Midday in Navy Channel oil painting by Terrill Welch

The day was bright with shifting clouds. I was asked by a student if I would paint something in our private lesson so she could see how one might start and then work a painting through to completion. A visual and tactile learner I felt compelled to honour her request. So we worked through the usual coaching process for her to choose what she was going to paint and her learning goals. Once she was underway I set up by the open door and began to work on this piece. We broke up the session with conversation and observation of the development of each painting which were of different subject matter. I punctuated our conversation with the need to honour and develop ones own painting fingerprint even while learning technique and painting processes. Time drifted at warp speed and this small 5 x 7 inch painting study emerged from the afternoon.

I am pleased with the piece. The questions asked by the student in this interchange influenced steps that I took in its creation. For this I am thankful and appreciative because as a teacher we are also forever a student.


SPROUT: What is your best experience of sharing a creative “how to” where you learned something in a new way? 


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13 thoughts on “Midday in Navy Channel oil painting by Terrill Welch

  1. Wow I truly liked the painting and the lesson you shared today – though I have been thinking about your apple blossom painting a great deal lately, it comes up in my mind during meditation times.

    I am having major blogging problems that have brought me to a turning point and I must figure out how to handle this and proceed. It is taking up all my mental energy and I can not think of a thing to say to your sprout question. Ah me….I do have another book review to write, which maybe my last?

    I will send your post out into the web….how’s that?

    I think I could use a day of just watching water – soon

    • A day just watching the water Patricia seems to put most things in perspective for me. Somehow big problems become minor details to be addressed rather than overwhelming obstacles. Thank you as usual for sharing.

      The small apple blossom painting is still available and is being shown at the Green House Bar and Grill right now. I haven’t put any of these 5 x7 inch oil painting studies for sale on line yet. Maybe sometime soon – maybe pulling them together as a group. They are all priced the same at $145 with an additional $50 for packaging and shipping to addresses in North America. They also all come with an optional wood floating frame. Lovely pieces to put in a meditation area, on a small wall space or in an office. I liken them to small windows.

      Wishing you all the best with your book review but why might it be the last Patricia?

      • My blog is failing – I have dropped from 450 readers with a great bounce rate down to 100 readers and with all the Changes in Google and Facebook, I am not being picked up on SEO readers, so I am having to hand promote myself and I am not able to do it. My blogging coach told me last September I needed to pay for SEO and marketing, but I can not figure out the funds. I have lost almost all of my subscribers…so I am not selling enough books for publishers to make money – thus I may still review books I purchase or read from my Library but I am falling off the track here
        I wrote about quitting one thing…a couple weeks ago and am now in that “blood,sweat and tears” mode of figuring out what to do.

        I will recommend an exquisite book to your readers and you – THE PAPER GARDEN by Molly Peacock….it should be arriving in Libraries this month – about an artist who starts her life work at age 72 – botanical collages in 1772 – written by a poet. And you get to see prints of the artists work all through the book. Stunning piece of work and only $20 in paperback now

        Good news…my practicing mindfulness hourly – my kidney’s and liver are returning to normal functioning and 2 days into this regime knee pain is gone – foot is better…
        Maybe my focus needs to be on the water? not the words?

  2. What a gorgeous little painting! At times the best works are done when the focus is on the process.

    I always, always learn something new when teaching. It’s been such a long time since I was in that situation it’s hard to bring one instance to mind. But it has never failed.

    • Good to hear Martha as I like learning new things. I think this desire is one of the things that has kept me from seeking out art teaching opportunities. In this case it was the tenacity courage of the student in who approached me inquiring if I might consider offering her private lessons. It has been a most fulfilling experience and one I might consider entertaining again another time.

  3. Terrill – Lovin’ every single solitary speck of this!

    SPROUT: What is your best experience of sharing a creative “how to” where you learned something in a new way?

    I don’t have a “best” because it happens every single day — differently — with each client. Young and old alike, they may be at HolEssence for something very specific from me, but without fail, I always learn something in return.

    • Laurie it seems you and Martha have the same experience of continued learning and growth while sharing or teaching what you each do so well. I like this. It may even encourage me to explore more teaching type opportunities with my painting and photography.

  4. Those trees are alive! Wonderful work … the dance of life is always there, when we look. When we don’t focus on boundaries, but instead focus on connection and movement. It also seems like creative learning is often serendipitous … 🙂

  5. I couldn’t take my eyes off this one, until of course I scrolled down to see what the sprout was. In my line of work, it usually comes down to sharing ideas about writing and how inject that defining descriptive bent. One can never really be fully satisfied while there is more learning and more to impart, depending on what end you are on. You should be quite proud of this lesson Terrill.

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