My gift to you of 12 landscape and seascape photographs for Earth Day 2012

I was going to wait until morning but why wait? Why not start such a beautiful day of celebration early? Here is my gift to you of 12 landscape and seascape images in celebration of Earth Day 2012 for your personal use are available now.


View and download my gift of all 12 high-resolution photographs at!i=1805146523

Of course,  Earth Day is something I celebrate everyday. But for this special day of global recognition I wanted to do something extra – something that didn’t require you or I to necessarily reach into our wallets. I wanted to do something that was accessible to anyone with a computer. I wanted do something that I felt I could share with you that was respectful of our finite and limited resources. This is what I decided.

May these photographs provide you with years of personal enjoyment and reflection on our relationship with our earth and all that she provides for us. Please feel free to share this gift with others – Happy Earth Day 🙂

SPROUT: How will you be celebrating Earth Day on Sunday April 22, 2012? 

© 2012 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

Purchase photography at

Creative Potager – where imagination rules. Be inspired.

From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

Terrill Welch online Gallery at

12 thoughts on “My gift to you of 12 landscape and seascape photographs for Earth Day 2012

  1. Oh me, oh my – Terrill. thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! This is oh-so-generous of you!

    SPROUT: How will you be celebrating Earth Day on Sunday April 22, 2012?

    Tomorrow I’m teaching Radiesthesia (the art & science of the pendulum) at HolEssence.

    • You are most welcome Laurie :)))) I have had the oddest experience with this gift. It seems that many people, like more that 600 the last time I looked, stopped by and enjoyed the photographs while downloading them in various sizes. But visibly in the area of comments or even “like” responses there has been little evidence that my posts have been seen let alone enjoyed. Isn’t this curious? Like mentioned to Jeff on Facebook, I feel a little like people are running in and grabbing their gift while looking over their shoulder and high-tailing it out of there as if someone is going to take it away from them. Honest! I want to say – it is a gift from me to you on behalf of Earth Day. Enjoy! But alas they are already gone :))))) Sometimes we humans are such curious creatures.

      I would love to be part of your class tomorrow Laurie. It sounds like it is going to be a great day.

      • Terrill – It’s a sorry state when people can’t even stop to say “thank you.”

        Gratitude is ever-so-important: it’s vital, key, pivotal, imperative. And we wonder why the world is in the pickle that it’s currently in. If each individual would start from the simple place of gratitude the world would look very different, indeed.

        • I agree Laurie and I really don’t mind the grab-and-run behaviour from a personal place as much as I was blown away by the stats for the images and the very small visible ripples on the posts themselves. This morning alone in the first hour when I shared five of the images individually on G+ there were over 2,000 views in several difference sizes that indicate the images were likely downloaded. But hardly a notice on the original G+ posts themselves. So curious! Are people generally feeling this starved for beauty that they forget to say thank you? Or is it something else? Whatever it is I do hope they enjoy the photographs and that gratitude for simple abundance wraps itself around them until they are feeling calm and are smiling with the biggest “thank you” from the inside out 🙂

  2. What a lovely gift Terrill – your art is an inspiration. I celebrated by attending a sustainability symposium call “Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream” with my daughter, then returning for good food and and evening of music with friends.

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