ALWAYS ROSES is a 24 x 36 inch oil on canvas still life painting

Canadian Contemporary Terrill Welch Gallery

ALWAYS ROSES is a 24 x 36 inch oil on canvas still life painting

Here are a couple of images of details as well.

and the second one…

I will be finishing the edges on this painting in a few days and then it will be available for purchase. I will update this post when the painting is posted. This is a sneak preview for those who follow and love my work. If you are interested in buying this painting and you do not want to wait that long, please feel free to contact me directly.

I haven’t painted flowers in the past few years but I have done so on other occasions. It seems I paint whatever I am involved in during my daily living. For example, this week I painted a scene from the local haying I had been asked to photograph for a client (that painting…

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  1. Terrill, I have mentioned before that I “feel” your paintings, that they “move’. It’s an apt description to call the painting of inanimate objects a still life. Yet this painting is so full of movement it fairly vibrates! Energetic and enlivening roses!

    • Sandi I always get that little pink prickly brush of pride when you say this. It is what I hope for in a work but it is so nice to hear that it has come through to the viewer in the end painting. I find it is not something that can be planned but must come from an “unknowing” freedom in “being” with the subject in the process of painting it. Recently a collector of my work was viewing my large paintings at the Mayne Island Bennett Bay Bistro. It is a large room and the four large paintings on the wall have lots of light and room to walk around them to and view the work from different angles. She commented that the paintings look different from different parts of the room. She had me walk with her and pointed out what she was noticing. It was only then that I became conscious of the impact of my tendency to use many sides of my brush in different directions to get the sense of what I am striving for in the painting. Sandi I think this might be what gives my paintings the movement you “feel” that you experience in my work. Thank you as always, for sharing your impressions. It is like finding cookies in the cookie jar of my artist’s day 🙂

  2. Terrill, this is a beautiful piece. The colors, the movement, the light. As different as it is from your “outdoor” paintings, it still evokes that sense of wonder and gift of beauty that nature daily provides.

    • Thank you Charles I am glad you articulated that deeper connection between the two subjects and how it shows up in the painting. There is so much pressure on artists to pick something and stick to it as a way of identifying their work to viewers. I have never been of a mind that this was necessary. I have felt if an artist, photograph, writer or musician is true to the work they feel they must do in the moment – over time the rest will sort itself out. Your comment reminds me of this more open perspective to the creative process.

  3. Terrill: Your latest expressionistic work is ravishing, and real danger to fall victim to thieves had it not been holed up in safe Mayne Island territory. The light and colorful strokes give this a vibrancy and this version of a still life is a true original. Absolutely beautiful. Someone will be real lucky very soon.

    • Oh Sam! Thank you so much for your gracious appreciation of this latest painting. I am glad you like it. It is a bit of a departure for me in most resent times but in a good way. I think you are right and it is very safe here on Mayne Island.

    • Oh that sounds like a wonderful idea Terah! – I am sure something could be arranges – just let me know and we can work out the details 😉 Just to be clear, I am assuming you are wishing and daydreaming… but if you are serious drop me a note at 🙂

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