A Brush with Europe – an artist’s rendering coming soon

Merci, grazie, gracias, Thank you! A Brush with Europe blogging category begins for this artist who has planned a three month trip by not planning much at all. Right now the best indicator of what is going on inside my head looks something like this…

A Brush with Europe by Terrill Welch 2014_02_03 108

There is a poem in Leonard Cohen Book of Longing p. 46 that adequatly captures my misgivings and doubts.

The Moon

The moon is outside

I saw the great uncomplicated thing

when I went to take a like just now.

I should have looked at it longer.

I am a poor lover of the moon.

I see it all at once and that’s it

for me and the moon.

My fear is that I don’t want to be a poor lover of Paris, Venice, Florence and Barcelona. But right now three months in Europe seems too short to accomplish anything more. I am reading, watching videos, talking to people and learning as much as I can in advance. However, this just seems to increase my doubts rather than relieve them. What to do?

Well, anytime I feel like I am in over my head, which I am confident is a reasonable description of my current situation, I slow down and eat some greens.

Winter Salad by Terrill Welch 2014_02_03 054

Winter in a northern climate is not the easiest time to create a summer like salad but it can be done. Then with the addition of a good handful of pecans and a couple of warm hard-boiled eggs I a ready to go to work.

Salad with pecans and eggs by Terrill Welch 2014_02_03 081

First things first – revise the travel planning list. Ah yes – return tickets from Vancouver to London and medical insurance, suitcase, RFID blocker money belt, and plugin adapters are purchased. Next, sign up for AirBnB and arrange for a caretaker house sitter. See? Not so hard. Non capisco? Mi dispiace…

What is your first response when you are in over your head?

Note: I will be starting a new blogging category for this trip called “A Brush with Europe.” I thought about setting up a separate blog but that just seemed more trouble than it was worth. Since I will be doing painting sketches, photography and writing as we travel by train from London to Venice then on to Florence, the Cote D’ Azur and Barcelona (beginning in April until near the end of June) this in-progress blog should work just fine. Besides you all know how to find me here and this way I won’t be lonely 🙂


© 2014 Terrill Welch, All rights reserved.

Liberal usage granted with written permission. See “About” for details.

Creative Potager – Visit with painter and photographer Terrill Welch

From Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

For gallery and purchase information about Terrill’s photographs and paintings go to http://terrillwelchartist.com

23 thoughts on “A Brush with Europe – an artist’s rendering coming soon

  1. You’re going to Europe, Terrill!!! How cool is that? When are you leaving? And you get to stay three months. So very happy for you and look forward to reading all about it. P.S. I so get what you mean with the energy behind “The Moon”. When my daughter and I were in Europe sometimes it felt like I didn’t look deeply enough, just skimmed the surface, and then we moved on. Of course we could only stay two weeks. Truly thrilled for your opportunity!

  2. If I were you I’d be over the moon–possibly why I won’t be able to fully appreciate it. : )
    My first when I’m over my head is to journal about it. Once jotting down all my feelings and must-dos, I proceed from there.
    I know you’ll have a grand time, Terrill. And thank you for taking me with you–by way of your blog. I’m looking forward to the adventure.

    • Oh feeling…. I am suppose to identify and name my feelings Leanne? Maybe later 😉 I am not sure how easy it will be to post while I am away but if it is anything like our trip to Peru I am sure it will be fine.

  3. Terrill – I admire your triage response of slowing down and eating greens when you feel you’re in over your head. That would definitely help cleanse the lens of perspective and to see things a bit more clearly. You are going to be WHERE you need to be, WHEN you need to be there. You are going to SEE what you need to see, and CAPTURE ON CANVASS, what needs to be captured. Like Goldilocks, you will find the JUST RIGHT. I’m absolutely confident!

  4. Bon voyage! Look forward to reading about your adventures. Ps if you haven’t planned to already, make sure you stop in the Cinque Terre as you travel from Florence to Barcelona. A magnificent place that your artist eye will love. Cheers, Chiarina

    • We do indeed have Cinque Terre on our list Chiarina. I did a painting of Manarola a couple of years ago. It is the only painting I have ever done using other photographers’ photographs for reference. It was a great project between 5 photographers and painters. Now I am hoping to get to see the real thing and take my own photographs. So if all works out….

      • Manarola is actually the town we stayed in while in the Cinque Terre, easily my favorite and so picturesque. I did a watercolour of it from my first visit there and still have some prints planned from my last trip. You will love it and be inspired to paint it again I’m sure!

  5. That is so exciting! You will just love it! Shirley and I had the good fortune of spending a month last summer in Europe. I was most surprised by Barcelona… and to discover Antonia Gaudi so awesome… we will go back to see more. We did blogs after we returned home and you can check out our adventures and photos in the Archives starting end of June 2013 and for the next couple of months.

    • I will have a look and see Sherwin. It is Antonia Gaudi that has us interested in Barcelona. David and I have been admiring his work and reading about his life now for years. We have several great books showcasing his work and look forward to seeing it in person.

  6. Earlier one of your commenters mentioned Cinque Terre… yes, yes you would love it. Five quiet little villages hanging on the side of western Italy. Perfect for artists. The whole trip will be a thrill for you and David.

  7. Terrill, I can at least compare notes with you on London, but for all the other places I will need to be enlightened. This will be one unforgettable two months for you and David, and wish you the time of your lives.

    • Sam I hope it is a good trip. Right now I am letting go of any expectations and just getting the details organized for our place here and places to stay there. It is mostly all sorted out… And then I think of something else of course. Lots of time yet.

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