Sold – End of Day with Arbutus – Contemporary Canadian Landscape Painting

Sold – End of Day with Arbutus an 8 x 10 inch oil on canvas

Canadian Contemporary Terrill Welch Gallery

There are times when paintings find their new homes before the paint is dry. Such is the case with this 8 x 10 inch oil on canvas END OF DAY WITH ARBUTUS completed four days ago. Packaged carefully to protect the still-tacky surface the painting is on its way to a new collector in British Columbia, Canada. The buyer had been waiting for months watching for “their” painting to come off my easel. It finally happened. Love at first sight. This painting was sold before it could be release officially here or in the Artsy Home online gallery.

If you would like to follow my work-in-progress and be in a position to purchase paintings as they are in their “resting” state before their official release friend me on Facebook , follow me on Twitter, circle me on G+and subscribe to my work-in-progress Creative Potager Blog  or any…

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4 thoughts on “Sold – End of Day with Arbutus – Contemporary Canadian Landscape Painting

  1. When the paintings are sold even before completion, well I think that speaks for itself as far as your work is concerned Terrill. You’ve obviously spurred on interest and imagination by your subject, titles and announced style. This one is a beauty that I have a hard time taking my eyes off. And I am intrigued by the name. The buyer is one lucky customer!

    • Well Sam, as I was telling Sandi on facebook I may need to raise my prices again…however, once a year should be enough and they are already above average for an emerging artist. I raised the prices in April this year and I would dearly like to wait until April 2014 before going through this exercise again. But I will review again in September and see what if anything needs to be done. Of course I could stop posting work in progress and let them rest and dry before sharing them – but what would be the fun in that? 😉

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