STORM COMING THROUGH original painting by Terrill Welch

Winds howl as the rain slaps driving mist across the landscape. It takes fortitude, girt and a bit of foolishness to be out on a day like this. With shoulders hunched I yell against the beastly day with no effect. The sounds are carried away, across the water, through the trees – gone, like the day that will end in nothing more than a short, perpetual early dawn. Such is a winter storm in January off the southwest coast of Canada.

I’m not ready to make this painting available for purchase just yet. The painting and I are still discussing its current state of completion. If you want to know more about how this conversation is going you can read my account of the dialogue HERE on one of my  G+ posts.  When we have reached a mutually agreeable conclusion,  the painting  will be posted at the Artsy Home online Gallery with my other paintings that are currently available.

This a 24 x 36 inch oil on canvas and is my second attempt to capture one of these storms on canvas. Here is the first smaller study I did of just a section of this scene

(available for purchase HERE

Pssst! May is just about upon us and you know what happens to me between May and September – even October right? I am less frequently online and in front of the computer. It is just the way it is. I wish you the best for the summer and will post as the opportunity presents itself. May you be digging your toes in the sand, tossing your hair in the breeze and enjoying the few short months of fine weather.

Good morning and the best of Wednesday to you!

SPROUT: If you could do any creative project you wanted this summer what and where would it be? 

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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14 thoughts on “STORM COMING THROUGH original painting by Terrill Welch

  1. Terrill – I love the FEELING that exudes from both of these exquisite pieces.

    SPROUT: If you could do any creative project you wanted this summer what and where would it be?

    I’m doing the preparation work now (and through the summer) for speaking at the “Women With Sacred Souls International Gathering and Retreat” in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico set for late October, early November.

    • Oh Laurie this sounds fantastic! In relation to this subject, a little bird told me you were having lunch tomorrow with a most distinguished individual and will be writing about in your next Tuesday post. If you care to disclose more about this opportunity, please do. If not, then readers will just have to hop on over to Speaking From the Heart next week and have a read.

      • Terrill – Thank you for this opportunity to shout it from the rooftops (somewhat like lifting the lid on a boiling kettle, I need to “let it out” every now and again, just so that my feet can actually touch the ground)…

        Tomorrow (Apr 26) I have the unique opportunity to be one of eighty people to have lunch with the Dalai Lama after he speaks to a crowd of 4,000 people about peace at Loyola University.

        You can count on me writing about the experience in next Tuesday’s blog post at Speaking from the Heart. The security at this event is going to be tight — hence, no cameras. So I’m either going to have to paint a really good word picture, and/or borrow a photo from Google.

  2. Wow Terrill! That certainly looks like one miserable day that you captured on canvas. Makes me think of hot chocolate, a blanket and a good book. As for a creative project this summer, I would like to do some photography in the backcountry of the Okanagan, B.C. while horseriding. In the past, I haven’t taken my camera with me, but I now have some well padded saddlebags that should protect the camera even if we have to do some “bushwacking.” Later, Sue

    • I am sure looking forward to these photographs Sue. I expect you will have some incredible opportunities. Yes this canvas has been a bit wild to work with. But, it is a storm after all.

  3. I just like these paintings and feeling the wind and energy of the slapping water…No wind today to remind, but wow is is raining and beating down the flowers. Apple orchard in bloom but Mason Bees tucked in – maybe this is a good thing.

    Creating what and where – I am off to teach a workshop at a conference this weekend. It is making me miss teaching, but then the students are so boring right now and then the instructor is attacked for not tap dancing well enough – I am not sure what I would do and I think seriously that is the foundation of my worries right now….just grabbing another book to read and review.

    May 1 will be 4 years of blogging anniversary for me….I think I am mourning the dreams I had for my efforts actually. And WISE EARS is feeling heavy right now even with another marketing class under my belt. Diving into contemplation before forward motion..

    • Patricia, I find I always do a bit of reflecting and soul searching on the anniversary of my blog. Seems it is always a good idea before committing to go forward. All the best at the conference – I hope it was most enjoyable and revitalizing.

  4. That’s some fantastic dialogue between the creator and the work of art, and the painting itself is yet another atmospheric treasure. I’m sure there will be some enthused clients for it. I well understand this is the time of year you focus on the outdoors, and who can blame you Terrill?

    Ah, the creative project will actually be some much-needed home improvements that have long been delayed.

    • Yes Sam, I must get outside. Only half the garden bed is turned over and I should have planted this weekend. But I have a new local show going up on Wednesday so spent most of my time after family left popping work into frames. Still not done but I have all 14 pieces sorted out and I am confident I shall meet my deadline. All the best with those home improvements.

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