Hanging at the Bennett Bay Bistro

No it is not a murder mystery. It is paintings – my large oil paintings on canvas are now hanging at the new *Bennett Bay Bistro* at the Mayne Resort on Mayne Island.

Summers are usually my busy time but you may ask – doing what? Well,during the summers our small island doubles in size with visitors and part-time residents and weekenders. This means getting my home studio ready for visitors and also put up new shows of my work in venues on the island.

The latest request came from Colleen Wadsworth, the owner of the  Bennett Bay Bistro at the Mayne Resort. When she asked if I would be willing to hang some of my paintings on her huge wall in the Bistro I had to swallow hard not to drool before I said a simple “of course, what did you have in mind?” Colleen took this photograph just after we got the four largest paintings up.

It was most fun and a pleasure to see the work display together like this. I afraid, my small studio does not afford such a luxurious viewing of these paintings. Here is one of the smaller paintings which most of you will be familiar with hanging on the far wall in a space by itself.

But dear readers, I also want give you a glimpse of the view if you look the other way from these paintings.

Isn’t this lovely? Even on an overcast day like today it is inspiring. How about we go out on the deck for a minute?

All this is served up with a fresh, fresh tasty small Bistro menu that will grow as the number of customers grow during the summer. I will try to get back to capture Colleen serving up some of these sumptuous offerings soon.

An admirer on G+ recently saidI will not be there. I live in Denmark. I hope you will share your work on G+” I replied yes and that I could even do better than this. All of these paintings are available for viewing and purchase in the *Artsy Home online Gallery* and arrangements can be made to ship them to you wherever you are. Now how is that for service?

Tomorrow, I will share with you the new show of 14 small paintings and photographs that are now showing at the Green House Restaurant. So see you then!

SPROUT: What is filling your days with vibrancy and simple abundance?

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From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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10 thoughts on “Hanging at the Bennett Bay Bistro

  1. Terrill – Oh me, oh my…what a phenomenal venue for your artwork! Beauty everywhere the eye wanders.

    Have I been asleep or living under a rock? The painting on the far left — the one that has a person in it — how have I managed to miss that? And the one to its immediate right…I don’t believe we’ve met either!

    I really, Really, REALLY like the way the bottom of each painting is on an invisible line — leaving a jagged top. That’s very eye catching and appealing (especially to a Libra, like me).

    SPROUT: What is filling your days with vibrancy and simple abundance?

    We’re getting ready for a big “garage sale” at HolEssence on Saturday, May 12th. It’s furniture-type pieces that we put down in the basement when part of our building changed from “store” (the pieces were used as displays) to “Yoga studio” (wide open space).

    • Oh that sounds like a great day Laurie. We have a bit of a passion for old wood furniture. In fact so much so, if we find something else we like we must first decide what we are willing to part with to make room. I think all of these paintings have been introduced on Creative Potager at some point over the winter put maybe not. Hum, I will have to check.

  2. What a lovely selection you’ve chosen to display Terrill. And the view from the Bistro compliments your art work perfectly. Here’s to a successful summer season for all concerned.

  3. I still have my request in for a ferry ride to Victoria and the islands for my August birthday…I think I would like to eat at this Bistro! Will your painting surround by then too…
    I loved seeing the distance perspective that the SWAN THEIVES painting shows off…Wow such beauty all the way around.

    • They might be Patricia or some other pieces. Of course I will have some of the large works at my home studio if they are not on show elsewhere. If you come to Mayne Island for your birthday it would be awesome to see you. I am often away for at least part of August and I a pretty sure I will be away three weeks in September. So I am crossing my fingers twice – once so you get to come and the second time that I will be here to welcome you! Let me know if you want any help deciding where to stay on the island.

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