out for Friday night 🙂

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