Sold – BLUE LAST small Canadian Landscape painting

Off to a good home – BLUE LAST small Canadian Landscape painting

Canadian Contemporary Terrill Welch Gallery

BLUE LAST, 7 x 5 inch oil on canvas, is one of three small studies completed of the same subject to explore the impact of when blue is added to the painting process. Today this wee painting was purchased and has left for its new home in Vancouver British Columbia.

Blue Last 7 x 5 inch oil on canvas by Terrill Welch 2013_07_13 051

Another of these wee paintings in this trio has also ventured out in the world and is currently residing in Calgary Alberta.

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13 thoughts on “Sold – BLUE LAST small Canadian Landscape painting

  1. Still working on borrowed equipment! Soon to be remedied. I went to Portland this weekend to pick up my Partner after he rode the 204 Miles from Seattle to Portland ( STP) in one day. I think this is a bit like some art!? He has to make reservations in January each year, then sign on to the event and pay his registration in February – he was #7733 on opening day, out of 11,000. Then run, practice, lift weights, eat carefully and get up to 126 miles in training. HIs daughters come to greet him at the end and take pictures to put up on facebook. I win the award for being silent because I am a bad sport. 14.5 hours later he rides in (unless it is 17.5 hours later) and gets a T shirt – this year socks and everyone thinks he is great. I am glad for the trip to Portland and to see the kiddos but after 13 times I am tired of it. They did have WiFi in the park for free – so I spent some time going through your posts and I enjoyed the beauty of the landscape. Thank you for your lovely work – it felt like a vacation and trip away ….It is so wonderful that such lovely works are on line and there to enjoy again and again.

    Each brush stroke and pedal push is a practice – making art

    • Sounds like this cycling trip is an adventure that has its spectator glow for you Patricia – it happens. Watching others make art and live their passion is not always easy. May your own creative drive fill your cup.

  2. This painting has a kind of “wood cut” quality, but in any case it’s a real beauty and quite the fortunate acquisition for the happy new buyer. Ah, in a perfect world, Terrill……..

    • I am happy to appreciate a life that is well lived rather than a perfect world of experience Sam 🙂 Here you and I are so far apart geographically and yet many times I feel you looking over my shoulder as I work, offering your observations and encouragement with such enthusiasm it cannot be ignored. This is a blessing to me even if not one of my originals ever find their way onto your walls. Even without this, you (and others who visit here) contribute in most the most meaningful way to my work. For this I thank you!

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    • Thank you Kathy! It feels like a beautiful gift to my painting process to have the work go off to new homes and make room in the studio for further renderings. I feel very fortunate to have this match between what I do and the appreciation of art collectors.

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